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SteemitFoods Official Page Opened! #practicalfood Contest 24 Hours to End!

Hello to everyone :

Today I am announcing that I have opened the official steemit account of SteemFoods Community. 6 days ago I created the SteemFoods Community and I was sharing with you the cooking competitions in this community, the results of the competition, announcements and my @alikoc07 account. Since my account @alikoc07 is a personal account, today I wanted to open the official steemit account of SteemFoods. I recommend everyone in the SteemFoods Community to follow the page. :)

steemitfoods (1).png

What is SteemitFoods?

SteemitFoods account was established in order to support your food and cooking concept articles and to earn money by organizing award-winning competitions. In this way, we want to learn the delicious dishes prepared in different countries and to interact with people interested in food and cooking. We all prepare food in our daily life, we shop for this meal in the supermarket, we want to help you with this shopping expense and help your family economy.

For more detailed information, you can read SteemFoods Information on My Personal Blog:

Contest End Day, Time and Prize Distribution:

28/09/2020 Contest in its history, Turkey time 23: 59 will end. The award distribution and the announcement of the results will be made until 30.09.2020 at the latest. I would like to say once again that everyone who complies with the rules and prepares original and high quality posts will be given 5 Steems as a participation award.

If You Have Never Participated in the Contest and How Do I Prepare a Post?

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