Helping my mother and sisters in feeding the neighboring kids.

Chain of goodness has come in my way a lot of times and it is just so good to share it again with you to encourage that it is not just how much we give matters the most but also how we make the recipient happy and that happiness that is immeasurable can mostly be seen from kids.


My mother in-law and sister in-laws live in a community with a lot of kids from a low income family. There are plenty if kids that I could see every time I visit them together with my wife. The family have the tradition of sharing food to the kids especially when there is occasion like birthdays or anniversaries but it is not only during those times they share foods to the kids and parents but also when they are so much blessed that they could share their abundance.

This day, we remember our sister's birthday, Daniela who passed away last March 2011 at age 33. She started the tradition of feeding the kids when she got her first pay from her first and only job that lasted for 14 years. Every time she got incentives and bonuses or other things that makes her feel blessed, she usually prepare something for the kids like ice candy, cup cakes, sandwich, spaghetti, candies, and other stuffs that kids would enjoy. She also has something for the kids during Christmas.

When she died, the family continued the tradition in helping and making kids happy or even adults that needs help which the family could only provide.

So these are the photos on that day.


my wife and I bought the spaghetti ingredients and helped our sister @sweetspicy do the cooking


ready for serving



my sister Rose and niece Aaliah Kate put the lemon drinks on the disposable glass, my wife put spaghetti to the paper plate while me put 1 bread and disposable fork for every plate.

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The reward in helping others is not material, but its value is far greater than any treasure.

11.03.2021 04:16

That's really true. Thank you for the support @celioeguga

11.03.2021 22:54

Thank you very much @steemwomensclub and @curator01 for the continuous support. May the goodness of life be upon you all the time! God bless...

15.03.2021 03:22