Poem: “Let The Children Fly”


Give them love and a little cue,
They are the flowers with different hues.

Teach them to be fearless and strong,
Be their guiding light when they go wrong.

Learn to give upon them never,
Your love is what they long forever.

Give them time to spread their wings,
They sure will break every jinx.

A tight hug and a big smile
Will help them walk the extra mile.

Never compare them with their friends;
That may set a wrong trend.

Forgive them often now and then,
That's the doing of great men.

Keep an eye on where they tread;
They may track on the road unread.

Always be there when they need you;
Your presence will help them fight the blues.

Tell them the difference between right and wrong,
So that they float easily on life's song.

Listen to them even if you have no time,
That little jesture may settle things fine.

Do not hold them; let them fly.
Their limit may be beyond the sky.

Give them values for the life,
So that they never fail to strive.

Teach them to be good human beings,
To make this world better than it's been.

They are the greatest family treasure;
Cherish the time spent in leisure.

Let the bond strengthen day by day;
Nurture the relationship all through the way.

For once they go out, and sure they will,
Fragrance of sweet memories will linger still.

Let The Children Fly

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26.05.2021 23:59