Home Alone (Poem)


My family's gone; there's no one home.
It's only me who's home alone.
I shouldn't hear a single squeak.
There shouldn't even be a creak,

So what's that thumping that I hear?
It must mean one thing: death is near.
"You're grown, you'll be just fine."
I tell myself as I dial "nine"...

Was that a knock upon the door?
My heart beats faster than before
I know it's closed; I've checked the lock.
At least my killer knows to knock?

I cannot sleep, though I'm in bed.
I've made amends with God instead.
If He decides that it's my time,
Then this will be my very last rhyme.

I hear a bang and then a break.
My head shoots up; there's no mistake!
I turn my music volume high
So I won't hear the way I die.

I run upstairs, desk lamp in hand.
Over my head, ready to land,
And right before it did just that..
I remembered - I have a cat

Home Alone

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