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The Steemit Crypto Academy : Appointment of new Crypto Professors

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Thank you to everyone that expressed interest in becoming a Crypto Professor.

In the end we had over 50 applications which has given us a good opportunity to considerably expand our team of professors.

We have taken on board the suggestion that came from several people to have assistant Professors to assist with the homework checking.

Keeping up with checking all the homework posts was one of the main problems during the first phase of the Academy. Now with the additional professors being appointed this should no longer be an issue.

The New Crypto Professors

We have been keen with this new intake of professors to expand the language and geographical spread of the team.

There are still a couple of areas and languages we would like to add in future recruitment drives but we are happy with the additional coverage we have achieved with these new appointments.

From the 53 applications we have selected the following people to join the team of Crypto Professors…

These new Professors will be joining @sapwood (India), @stream4u (India) and @yohan2on (Uganda).

@besticofinder and @gbenga are stepping down from their role as Crypto Professors.

The much expanded team will allow a new method of the professors working in pairs, with a lead professor presenting the course and the assistant professor helping with the homework marking.

These roles will rotate from week to week to give all the professors the opportunity to present their courses.

New Rules for Homework Posts

When the Academy resumes next week we are keen to see continual improvements in the quality of homework posts.

To encourage people to do more research and put more effort into their posts, votes from @steemcurator02 will from now on only be given for posts receiving a grade from the Professors of at least 5 out of 10.

There will be no more ‘votes for all’ which we hope will discourage some of the more low grade posts that were appearing particularly as the STEEM price rose in the last couple of weeks.

Plagiarism has also been a continual problem. With the increased numbers of professors we will be increasing our vigilance on this.

Repeat offenders will be banned from the Academy.

There has also been evidence of people creating multiple accounts and ‘content farming’ to try to harvest extra votes.

We will be putting more resources into detecting this and those caught doing it will be banned.

Additionally to help prevent this, posts from people with reputations below 45 will not be eligible to receive votes from @steemcurator02.

If you are new to Steem we suggest you join the Newcomers Community and do the Achievement Tasks there to get to know the platform and build up your reputation before joining the Crypto Academy…

We will now begin to plan the courses and pairings with the new professors.

For all the new professors please post your acceptance of the role in a comment below and include your contact details (ideally Discord and Telegram account names).

The Academy Courses will be resuming next week.

We look forward to seeing you all taking part, particularly with the wider range of languages that will be offered from the new professors.

And thank you to everyone who took the time to apply to become a professor.

It was especially difficult this time with so many good applications.

If the Academy continues to expand we may be recruiting more professors in the coming months.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

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