Food Diary Game Season : |2| Winners | 160 STEEM Prize Distribution and Results 🏆| Season : 2 All Statistics 📈 🆕

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Hello Everyone:

Today, I will announce all the statistics, winners and prize distribution of The Food Diary Game Season : 2, which I started on the SteemFoods Community, in detail.

Food Diary Game Season : |2| Begins | Rules | Rewards : 150 LIQUID STEEM | #sfcharity50pc

First of all, The Food Diary Game, which I started on the SteemFoods Community, continues with the Season :3 Event. You can review the post below to learn all the information about The Food Diary Game Season :3.

Food Diary Game Season : |3| Begins | Rules | Rewards : 200 LIQUID STEEM | #sfcharity50pc & #club5050

Right after The Food Diary Game Event ended, I worked on integrating the SteemFoods Community into the #club50 project launched by the steemit team.

SteemFoods X Club5050 Most Updated Full Information Package - A Single Post All Information 🆕

That's why I was able to announce the results and details of the Event today. I am sorry for the delay. A big thank you to all our users who participated in The Food Diary Game Season :2

I hope you enjoy creating content for The Food Diary Game Event. I started this event for you to produce content free of charge, and many of our users showed interest in this event...

Season 2 and 7 Winners of The Food Diary Game - Awards

NOTE: The Winners of The Food Diary Game Season 2 achieved this award through their own efforts. Our 8 users below produced content for The Food Diary Game Event every day and shared it on the SteemFoods Community. Our users below have successfully complied with the rules, tried to produce quality content and devoted a certain part of their days to the SteemFoods Community. So they deserve this award and I congratulate them. As I said above, I had to make a small change in the award distribution part of the event. Because all 8 of our users participated in The Food Diary Game Event every day, so I think the prize distribution will be more equal this way.

  • PRIZE POOL: 150 STEEM + 10 STEEM ( Bonus ) =160 STEEM
  • Number of WINNING Users: 8
  • For Each Winning User : 160/8 : 20 STEEM

Extra Note: Make sure to set the #food-diarygame tag as one of your top 5 tags in your The Food Diary Game Event Posts.

With the application developed by @starlord28, I could easily see the statistics of all users participating in Season 2 and the statistics of the most participating users.

Many thanks to @starlord28.

The Food Diary Game Season 2 Statistics:

For The Food Diary Game Season 2, 153+ different users have prepared a total of 884 posts.

Unfortunately, I cannot access the statistics of users who cannot set the #food-diarygame tag as one of their top 5 tags in their posts.

Thanks once again to all users who participated in Season 2. It is very important to produce content every day in order to get vote support, to be selected among the "Best #club5050 SteemFoods Posts of the Day", to receive votes from steemitfoods, steemcurator01 & steemcurator02, and to be one of the winners of The Food Diary Game Event. If you produce active content, we have a much higher chance of supporting you.

Now it's time to announce the winners and prize distribution!



  • 2-) @reinamia :20 STEEM Congratulations 🏆 ! :)


  • 3-) @marime :20 STEEM Congratulations 🏆 ! :)


  • 4-) @tremaria 20 STEEM Congratulations 🏆 ! :)


  • 5-) @betsyb22 20 STEEM Congratulations 🏆 ! :)


  • 6-) @joanac 20 STEEM Congratulations 🏆 ! :)





Food Diary Game Season : |3| Begins | Rules | Rewards : 200 LIQUID STEEM | #sfcharity50pc & #club5050

Food Diary Game Season : |3| Begins | Rules | Rewards : 200 LIQUID STEEM | #sfcharity50pc & #club5050



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Congratulations winners! Welcome ” Food Diary Game Season-3”.👏👏👏

10.11.2021 23:00

Muchas felicidades a las ganadoras.

10.11.2021 23:05

Felicidades a los ganadores merecido premio!!

10.11.2021 23:06

Congrats to all the winner 🎉👍

10.11.2021 23:06

Selamat untuk pemenang. Ayo berjuang di musim ke tiga!!!

10.11.2021 23:14

Wow! Thanks a lot, @steemitfoods 🥳

Congratulations, @reinamia, @marime, @tremaria, @betsyb22, @joanac, @morenaluna, @mireyalongart and all the users who participated with great content although not daily ❤️

10.11.2021 23:16

Muchas gracias, igualmente felicidades para ti! Me emocioné mucho, muchas veces cuesta decir presente todos los días por el internet y muchas variables más, sin embargo aquí seguimos apostando al crecimiento de la comunidad y de la plataforma en general! 🥳💃

10.11.2021 23:33

Mil gracias, que emoción para mi ha sido un gran placer mantenerme constante en esta gran dinámica.

11.11.2021 00:18

Gracias nena igualmente a ti ya a todo el combo

11.11.2021 00:53

Felicidades para ti también amiga saludos

11.11.2021 02:24

Congratulations to all!

10.11.2021 23:23

guaooooooooo¡¡¡¡ que emoción, el esfuerzo, constancia y perseverancia han sido premiadas, gracias a @steemfoods, y @alikoc07. Felicitaciones a los compañeros ganadores . Seguimos en la temporada.

10.11.2021 23:28

Congratulations winners 👏👏🎈!

10.11.2021 23:31

Congratulations to all the winners of food-diarygame season 2.

Goodluck everyone for the food-diarygame season 3 and enjoy.

10.11.2021 23:36

Gracias por el apoyo y felicidades a todos los ganadores.

Esfuerzo 💪💪y constancia si se puede

10.11.2021 23:40

Felicitaciones a todos los ganadores, bendiciones y más éxitos.

11.11.2021 00:22

Felicitaciones a todos, muy emocionada por este reconocimiento, sigamos constante en esta gran dinámica.

11.11.2021 00:26

Guao aquí otra vez gracias a Dios y a Steemitfoods y muchas felicitaciones a las amigas y compañeras @marlyncabrera

Sigamos publicando contenido de calidad🥳🎉🍾🍸🍸

11.11.2021 01:02

Eso es el fruto de la constancia y trabajo. Felicitaciones 💐🍾

11.11.2021 01:19

Amén amiga a seguir adelante con la constancia.

11.11.2021 02:23

¡En hora buena¡ Que continúen las buenas noticias y que Dios provea para seguir publicando nuestros diarios de alimentos! 😇

11.11.2021 01:24

Amén amiga así es

11.11.2021 02:22

This is wonderful,Congratulations to all winner , l really need to join the next season.

11.11.2021 01:06

Congrats for all the winner 🤗

11.11.2021 01:45

Many many congratulations to all winners

11.11.2021 04:07

Felicitaciones a las ganadoras, hip hip hurra

11.11.2021 16:05

Congratulations to all the winners.

12.11.2021 01:47

Felicitaciones a los Ganadores😀

12.11.2021 02:03

Congrats to all the winners. All featured food are very mouth-watering. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

12.11.2021 08:09

Felicitaciones para todas
Se lo merece por su constancia y dedicación .

13.11.2021 04:13

I love your delicacies

13.11.2021 19:27

Woow que emoción!, gracias por apoyar la constancia y dedicación esmerada que ponemos los usuarios día a día. Felicitaciones a todas las ganadoras.

13.11.2021 20:51

Gracias amigos de todo el equipo de steemitfoods
Emocionada y feliz una vez mas.

14.11.2021 13:10

Felicitaciones a las Ganadoras!!!

30.11.2021 16:41