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SteemFoods Contest -11-| Promote Your Favorite Celebration Meal ! | Biggest Awards Ever!

Hello Everyone:

Today, I will announce to you the eleventh contest that I have organized from SteemFoods Community. Last week, with the -steemfoods-fastfood tag, we saw in detail fast food restaurants, fast food varieties and fast food prices in different countries in the SteemFoods Community. I would like to thank all our participants who participated in the contest, many high quality and interesting posts were prepared. Now I will share the details of the new competition with you.

  • I announced the results of the contest I organized with the -steemfoods-fastfood tag. The awards of our winning participants have been successfully distributed. You can learn the results of the competition by clicking on the post below.

|steemfoods-fastfood Contest Results | $1000+ Vote Support- | What's Next?

What Is This Week's Contest Subject?

This week, we are asking you to promote "Your Favorite Celebration Meal". With this competition, we want to see which food, dessert or menu of our participants in the SteemFoods Community is the favorite on special and important days. Your celebration meal can be for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas or a different special occasion. We want the meal, dessert or menu prepared for the competition to be a celebration meal, make sure that the meal or dessert is special.

steemfoods contest -11 -.png

About Favorite Celebration Meal Promotion:
  • Your Favorite Celebration Meal can be a special birthday cake, anniversary dinner, traditional Christmas dinner, special celebration menu. We do not have a limit for the celebration dinner, but do not participate in the contest with the meals you prepare in daily life. Make us feel that the meal you prepare is celebratory and special.
  • Include in your post why the celebration meal you prepared is your favorite, how it is made, why it is special for you.
  • It would be great if you add your selfie photo with your celebration meal to your post. We want to get to know you better.
  • Your favorite celebration meal can also be at a restaurant. If your favorite celebration meal is in a restaurant, it can be interesting if you promote both the restaurant and the celebration meal.

Biggest Tip for This Competition:

Include in your post in detail why your favorite celebration meal, dessert or menu is your favorite and, if you have prepared it, how it was made. Make us feel that your celebration meal is special. For example, you can shape the design of your dinner table according to the subject of your celebration meal. If you have prepared a celebration dinner for the New Year; You can feel this to us by adding Christmas tree or Christmas decorations next to your dining table. Having our favorite celebration meal in a restaurant and an interesting presentation will also increase your chances of winning the contest and your chances of earning a good vote from us.

If Your Favorite Celebration Meal Is In A Restaurant, You Can Add Location Information.

You can easily add the location information of your favorite grocery store to your post using the location application below.

What are the Contest Rules?
  • Share your post in the SteemFoods Community.
  • Use the #steemfoods-celebration tag. (Entries of the participants who do not use the tag will not be accepted.)
  • Share quality and original content. (The photos you use in your post must be your own.
  • Specify the country from which you are participating in the tag section. (Example; -turkey)
  • You can add as many photos as you want.

Awards of the competition:

Instead of the liquid steem rewards we distributed for the competitions, we now determined "Much Higher Awards". Now @steemcurator02 will give great voting support for contest winners. We will also try to give voting support with @steemcurator01 for quality and #steem-exclusive posts prepared for the contest.

Completion Date of the Competition:

The duration of the competition is 1 week. 02/01/2021 The date, time clock with Turkey 23: 59 will end the contest.

Twitter Sharing:


If you share your post you prepared for the contest with #steemfoods-celebration, #steemfoodscontest and #steem tags on twitter, we can give higher voting support.

Be sure to include a screenshot of your twitter post under your post.

Awards for Each Participant

For Each Participant: 50% voting support from @steemcurator06 account

I would like to state that we have stopped the 5 Liquid Steem awards we give for each participant, and instead we will try to give our participants 50% of the votes from the @steemcurator06 account worth about 5 Liquid Steem. I also want to remind you that voting support is not guaranteed for any submissions for the contest. Prepare quality content and -steem-exclusive content and be patient with voting support. We check all posts. I wish success to all our participants.

Quick Delegation Links:

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