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STEEMFOODS COMMUNITY - A GUIDE FOR NEWCOMERS / How Can I Create Quality Content? and Voting Support

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Hello to everyone :

Today I will announce to you the guide I prepared for the New Participants of the SteemFoods Community. By looking at this guide, I will give you detailed information on how to create content in the SteemFoods Community, what we pay attention to when giving voting support, and what you should pay attention to in your posts. I see that we have many new contributors to the SteemFoods Community and I think they will improve the content in the SteemFoods Community by reviewing this post in detail.

What Can I Share in the SteemFoods Community?

You can share your posts about food and cooking in SteemFoods Community. As an extra, you can participate in the contest I organize every week. You can share in detail how the meals you prepare at home are made (recipe), restaurant, cafe, food reviews, and introductions of local street food.

What Are The Rules Of The SteemFoods Community?
  • The photos in the content you have prepared must belong to you, the use of copyrighted photos is strictly prohibited.
  • Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. I check all posts and posts that plagiarize are muted.
  • I would like to remind you that you will be muted in the SteemFoods Community if you use copyrighted photos and plagiarize despite warning.
  • Do not share your Diary game posts in the SteemFoods Community.

How Can I Improve Content in the SteemFoods Community?

Many of our newcomers to the SteemFoods Community use some text and a few photos in their posts. We cannot provide voting support for posts prepared with some text and a few photographs. That's why I will give you some articles about how to produce quality content below.

  • If you are producing recipe content, be sure to include the preparation stages of the meal you have prepared in your post.
  • Mention the measurements of the ingredients you used in the recipe and how much you prepared this dish.
  • Describe the stages of the meal with photographs.
  • It would be great if you add a selfie photo of the food you prepared to your post. Below I shared a post on my personal account about how to produce quality content in the SteemFoods Community. I recommend that you review this post.


How Can I Prepare Quality Recipes in the SteemFoods Community?

For Restaurant - Cafe - Local Street Food Etc. Promotions :

I can say that one of the most shared types of content in the SteemFoods Community is the definition of places such as restaurants, cafes, local street food and patisseries. The use of photography is very important in the promotion of places that sell food, drinks, sweet local and street food. Try to add information such as the photo of the interior and exterior of the place you will be promoting, the menu list, the photo of the food they sell, the photo of the desserts, the interior design of the place, and the location information. In this way, you can have detailed information about the place where you live and the place you define and your post will be interesting. Below, I add the link of sample posts for the promotion of restaurants, cafes, etc. I strongly recommend that you review these posts.

  • As an extra: You can have much more practical and detailed information by examining the posts prepared for the contest I organize with the tags #steemfoods-restaurant, #steemfoods-cake, #steemfoods-greengrocer and the posts of the winners of the contest. ( (The posts prepared for the contest do not appear in the Trending section, so click the "New button".)
Sample Posts for Restaurant, Cafe, Patisserie Promotions


Dotty's Pastries & Coffee ~ Best Cafe in Kuala Lumpur That You Must Try


SteemFood Contest 4: Makan Siang Bahagia di Zenbu dengan Makanan Kaya Keju



About Vote Support

We are trying to support posts in the SteemFoods Community with @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02 and @steemcurator06 accounts. We try to provide voting support with these accounts for quality and # steem-exclusive posts, but I would like to remind you that no posts are guaranteed voting support. We try to support our participants as much as we can.

  • About SteemFoods Exclusive and Steem Exclusive: We are unable to support voting for posts previously shared on a different blockchain. You can use the #steem-exclusive and #steemfoods-exclusive tags in your posts that you prepare for the steem blockchain.
  • Detailed Information on SteemFoods Exclusive: SteemFoods Exclusive

About The Best SteemFoods Posts Of The Day:

I announce 'Best SteemFoods Posts of the Day' on my @steemitfoods account every day. We vote on selected posts with the support of @steemcurator01. You can also review these posts and improve their content. You can learn the latest announcements quickly by following @steemitfoods account

The Best SteemFoods Posts of the Last 3 Days:

Endless thanks to @steemitblog, @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 for supporting SteemFoods Community.

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