Celebrating My Mother's 76th Birthday

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Every mother should feel important especially during their birthdays. They need more love and attention from their children particularly at their old age. It's time for us children to give back the love and care they have shown to us.


July 1 was when we celebrate my mother in law's natal day. My wife @georgie84 and the rest of the family members thought of giving her extra special celebration with a little bit of excitement. And we came up to give her cash through the newest style of giving monetary gift called money cake.


This nice looking cake, delicious cake has money attached to it. Mama Betty didn't know about the surprise in the cake. All she know it was just an ordinary one.

After we sang her a happy birthday, she was asked to pull one flower. She was quiet hesitant to do it and wonder why. When she did, she was shocked when she saw colorful papers. She thought it was paper money but had a wonderful laugh when she realized it's a real cash.😂



Aside from the money cake we also bought Chicago style thick crust pizza 🍕 that Mama Betty likes. Aside from that, we had the crispy chicken joy and coke float from the famous Filipino food chain Jollibee the every Filipino favorite.



Decorations was made possible by one of our niece named Erica. She is the artist of the family and she loves doing it whenever there's a celebration or any activity.


Everyone enjoys the celebration especially the food we prepared for them. And also @lealtafaith and his girlfriend bought chocolate ice cream for us all.

May we not all blessed to have a loving mother but we are blessed in different ways. Know that God loves you and me.


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