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Hello to everyone :

Today I will make a new delegation announcement for the @steemitfoods account. Two months ago, I made a delegation announcement for the -steemitfoods account.
Within 2 months, a total of 5219.89 SP Delegations were made to the -steemitfoods account from 18 participants. I would like to thank all our participants who supported by delegation. We currently have 811 participants in the SteemFoods Community and we have a high number of active participants. With this announcement, I invite all our participants to delegate to @steemitfoods account.


- Why Should I Delegate to @steemitfoods?- How can I Delegate to @steemitfoods account?

We provide voting support for quality and #steem-exclusive content in the SteemFoods Community. You can help us increase our voting power by delegating to the -steemitfoods account. In return for the work we do in the SteemFoods Community, we want you to be our partner.

  • -You can earn badges according to the amount of delegation you make to the steemitfoods account.

Badge Distribution According to Delegation Amount

  • From 50 SP to 100 SP - Bronze SteemitFoods Partner
  • From 100 SP to 250 SP - Silver SteemitFoods Partner
  • From 500 SP to 1000 SP - Gold SteemitFoods Partner
  • 1000 SP + Diamond SteemitFoods Partner
  • You can earn a monthly steem award according to the amount of delegation you make. (Tomorrow I will distribute the monthly prizes of my 18 delegates.

Detailed Information about the Partnership Badge + Steem Award by Delegation Quantity: SteemitFoods Delegation Awards - Partnership Badge - Extra Vote and other updates

  • I intend to organize an event under the title of "Lucky Delegator of the Week" among the delegates in the future. We can give a certain amount of votes each week for our lucky delegator. (The amount of support for votes is currently unclear) - I will give more detailed information soon.
How can I Delegate to @steemitfoods account?

You can easily delegate by clicking the quick delegation links below. Extra detail about how a delegation will be made following link to leave.

How to Delegate? More information

Quick Delegation Links:

50 SP

100 SP

250 SP

500 SP

1000 SP

2500 SP

About #steemitfoods-delegation Event:

steemitfood-delegation Event ! .png

Only users delegating to the -steemitfoods account can participate in this event.

if you delegated to the steemitfoods account:

Share on SteemFoods Community why you are delegating to SteemFoods Community, your interest in food and cooking, your ideas about SteemFoods Community and your ideas for the growth of SteemFoods Community with #steemit-delegation tag.

  • Specify the country from which you are participating in the tag section. (Example; -turkey)

    • In your post for this event, tag your friends and invite them to delegate to their @steemitfoods account.

We will try to support your posts with the #steemitfoods-delegation tag with @steemcurator01 - @steemcurator02 - @steemcurator06 accounts.

Twitter Sharing

We can give higher voting support for our participants who share the posts you prepared for this event with #steemitfoods-delegation -steemfoods tags on twitter. You can tag the @steemitfoods account on Twitter.


Target of 10K SP Delegation in 1 Week:

Currently 5,219.98 SP delegations have been made to the -steemitfoods account. Our goal is to reach at least 10K SP delegation within 1 week. Support us to reach our goal, We Are Stronger Together!


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Hi @steemitfoods your post has been upvoted by @steem-bangladesh courtesy of @toufiq777


Support us by delegating STEEM POWER.
20 SP 50 SP 100 SP 250 SP 500 SP
20.11.2020 19:04

first of all i have great wish to be delgate more sp to my favourite community steemitfood and promise my all earning will go to this steemitfood sp,,, hope inshahAllah i will delegate my more 600 sp to this community,, inshahAllah,, i want to know, that if i will more delegate , then i have to add just 600 sp to add to my previous or i will again add 500 plus new also, so i need guide line in this regards also,
@steemcurator01 @alikoc07

21.11.2020 01:12

Generally when you delegate, you delegate the new total amount of SP.

New delegations replace previous ones in total, rather than adding to them.

So you would delegate 1100 SP now. That would replace your previous delegation of 500 SP.

@alikoc07 - would you agree with this?

Thank you

21.11.2020 01:34

yes super thank for instant reply respected , i need one more help and guide line, about one community that i have in my mind to promote , may i get info but how i share my idea, i have to write a post or there is any discord room to dissucss

21.11.2020 01:45

You can join the SteemFood discord channel by clicking the discord link below.

SteemFoods Discord:

21.11.2020 01:57

i joined it now thank for this done

21.11.2020 02:16

In the you can edit the amount of delegation as you wish @yousafharoonkhan, and it will add your delegation in a blink of eyes :)

Best Regards

22.11.2020 13:55

thank i will do with new value thank for instant help and guide line dear

21.11.2020 01:46

Thank i will do with
New value thank for instant
Help and guide line dear

                 - yousafharoonkhan

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

21.11.2020 01:46

welcome and thank you also that you liked my words

21.11.2020 01:52

Thank you very much for your quick feedback. I agree with what you said, when a new delegation is made, it is not added to the old delegation amount and counts as the amount of the new delegation.

Best Regards ... / @steemcurator01

I leave a link for you to quickly and easily make 1100 SP Delegations in total. :) @yousafharoonkhan

You can also use the website for delegation.

1100 SP

21.11.2020 01:55

yes dear brother i will , do it today inshahAllah

21.11.2020 02:01

hi @yousafharoonkhan & @alikoc07,

im not sure how this delegation works. I would like to delegate to Steemitfoods Cimmunity but im not sure if i have enough SP to delegate. Im new here at Steemit. Would you be able to know if i can delegate 50?

22.11.2020 02:59

Dear it is very much easy to delegate sp yes you can deledate 50sp to this community and it is nice that you are going to delegate💏
I share with you this link .you can use this site to delegate

Quick Delegation Links: this link will lead you to delegate 5O SP .it is easiest way to delegate 50 sp


You can also use the website for delegation

You can safely delegate by clicking the link below.

Hope my this text will help you.thank

22.11.2020 03:19

Hi @yousafharoonkhan! Thanks for the response, you're a great help!
But another question if you may, do i have enough 50 SP to delegate? if none, how can i increase my SP?

22.11.2020 03:23

Hi :

You currently don't have enough SP in your wallet to delegate 50 SP, but you can upgrade your SteemPower by producing quality content in the SteemFoods Community. You can earn voting support from the -steemcurator01, -steemcurator02 or -steemcurator06 accounts by introducing the delicious recipes you prepare at home in detail, participating in the competitions I organize, preparing interesting posts with food and cooking content.

You can review the recipes I prepared.

22.11.2020 16:56

The easiest way to delegate your SP is by clicking the delegation bottom in For more info you can go to discord channel for guideline.

Best Regards

22.11.2020 13:50

245 / 5000Resultados de traducciónUna pregunta: Al delegar bajo mis SP de mi cuenta? Ahorita tengo 861 SP. Si delego 100 SP, me quedarían en mi cuenta 761 SP? Los 100 SP delegados estarían dándome recompensas cuando hagan votos con mis SP delegados? Tengo dudas con éste tema.

One question: When delegating under my SP from my account? Right now I have 861 SP. If I delegate 100 SP, will 761 SP remain in my account?
Would the 100 SP delegates be giving me rewards when they vote with my SP delegates?
I have doubts with this topic.

21.11.2020 04:11

For Your First Question:
Delegating 100 SP to @steemitfoods account will only decrease your voting power by 100 SP. The amount you delegate belongs to your wallet. When you withdraw the delegation, you will have 861 SP in your wallet.

For the Second Question:

I give a monthly steem award according to the amount of delegation made. Award amounts for 100 SP: We make payments monthly.

  • Daily: 0.025 Steem
  • Weekly: 0.178 Steem
  • Monthly: 0.765 Steem

We look forward to your delegation support to the @steemitfoods account to help the SteemFoods Community grow. Thank you for your interest. :)

21.11.2020 20:57

@alikoc07: I really love steemfoods community and want to deligate the total of 1000SP. At this time I have not enough 1000 SP to deligate. Therefore, I thought that I will deligate 250 SP for the first time. However, I read above messages that:

it is not added to the old delegation amount and counts as the amount of the new delegation.

So, I will deligate my SP when there are more 1000SP in my wallet. I hope that curation team as well as @steemfoods account continue supporting my post to help me reach my goal.


21.11.2020 10:39

Hi :

Your goal of delegating 1000 SP to @steemitfoods account is great. You currently have enough SP for 250 SP in your wallet. I recommend that you delegate 250 SP until you reach 1000 SP.
You can change the amount of delegation when you reach 1000 SP.

  • I would like to point out that in SteemFoods Community there is no such thing as guaranteed votes from curators. Continue to produce quality and only #steem-exclusive content. We check all content and try to support it.

We aim to be a stronger SteemFoods Community with the delegations made. We Are Stronger Together. :)

21.11.2020 21:03

@alikoc07: I agree with you about this:

I would like to point out that in SteemFoods Community there is no such thing as guaranteed votes from curators. Continue to produce quality and only #steem-exclusive content. We check all content and try to support it.

I delegated 250 my SP. I hope that my SP will help @steemfoods account increase the voting power.
Have a nice day! #vietnam

22.11.2020 02:55

¡Buenos días! Es una muy buena idea para hacer crece a la comunidad. Acabe de delegar 250 SP y pronto haré mi post :D

21.11.2020 14:43

Muchas gracias por apoyar a la Comunidad SteemFoods delegando 250 SP. Obtuvo la insignia Silver Partnership al delegar 250 SP. Agregué su placa junto a su nombre. Vi tu entrada al evento que organicé con la etiqueta de delegación de steemitfoods. :) Espero con ansias el resto del contenido que prepararás en la Comunidad SteemFoods.

21.11.2020 21:05

¡Muchas gracias! Si, plaeo hacer algunas cositas jaja.

21.11.2020 21:59


21.11.2020 21:43

will be translated into Bahasa to invite more attention, and make an invitation to those who are participated in our WA group as well. I hope our target will soon be achieved @steemitfoods

Wish you all the best

22.11.2020 14:26

Hi :

It would be great if the translation of the delegation announcement is shared in the SteemSea Community. I expect delegation support from our participants from Indonesia. I also see that you have increased the amount of delegation you made to the -steemitfoods account, thank you very much. :) I hope we will have a much stronger voting power in the future.

22.11.2020 16:58

That is what I am doing my bro, Within 15 minute the translation/Bahasa Version will be on in the Steem SEA community to attract more delegator from Indonesia, and also will be spread in the WA group for more visibility

22.11.2020 18:21

well I don't have much sp right now but I like to contribute steemit foods account with beneficiary reward if you permit. I like to do support for this evergreen food community.

24.11.2020 17:09

Dear @alikoc07 @steemitfoods, I have delegated 100SP just now, I hope you can confirm this, tks, rgds, ainie

27.11.2020 13:33

joint check lets grow bigger and bigger...

04.12.2020 00:25

Feliz día amigo @alikoc07. Me gusta mucho esta comunidad y he estado activa últimamente, en realidad no sabía que podía delegar Sp para apoyar a la comunidad. Aún puedo delegar un poco de mi Sp? Espero su respuesta, muchas gracias. Saludos.

31.12.2020 11:52

Hola amigos, delegue 50 sp pero no sé si fue procesado. No sé cómo saber si fue efectivo. Gracias

25.01.2021 23:17

Hola @steemitfoods aun están abiertas las delegaciones?, quiero delegar. Saludos.

01.02.2021 17:32

Sí, puedes delegar. Puedes ganar Steem + Trx mensualmente, dependiendo de la cantidad de delegación que hagas. ¿A cuántos SP quieres delegar?

01.02.2021 21:52

Quiero delegar 260 SP.

01.02.2021 22:59

@alikoc07 ya realice la delegación de 260 SP, hasta luego amigo.

01.02.2021 23:10

Hola :

Su delegación 260 SP ha sido aprobada con éxito. Al hacer 260 delegaciones de SP, se ha convertido en el Socio Plata de la Comunidad SteemFoods. He agregado su insignia de asociación junto a su nombre. Muchas gracias por tu apoyo. :)

01.02.2021 23:47

¡Hola! Al fin pude delegar y lo hice con una cantidad de 150 SP, no se si lo hice bien, por favor ponme al tanto❤️

02.02.2021 14:00

Hola :

Muchas gracias por apoyar a la Comunidad SteemFoods al delegar 150 SP. Te has convertido en Silver Partner de la Comunidad SteemFoods al delegar 150 SP :) Agregué su insignia de asociación junto a su nombre.

02.02.2021 19:58

Hola mi comunidad hermosa de #steemfoods en es especial a @ steemcurator01 @ alikoc07 , este mensaje es para decir que soy nuevo en la plataforma tengo apenas como una semana y ya acabo de delegar 50 SP , ahora quiero que me guien para saber que viene ahora y si me podran al lado de mi nombre mi status de socio, saludos y dios me los bendigan .

13.03.2021 19:47

Hello, my beautiful community of #steemfoods in special thanks to @ steemcurator01 @ alikoc07, this message is to say that I am new to the platform, I have been in the platform just for one day and I have just delegated 50 SP, now I want you to guide me to know what is coming next And if you can update my name to
partner status, greetings and God bless you.

19.03.2021 14:31

Hello :

Thank you so much for supporting us with the 50 SP delegation. You became the Bronze Partner of the SteemFoods Community by delegating 50 SP. Congratulations ! I added the Bronze Partnership badge next to its name.

19.03.2021 16:54

Thank you

19.03.2021 19:02


@alikoc07 I have an issue is it that my post doesn’t meet the standards or some post are selected for upvotes?
Have done 2 post until now am unable to get a single upvote I don’t get it!
Please go through the post and tell me if it didn’t meet up the posting standards am pleading

Thanks 🙏 waiting for your response

21.03.2021 06:48

I hope many will be able to delegate SP, unfortunately, even though I wish to delegate some, I couldn't because my SP is below the required amount. Best wishes to everyone!

26.03.2021 00:52