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Hello everyone:

Today I will announce the results of the contest I organized with the -steemfoods-greengrocer tag. First of all, I would like to thank all our participants who participated in the competition. With this competition, we have seen fruit and vegetable prices in many different countries and wonderfully designed greengrocers. With this contest, we tried to help pay your weekly fruit and vegetable purchases by giving maximum voting support. Make sure your posts in the SteemFoods Community are steem-exclusive only and produce quality content. We check all posts and try to support voting. I will now announce the Top 5 Posts of the contest.

Top 5 Posts of the Contest:


Kontes SteemFoods -8- | Promosikan Penjual Makanan Favorit Anda! ~Toko Segar Buah~


My Favorite Greengrocer: Lulu Hypermarket A One-Stop Center for All My Daily Need


Promote Your Favorite Greengrocer! | Arpico Super Centre - Supermarket that has Everything




SteemFoods Contest -8-| Promote Your Favorite Greengrocer! |

Surprise Winner: @elcorrecamino ( Prize: 20% upvote by @steemcurator02 )


SteemFoods Contest -8-| Promote Your Favorite Greengrocer! The King of Fruits

Participants in the Competition:
  • If you follow the rules of the contest but do not have your name in the participant list, mention it in the comments section.
Award Distribution and Vote Support

For the posts prepared for the contest I organized with the # steemfoods-greengrocer tag, we gave a total of $700+ voting support, including @steemcurator01 , @steemcurator02 and @steemcurator06.

Thank you to all ourparticipants, if you did not get support for the content you shared, you can improve your content a little more, we check all posts. Be patient with voting support, all our work is working to improve the SteemFoods Community. Prepare more interesting content for the next competition and wait. I would like to remind you that all our participants are valuable to us.

  • As an extra, I gave 50% ($ 1.76 +) voting support yesterday for the participants we could not support with the @steemcurator06 account.
What's Next Contest?

I have planned the subject of the new contest and tonight I will share the announcement of the new contest with you. If you want to give me an idea about the topic of the new contest, you can comment under this post.

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Comments 23

Wow I'm so happy 😊 Thank you #steemitfoods

04.12.2020 11:33

Gracias amigos por su apoyo
felicidades a os otros ganadores
son realemente buenas publicación.
saludos desde #venezuela

04.12.2020 11:43

Thank you so much @steemitfoods @alikoc07, I am so happy to win again. It is always my pleasure and honor to receive your kind award. Thank you to @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02, and @steemcurator06 for the kind and generous support to this community. Always look forward to the next great contest organized by your good self. I will continue to support this community by participating with my best effort and quality post. May we continue to grow as the strongest community on this platform. Wishing all a pleasant weekend, do enjoy your day with your family, friends, and loved ones. Please stay safe, cheers, ainie

04.12.2020 12:05

Hello sissy, congrats for you again ☺️ so proud!

04.12.2020 16:38

Thank you @fwinanda and congrats to you as well, so happy to win again right. Let's continue to the next one... Good Luck to you Sis, cheers, ainie :D

06.12.2020 09:45

Me encantas tus concursos, estare atenta a tu nueva iniciativa... Felicidades a todos los ganadores.

04.12.2020 15:32

Terimakasih banyak, aaa senangnya! alhamdulillah bisa menang lagi meskipun turun menjadi pemenang keempat di kontes kali ini, namun saya akan tetap semangat mengikuti kontes @steemitfoods ☺️❤️ selamat buat para pemenang, so proud! @khanzia @ainie.kashif @hasini @wendyth16 dan @elcorrecamino

04.12.2020 16:37

Поздравляю победителей! Всем удачи в следующих темах.

04.12.2020 16:38

I loved participating in this contest. Congratulations to the winners!

I hope to see more contests

Greetings and blessings :D

04.12.2020 16:41

Felicitaciones @khanzia, @fwinanda, @ainie.kashif, @hasini, @wendyth16, y @elcorrecamino. Me encantaron sus participaciones ver los espacio que visitan es casi como viajar a otros países, conocer los alimentos preferidos es muy interesante.
Estupendo los espacios e ideas @steemitfoods y @alikoc07.

04.12.2020 16:52

Thank you very much. I'm waiting for you to go to my city :) and i hope, one day I can visit your city. @sacra97

05.12.2020 09:12

It would be wonderful we should not lose hope of traveling and knowing other places. I plan to go to Spain to visit my children there. My city is very touristy with many beautiful beaches @fwinanda

05.12.2020 12:08

Thank you @sacra97 and let's participate in the next one. Wishing you a pleasant day and please stay safe, cheers, ainie

09.12.2020 09:32

I love the space to participate. Also keep one safe. To enjoy the Christmas holidays @ainie.kashif

09.12.2020 12:46

Felicidades a los ganadores, siempre me divierto compartiendo en esta deliciosa comunidad, estaré atenta para el próximo concurso, saludos...




04.12.2020 20:22

Felicidades a los ganadores, excelente concurso amigo siempre buscando la motivación de cada uno de los participantes... Saludos @alikoc07

04.12.2020 23:51

Luar biasa, ini sungguh diluar prediksi, saya sangat senang sekali bisa terpilih menjadi pemenang pertama dari sekian kontestan hebat yang ada. Terima kasih @steemitfoods @alikoc07, saya akan berusaha keras untuk memposting yang terbaik dan mengikuti dengan penuh semangat setiap kontes yang diadakan. Selamat juga kepada pemenang terhebat, kalian sangat luar biasa @aini.kashif @hasini @fwinanda @wendyth16 dan @elcorrecamino

05.12.2020 00:51

Terima kasih @kanzia dan tahniah juga kerana kamu adalah pemenang utama. Let's participate in the next one. Wishing you a pleasant day and please stay safe, cheers, ainie

09.12.2020 09:30

Muchas felicidades a los ganadores y es un placer participar en los concursos. Muchas gracias por el apoyo

05.12.2020 02:39

it was really super contest and we learnt a lot that how all over the world is the green grocer market look, and what is the reason people love any place, so it was v much informative contest , i liked every post and i did try to visit every post, if i got chance to login to my steemit, because i enjoyed to travel every post to see that how world look in shape of green grocery and i also got chance to make decession that what is the different of my market and price and other , thank a lot for this superb contest
many many congratulation to all great writer @khanzia, @fwinanda, @ainie.kashif, @hasini, @wendyth16, y @elcorrecamino

05.12.2020 03:04

hai @yousafharoonkhan . Thankyou so much :) I also agree with you, through this contest at @steemitfoods we like traveling to several countries and seeing the situation in our friendly countries who are also involved in this contest. By the way, I'm waiting for you to go out or shop in my country, Indonesia. precisely in Lhokseumawe City, Aceh province.

05.12.2020 09:09

Congratulations all winners.

On things I need to clear brother, @alikoc07
My name on the list as a participant but not get any support, is there any lacking from my end. Just for understanding the issue, pls do not take it otherwise.

05.12.2020 05:31

Thanks to steem foods for supporting these interesting contests sponsored by @ aliko07 that puts everyone in tune with the gastronomic reality around the world and grateful for the award given to me, it is a pleasure to continue developing quality and original works exclusively for the steemfoods community through of my participation in the contests. Greetings.

06.12.2020 04:07