The Communities of the Month Support Program

We hope you all found the Community Guidelines we published recently useful.

In that post we mentioned that we are looking at new ways to help support and develop the many and varied communities on Steem.

With this in mind we are today launching the ‘Communities of the Month’ Support Program.

Under this program we will be selecting up to six communities each month to provide a package of extra voting support from @steemcurator01.

Additionally for those communities that don’t get selected we will be choosing a number of other communities to support through the @booming accounts.

We plan to be rotating those selected every month so over the course of a year we should be able to help a significant number of communities - assuming they all follow the guidelines!

How To Apply

If you are a Community Leader (Admin / Owner / Founder) and you would like to apply to be considered for selection as a ‘Community of the Month’ please make a post including the following information...

  • Community Purpose
    What is the purpose of your community?

    Is it unique?

    Are there any other communities covering the same subject or area as yours?
    Why should people join your community?

  • Community Team
    Who are the Admins and Moderators of your community?

    What countries are they from and what languages do they cover?

    Are the team members paid or rewarded in any way from the community funds for their work in running the community?
    If you only have one Admin what would happen to your community if you left or lost your keys?

  • Community Curation Account
    What is your Community Curation Account?

    How much Steem Power does it have - both of its own and delegated to it?

    What are your plans for growing the SP of the account?
    Are all the post rewards powered up, or are they used for paying delegators or members of the community team?
    Who has access to voting with the account?

    What is the current Voting CSI score for the account (from

    On average what proportion of the posts each week receive a vote from the community account?

  • Plagiarism & Abuse
    What measures do you take to check for plagiarism and other forms of abuse (content farming, duplicate accounts, fake accounts)?

    Do you have designated people in your team for plagiarism checking?

Do you ensure all photos used in your community are copyright free?

  • Engagement & Commenting
    Does the community team check and comment on every post in the community?

    If not, approximately what proportion of posts are commented on?

  • Plans & Updates
    How often do you post plans and updates for the community?

    Do you post these through the community account?

    Do you have a roadmap or long term plan for the community?

  • Promotion
    How do you promote your community?
    Do you promote your community outside of Steem?

    Do you have a Promotion or Marketing Plan for your Community?

  • Anything Else
    Please include any other information you would like us to know about your community, and why your community should be selected for extra support?

    Any other special features your commuity has?
    Do you encourage only #steemexclusive posts in your community?

PPlease drop a link to your application post in the comments below and include the tag #communities-202108 (in the first five tags).

Posts can be in any language.

Applications should be made by 11.59pm UTC on Saturday, July 24th.

The communities selected as the ‘Communities of the Month’ for August will be announced before the end of July.

The Support Package

Up to six communities will be selected each month, depending on how many communities meet the guidelines.

The exact amount of support available for each community will vary according to how many communities are on the program each month.

The Support Package will include…

  • Curation visits twice a week voting on as many eligible posts as possible.
  • Extra votes for Contest Announcement and Winners posts as long as they are posted on the community account. Also extra votes for contest winners where possible.
  • Extra votes for Community Update posts as long as they are posted on the community account.

The votes will be provided by @steemcurator01 (10 million SP).

A number of communities that put in good applications but are not chosen as ‘Communities of the Month’ will be selected to receive support from the @booming accounts each month.

Country Communities

Our ideal goal is to have one strong community for each individual country.

That we believe provides an ideal starting point for promoting Steem in different countries around the world.

It is therefore less than ideal when we see multiple communities being set up for a particular country - usually due to disagreements among community leaders.

No one gains from this. It is better to have one strong community than several weak ones.

We are very unlikely to support more than one community from each country.

It is therefore in everyone’s best interest for community leaders to resolve their differences to build one unified community for each country.

This ‘Communities of the Month’ program is experimental so it may be tweaked and refined as it progresses.

We hope it will encourage the many communities of Steem to work hard to improve and promote themselves.

As always we welcome any thoughts, feedback and suggestions.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

Comments 202

This is good news for every community. This announcement will further accelerate the work of all communities. Because now the competition will start among all the communities to be in the top 6 communities every month.

15.07.2021 03:51

@art-bangladesh deserves to get support. Because they are doing great job for the community members.

16.07.2021 05:49

A very important collaboration for every comment I hope everyone will take advantage of this opportunity.

15.07.2021 04:18

This is a really timely decision. This opportunity was much needed for the communities that are working hard but not getting support. I hope the right communities will get support through this. It is very important to get their support. The #Steemit-Network Community must apply and make every effort to seize this opportunity. Hopefully we will be able to accept any support and give the highest support to our community members.

Best Regards

15.07.2021 04:26
  • PromoSteem community will preparing application as soon as possible. thanks for the initiative with this development

if a community supported 1 month but after that it is abandoned. then the community can lose motivation. to keep good community track record and motivation, i have a suggestion.

besides there are 6 selected communities every month.

it will be better when all applications are studied, some of the best communities can be selected to become verified communities that will be supported for 6 months.


15.07.2021 04:31

Like the community manager in the Latino Community, is my duty prepare a properly application for the thousands of people who post every day in our community, we are growing so fast with and our goal is to achieve self-sustainability with multiple plans and activities everyday! Keep waiting for the wonderful application to the Latino Community;)

15.07.2021 04:34

This is really an amazing initiative ! Hope the existing communities will try to be in the top six for every month.

15.07.2021 05:00

This is really a great guidelines announcement for all the community. And they can improve their community activities throughout the competition

15.07.2021 06:11

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15.07.2021 06:29

First of all, Congratulations to the Steemit Team for such a wonderful initiative.

The STEEMIT PAKISTAN COMMUNITY will be presenting an application and an explanation soon using @steemit-pak account. Hope this new initiative builds steem strong in countries all over the world.

Steem Pakistan Divider 1.png

With new advancements, come new strategies and they come in both ways.

With a support of extra voting in a month, the community will emphasize on an extreme increase in the quality of its posts. And when in the next month it would be taken away, it would lose hope and members will unmotivated.

Steem Pakistan Divider 2.png

If people will be able to see those selected communities, they would move in there and start posting in those communities and not the community they used to post.
Steem Pakistan Divider 2.png

The Country Communities are doing a great job around the globe. I agree that there should only be one official country community for one country. There are many other communities on Steemit except country communities and they are doing great as well. But i think there should be some Special plans for the Country Communities so that they stand out tall in front of other communities as they Represent a whole Country.

Steem Pakistan Divider 2.png

Now with the progress of this initiative, i am sure we would be able to see a great change and hope it would be positive.

Thanks to the Steemit Team for living up to the expectations of their loved steemians.

Steem Pakistan Divider 2.png

Yours Haidermehdi.
Country Representative Pakistan.
Steem On!

15.07.2021 06:36

I hope that the announced guidelines will be useful for communities. Regular support of country communities is really important to promoting Steemit worldwide. I had prepared a post about validating country communities. I recommend that you take a look at this post. If such an application is made, things will become easier as there will not be more than one community. As a country community, we will apply to the support program as soon as possible to be included in the support program.

Best Regards...

Steemit Türkiye Team

15.07.2021 07:19

It is therefore less than ideal when we see multiple communities being set up for a particular country - usually due to disagreements among community leaders.

I have always believed and advocated on several occasions that even if there is discord/disagreement/rift among the CR/community leaders(belonging to the same country), we must have a unified approach, hence a unified community, We can agree to disagree, but we share a similar objective. Because we all align with the highest objective of Steem Blockchain.

It will be rewarding for all as well, recall isolated judgment/community judgment.

I am glad to see this "forward guidance" for the community support program unfolding in 2021.

Thank you so much. It will definitely empower community judgment.

Steem on.

15.07.2021 07:23

Nice community guidelines for support. Now community leaders around Steemit know what to do to get support if they want their community to be supported by Steemit. Have fun steeming as always steemian 😁

15.07.2021 07:51

Thank you for this super motivating update from the Steemit Team. I am glad to take the role of a moderator to Steemit Philippines team.

It is indeed better to have one strong team than have lots but weaker ones.
Glad that Filipinos have united this way.

15.07.2021 08:02

Thank you for this update we will do well apply accordingly and also follow all instructions that may come with it.

My question which I hope to get clarification on please does it in anyway mean communities already getting booming support will halt if they don’t apply every month if so that means is like a monthly renewal?

15.07.2021 08:50

The current @booming support will be halted after August 1st, and will then be redistributed to communities that make applications through this new program.

16.07.2021 10:40

Thanks for the clarification

16.07.2021 15:09

Gracias por proporcionarnos las pautas a seguir para obtener el apoyo para con la comunidad y sus suscriptores. En breve, nuestro equipo de trabajo se reunirá para preparar la información solicitada y presentarla ante uds.

Muy amables en facilitarnos esta oportunidad para el desarrollo de las comunidades.


Scouts, Blanc construyendo un mundo mejor 2.png

15.07.2021 08:55

Great initiative. Thanks so much @steemitblog for this great updates! I think the community Leaders should have a common goal and work as a team. And upon my second thought, is there any possible way for multiple Communities in Country to merge or integrate to have a stronger idea of running rather than running parallel each one for himself. I believe if this would be possible if we take a look at it carefully. In situations where we have Admins and Mods residing in the same country. This can even help to combine SP together to build one solid Community. The only challenge that I was thinking about is incase these Communities have different idea of what the communities Aim for. But I believe as far as we agree we can share the various post that come from these multiple Communities just that we fuse the ideas together.
Thanks so much since I have really learnt a lot @steemitblog - CR for Ghana. This is just my suggestion!

15.07.2021 09:00

Great initiative honestly this is a right step in the right direction I really love this...

15.07.2021 09:56

This is a good development @steemitblog.

15.07.2021 10:11

This is a lovely idea. It will bring more moltivation to the communities. Steem on.

15.07.2021 10:16

SteemSEA is the major community in Indonesia and being developed by it founders and Mods. It is a great apportunity to support our member with these program. We would like to make a proposal to be applied immidiately. Thank for fair chance. We do realize that Indonesia has many communities growth recently and this is the chance for every comminity to be developed properly and support their member.


best regards

15.07.2021 10:23

Selain Indonesia kita juga mencakup Asia Tenggara, kami secara aktif membantu dan membimbing steemian di negara Asia Tenggara agar dapat tumbuh dan berkembang.

15.07.2021 11:37

Promosi sebagian kegiatan SteemSEA melalui YouTube
Cc : @steemcurator01

👉Promosi Steem : Steem Amal Memberikan Bantuan Rumah Bagi Masyarakat Miskin
https://;Promosi Steem : Steem Amal Memberikan Bantuan Rumah Bagi Masyarakat Miskin
👉Promosi Steem : Pemandangan Pesisir Pantai Yg Indah
👉Promosi Steemit : Panen Udang Galah Super Harganya Murah
👉Promosi Steem : Sarang Burung Bangau Putih
20.07.2021 04:19

Terima kasih @waterjoe yang telah aktif membantu kami dalam mempromosikan Steem melalui kanal YouTube.

20.07.2021 07:59

Sama2 bang @anroja

20.07.2021 08:30

Great. Good Job My Friend.

20.07.2021 09:59

Thank you very much my friend

20.07.2021 11:02

thank you so much, awesome stuff and cool initiative.👍

Cc @anroja

15.07.2021 10:49

Ottima iniziativa. La comunità Italiana con Italygame parteciperà molto volentieri a questa bella e utile iniziativa. Ci confronteremo con le altre comunità e cercheremo di avere utili spunti per migliorare ulteriormente la nostra attività.

15.07.2021 10:56

An extraordinary program, with all the guidelines and objectives so as to form a community unit for the same purpose, will create a line of harmony or equality as well as the development of community members.

15.07.2021 11:10

Thank you, you are very wise about this, I have read announcements about community guidelines and community support guidelines, I will write an application for the Steem Education community
cc @irawandedy

15.07.2021 11:23

This is such an amazing initiative by Steemit Team and now looking forward for my application.

15.07.2021 11:43

Diooooos que bien, una iniciativa excelente para las comunidades, una gran alternativa para la comunidad scouts. les felicito

15.07.2021 12:05

@steemitblog. This is such a nice plan and weloverdue. There should be increased community support and communities following these guidelines would make everything happen in some particular order. Thank you so much for bringing out initiatives to move the platform forward.

I will be willing to work along these guidelines and improve on the communities I and my admin handle @steemitblog

15.07.2021 13:08

Thanks so much for this update. Community leaders are now having a good challenge of working extra harder in building their communities with a common goal of adding real value to the steem blockchain.

15.07.2021 13:21

This is much appreciated initiative because through this program we shall able to enhance at least six communities with the support of @steemcurator01 and the rest with the @booming account.

There will be huge competition among the communities to do better in the field of good quality content, engagement and plagiarism issuees to be selected in the list of top 6. As it will be rotating then many communities will have chance to be selected for a month. And obviously that month will be great for those specific communities and we shall find number of posts and development of that specified community through this kind of support. Such a nice Program will help the steem to grow. Thanks @steemitblog

15.07.2021 13:53

What a great program. It's so very nice guidelines to communities..!

15.07.2021 14:26

This is a very good operation. To disseminate and help communities universally so that people in different countries or communities have equal and inclusive opportunities that lead to the sustainability of steem and people's lives. thanks for doing this.

15.07.2021 16:56


15.07.2021 16:58

can we get support through this method even if our community is not verified?

15.07.2021 17:35


I have a doubt, if we will be chosen, will be a posibility to be chosend again in futures oportunities? what happens when the month over? in the Latino community we are looking for the self-sustaining increasing massively our Steem Power for that (@cotina got 8500 in few time thanks to our administrative plan) but we need a lot of support at the first to be able to achieve it, so... I would like to know how it will be handle to make grown our members and the curation account.


onepercent #twopercent #affable

15.07.2021 17:42

Communities can apply every month even if they have been successful in previous months.

So they can be selected multiple times but will need to apply every month.

16.07.2021 10:43

I must appreciate Steemit team for thinking about the broad spectrum and support maximum number of communities.

This initiative of Monthly Support Program will bring balance to Curators and Good communities who are making efforts will get recognition.

We will be applying through our community official account @siz-official (Steem Infinity Zone)

Steem On

15.07.2021 18:01

This is one of the best initiatives of the present time. As a result, communities will try to work with the maximum.

I hope that this will lead to many changes in the steemit ecosystem. I will definitely apply for my Beautiful World community.

15.07.2021 18:08

You are such a nice person. Who works hard for his community. I wish luck for your community.

16.07.2021 05:51

thank you brother. Keep support me!!

16.07.2021 05:57

Congratulations! This is the great news for every community. I appreciate to steem team for best initiatives. It is a great apportunity to support all community member with these program. I have always believed steemit community.

15.07.2021 19:12

Excelente iniciativa, muy buena oportunidad

16.07.2021 01:30

Dear @steemitblog, below is the link to steemkids community application. We are grateful to you for the opportunity to make this application and we believe that this is a welcomed development.

16.07.2021 04:06

Потрясающе информативный, неоходимый и полезный пост. Спасибо команде Steemit за активную, уверенную и стабильную работу по продвижению Steemit и поддержку всего Сообщества.
Мое предложение здесь:

16.07.2021 09:22

This is a very good program from the Steemit Team, to support communities so that they can develop and progress. By getting voting support from @steemcurator01 to the best communities in each country in rotation every month, it will make the communities get new energy to advance and promote Steemit in each country to the fullest. I am very happy to hear this Program from the Steemit Team. Hopefully the program will run well.
Thanks you to the Steemit Team for supporting us all so far.

16.07.2021 13:21

I am pleased to read these guidelines, since the objective of the moderators should always be to comply and guide the members to do the right thing to continue growing as a community, these guidelines help us to carry out an evaluation of our work and see what activities we do not cover to start covering them, so I am grateful for this great guidance that they leave us today, wait for our request for the Steem Venezuela community that has worked to include and guide all Venezuelans!

16.07.2021 15:19

This simply the best form of how to distribute power among steemit community God bless @steemblog for this initiative and looking forward to the best.

16.07.2021 18:17

This is going to be interesting as it will give communities equal opportunity. Thank you @steemitblog

16.07.2021 19:00


16.07.2021 19:34

Your post is manually rewarded by the
World of Xpilar Community Curation Trail

Join the World of Xpilar Curation Trail

17.07.2021 00:41


I am pleased to see the constant strategies that the Steemit team generates to achieve balanced support for those who generate considerable effort to show excellent and profitable work on the platform.

It only remains for me to thank you for looking for the best method to contribute to the growth of each of us as a community,

17.07.2021 00:49

@event-horizon, i think you should apply with your #steemlibrary community and @ayijufridar, here come an opportunity for #steemliteracy. i dunno what about you @aneukpineung78 with your #arteem because #pehtem doesn't have community account yet.

@zainalbakri, what about #naturephoto?

17.07.2021 06:50

Thank you @cicisaja!

I'm working on the application. Will publish it soon.

17.07.2021 07:01

Bukan untuk arTeem.

17.07.2021 07:36

We steemthai draft the document to steem team, thank you for suggested 🙏😃

17.07.2021 07:48

Hi the Steemit Team,

Thank you for another chance to support the community members. Please find the application from "World of Xpilar" Community

Sincerely, the team of "World of Xpliar"

17.07.2021 10:23

Excellent effort and decision to find the right and balanced way to support users and their communities to grow as a team. These measures will surely encourage the loyal users of each community to work for the growth of the same. Because they should remember that it is the idea or the goal to support communities "that may become independent in the future".

It would also be important for each community team to understand that it would be beneficial for them to work to seek external support from investors, politicians, influencers and apply all kinds of valid strategies to become independent by their own means. In other words, they should not cling to the continuous support of the steemit team and seek to emerge by their own means.

As sapwood said, we must iron out the laziness and all the differences to unify the communities of the same topics or of the same country and thus achieve the goal of the fastest program "self-sustaining". Although we will surely see many users wandering from community to community every month to get more personal support.

Happy day to all.

17.07.2021 12:37

Felicidades por la excelente organización, creo que en el futuro con estos programas las comunidades podrán gozar de un mayor apoyo y desarrollo en sus programas y planes comunitarios, estoy seguro de que esto es un gran avance, me encanta esta organización, cuenten conmigo para lo que necesiten. @steemitblog

17.07.2021 15:04

Definitely fair and great initiative by @steemitblog and deserves to be appreciated but one point discouraged me and that is about the support of single community from each country when my country people of #Bangladesh almost everyone has a personal community, bitter truth and such a Big LOL 😂
Anyways, I'll try my best to build my community #SteemShip which riding by me alone and I believe in hardwork. I'm thankful to @steemcurator01 for his kind support to my contests and #steemexclusive posts 💕❤️💖

17.07.2021 18:56

Feliz noches que buena iniciativa de apoyo a todas las comunidades, excelente organización y aporte en mejoras de una mejor experiencia.

Es importante que cada steemit permanezca en su comunidad y espere el apoyo y así no causen en las comunidades En ese momomento una saturaci de participantes que siga creciendo la sabiduría @steememitblog

Bendiciones ❤️

18.07.2021 03:10

Thank you for starting this support for us. I hope it will be a good system for popular communities to be supported and included in their communities that have never been supported. Steemit means community. Thank you for giving importance to it. We look forward to your support.

our application links;
Steemit-turkiye Community ;

Steem Women club community;


Steemit Turkey Representative

18.07.2021 14:36

Hello respected @steemitblog team, this is our application of the crew @steembaseball for the Communities of the Month program



18.07.2021 16:44

Hello, following the valuable instructions left, we would like to introduce you to the Recreative Steem community, from our community account we present our proposal, following each step presented.

PORTADA postulacion RECREATIVE STEEM copia.jpg

19.07.2021 02:17
19.07.2021 09:08

Thank you very much @steemitblog and to the whole Steemit Team for this initiative. Now, this will be my application for the communities of the month support program.


I just hope and pray for the best of everyone!!!

God Bless!!!

19.07.2021 15:44

I am greatly honored to be a part of whatever success we are building and what we have become.
Account Verification and Acceptance Of A Community Moderator Role

19.07.2021 19:45

Greetings @steemitblog team, in the following link we share the application of our community [Colombia-original](
Colombia-original team.

20.07.2021 02:05

Thank you for this initiative.

Here is the application for Steem Sri Lanka :

Communities can apply every month even if they have been successful in previous months.

So they can be selected multiple times but will need to apply every month.

Applying monthly has some consequences. Because the application can be almost the same for a community in the next month also.

Better to collect applications once a three months at least. Because it takes time to open new projects and see their results.

Thank you

20.07.2021 09:01

All the best and good wishes dear.

20.07.2021 16:14

Excellent reflection!

22.07.2021 22:42

Thank you for this initiative. We are really optimistic about this initiative

Here is the application :

20.07.2021 14:07

In a very short span of time, AmarBanglaBlog has come to a good position and succeeded in presenting an example of everyone's skills. I believe the application will be properly considered from all angles.

20.07.2021 16:15

This community is growing very fast and there are many authentic, enthusiastic, dedicated creators who are contributing. Also, the moderator team is doing great.
I wish the best to amarbanglablog.

20.07.2021 16:18

Amar Bangla Blog has been moving forward perfectly since its inception and has been able to create quite a stir among Bengalis Community and has risen to the top in the fastest time. The skilled team is moving towards the goal with the right effort and strictly controlling everything.

Hopefully the Steem team will be by our side in implementing our goals and objectives and will support Amar Bangla Blog. We are waiting for the good news.

20.07.2021 16:43

Amar Bangla blog is a deserving community, as a Bengali I will always with this beautiful community which deserve support from steemcurators.

Best wishes from

20.07.2021 18:04

Amar bangla blog is a completely unique kinds of community. From the very beginning of its journey they are trying to maintain high content quality. This community has got a bunch of dedicated moderators. Without getting any support from booming or steemcurators they supported their members very nicely. Amar bangla blog community never ran for huge subscriber. Because they believe in quality first. One man is doing a fabulous job by supporting all the community members. He is none other than @rme. He is a real broad hearted man. I think this community is the most deserving community for support from steemcurator.

20.07.2021 19:56

Amar blog community is one of the most important community for Bengalis. Here Bengalis can speak with an open mind. I hope Amar Bengali blog community will go a long way in the future. Here are some pretty nice rules. Target December is in our community. Where everyone is expressing their desire to power up and increasing their power. I hope Steamite Steam will support Amar Bangla blog community.

Thanks everyone.

22.07.2021 16:13

Is there any community out there which gather only Bangali speaking members other than Amar Bangla Blog?

I don't know any such.

This language specific community deserve the support.

22.07.2021 16:33

Greetings of the day Steemit team!

Here we go...the Steemit Iron Chef Community application!

I wish to thank you all for coming up with such a great initiative for communities!


Best Regards!

20.07.2021 14:51

This is great opportunity for all communities who had work hard.

Here is your application:


20.07.2021 17:00

SteemFoods Community Official Application:

I wish success to all the communities that applied, I think that the Support Program will contribute greatly to the communities with new developments to be added in the future.

Best Regards...

20.07.2021 20:06

thank you for this great opportunity to grow our communities, congratulations for this initiative here the application of Steem sports steem Sports community


21.07.2021 05:56

Thanks for this opportunity i am apply for support because my student community 142 member already in community.tell me more instruction do support students start work thanks for this opportunity Communities-202108.

21.07.2021 10:03

Thank you @steemitblog for such opportunity of additional support of the Steemians. Please find attached application:

21.07.2021 11:38

Thanks so for the opportunity given to us as Communities to apply for monthly support. I hope this project is going to benefit us a lot in many ways if we are given the chance. Thanks very much.

We therefore submit our Application as @around-theworld Community:

21.07.2021 13:37

In fact we have come a long way and are working very well.And according to our few days of activities, we deserve to go to the top six.

21.07.2021 15:33

I'm really fascinated working in this community. There's a saying in this community that running power is off here and that's why I want to say that it's the best community in the top six.

21.07.2021 15:35

Having been working with this community for a long time they work with him very well and importantly. The admins and moderators here are very sincere and I think this community will be transformed into a much bigger community in the future.

21.07.2021 15:40

Around the World Community has reached a much better place in a very short time, Around the World Community is one of the top 6 communities, active in this community and the work of the community is very good, so I am very happy to work in this community

21.07.2021 15:42

The main strength of our community is our activities, you can understand it only by observing our activities for a few months. Activities in our community will enable us to achieve the highest.

21.07.2021 15:44

Our Around the World community has had a lot of success in a short period of time. This community is moving forward with the efforts of everyone. I hope that our community is going to be in the top 6 in the way this short day activity is taking the community forward.

21.07.2021 15:53

Around the world the community is working hard to achieve success, all the members of this community will be in the top 6 according to the activity and type of work of the members.

21.07.2021 16:09

Around the world community has been able to achieve success through hard work in a very short period of time, this community is a very good community, community members always work for the betterment of the community, so I think one of the top 6 community around the would

21.07.2021 16:17
As a steemit user i have seen lot of community but this @around-theworld community is something separte cause this community working with full of cordially on steemit platform.
I have noted that this community subscribers growing so speedily in a short time which did not seen another community.
Our community members also more cordial about our community go forward, we achive 31k+ sp in the short time, it's also explanation of our members cordiality to around-theworld.
In this community lot of user posted their creative work,also some user trying to provide some unique work in this community.
I am surprised and i am satisfied to work with this community. @around-theworld choose me as a community moderator and i am so happy to got the moderator level from this community.
I am proudly work with his community and we are trying to ACHIVING highest sp in our community account.Lot of members of our community delegate to our community account and the community provide support them.
Actually i think this @around-theworld community is able to get a in the place top six community. Cause this community full foucs in the steem power and promoting steemit platform.
Thanks @around-theworld and also thanks to @steemitblog for arrange this application system for all communitys.


22.07.2021 02:03

Hi steemit team,

Here is the application of the World Of Football

Thank you..

22.07.2021 06:11

Hi Steemit team,

Here is the application of the RU Steem

Thank you!

22.07.2021 14:37

I support that request!
RU Steem community allows Russian users to feel comfortable on Steemit!
We can publish our posts on any topic in our native language, Russian.
The atmosphere of RU Steem is very friendly. I will even call this atmosphere "family".
Users actively comment on posts, lead discussions and exchange views.
In the RU Steem community you can read a lot of interesting information.
There are also interesting competitions!
Users of the RU Steem community see the prospect - not only Russian users but also Russian-speaking users from other countries join our community.
I ask Steemit curators to support the RU Steem community!

22.07.2021 16:31

I ask Steemit curators to support the RU Steem community as well, because this is a welcoming and friendly community which is united all Russian speaking people across the planet.
Support the community members is our global mission and priority.

Please, support our community.

23.07.2021 21:07

Support this request. Nice community for new members from Russia. A nice community with a cozy atmosphere. It develops gradually, to the best of its capabilities. There are a lot of active users who help beginners get used to Steamid and get some start-up capital for further development.

26.07.2021 12:53

I Support It. RU Steem community has a significant development potential, because people see the value of communication and mutual enrichment of information, and the core of active members of the community is constantly increasing.
Despite all the respect for the English international language, communication in the native language is also cultivated here, which is very important for attracting a large Russian-speaking audience.

28.07.2021 08:43

Hey everybody! We share our application for Writing & Reviews account. Thanks a lot for this amazing opportunity!

Have a great day!

@belenguerra, @fendit

Below the link 👇

22.07.2021 14:47

Thriving communities are the framework of steemit and vital to its success as a social blockchain.

I will upload an application for campus connect ASAP.

Thank for the update @steemitblog.

22.07.2021 16:10

Excellent opportunity for those solid Communities that have remained over time and that need a little support to achieve great objectives, surely there will be a consolidation of a great team, for now and with much optimism and faith, I share the link of My application as a representative of HeartChurch. Thanks in advance to the entire steemit team that has been working to strengthen those community ties @steemcurator01, @booming02, @booming04

Happy day for everyone
Aplication HeartChurch

22.07.2021 16:11

Please find Steem Ghana Community Application for the Support Program;


22.07.2021 18:15

Greetings @steemitblog and the entire Steemit team for such a valuable support program for the communities and at the same time for the users who make life in Steemit and in the different communities. This fills me with joy, as that support is really needed. Many times I have felt discouraged to continue publishing, however I take strength and keep going, I like to publish and share Steem blockchain content. Thank you for the hard work that you do in Steemit and for the support provided. Greetings and blessings.

22.07.2021 20:02

Saludos para el equipo de Steemit.
Saludos a todas las comunidades de Steemit.

Greetings to the Steemit team.
Greetings to all Steemit communities.

Nuestra solicitud. Comunidad Venezolanos Steem

Our application. Venezolanos Steem Community

22.07.2021 21:49
22.07.2021 22:23

Thank you so much @steemitblog Steemit Team for this initiative. Now, this will be my application for the communities of the month support program.

22.07.2021 23:48

@open-theworld community is completely best in steemit, I saw this community admin & modarator working hard, unfortunately there is no support program from steemit so I hope this application consider.

22.07.2021 23:55

@open-theword community is open to all Steemian 💢 great initiative @steemitblog

22.07.2021 23:59

I have learned a lot through one of the best community I have ever met. I am hopeful that this community will soon reach a better place.

23.07.2021 00:02

Undoubtedly it is a good community to learn a lot from the community and since this community is open to all we can all share all our activities in this community.

23.07.2021 00:05

I have tried my best to take this community to a higher level, and I will try to take this community to a higher level in the future, and I am hopeful that there will be a good support in this community from steemit, and I will try to support all the members of my community by doing this one day. It will go to a better stage and on that day come to my community with something new, as there is no support in my community so far maybe I have not been able to go to a better stage yet but I keep trying To take this community in better stage.

Best regards @open-theworld (founder)

23.07.2021 00:13

One of the most beautiful and fascinating community I have ever seen in this community. After working in this community for a while, I realized that this community is interested in doing everything for us and I think this community can get to a better level very soon if support program is available.

Best regards @open-theworld community

23.07.2021 00:16

Since working in this community I have thought this community is one of the best community I have ever seen and I have learned a lot from this community I have learned a lot The admins and moderators of this community have helped us in many ways as guides I learned something good from the community.

Best regards @open-theworld

23.07.2021 00:18

@open-theworld This is a very nice community. Everyone here is working hard. Especially the moderator here. It is absolutely worthy of support.

23.07.2021 01:41

Great! I hope we get support soon

23.07.2021 03:39

We are working very heard.Please support us!

23.07.2021 03:45

I appreciate your work

23.07.2021 03:54

This is such a great and effective initiative and than you to the steemit team for bringing such a great opportunity for us

Application from Whole World's Dairy Community
By @badsha1

23.07.2021 06:10

Thank you for the initiative and the opportunity to get support!

Our application


Логотип Артстимит.png
23.07.2021 11:42

Hi, @steemitblog, for this Community Support Program project that you are organizing, we from the NASI Community submitted an application for a support request, hopefully this will be useful. Regards.

Here's a link to our application posting:

23.07.2021 12:46

the community of live musicians support #musicforsteem, for the great work and work done so far, the friend @gaborockstar, has been an example of perseverance and work, greetings and we continue working for the welfare of all

23.07.2021 15:48

Thank you for this opportunity of development for the communities!

Our Application.

Best regards,
Steem-BRU (BY-RU-UA) Community


23.07.2021 16:05

Waitng with patience! Our community waits, too.
It'll help a lot to bring the dormant users back.

28.07.2021 08:28

Thank you to our community for having it! Last October, I joined Steemit only because there was a lot of writing in the telegram channel about the fact that you can communicate and earn money on the platform. Our BRU community is the best! New users come to us, newcomers get answers to all their questions, and what wonderful contests! I love everyone!

28.07.2021 09:47

The most friendly community!!!

28.07.2021 09:51

Моё любимое и самое дружное сообщество. Моя вторая семья)

28.07.2021 09:53

I will not describe that we are the best, but you can go to our community yourself and see a large number of contests, support for each other, posts for newbies and how much we have improved since the opening of the community until today. Our representatives (@antorv, @knopka145, @olesia, @filinpaul) are doing so much work that they had to appoint assistant moderators. I'm sure our community deserves your support. Regards @dmitrik

28.07.2021 10:06

@dmitrik, спасибо и всем вам авторам за активность

28.07.2021 11:06

We are the greatest friends!

28.07.2021 10:19

Our community has wonderful contests, active users, interesting posts, we attract newcomers to Steemit and explain everything to them.
We try our best!

28.07.2021 10:19

Our community is one of the few where are ready to support any author. During our existence, Steem-BRU have become not just a community, but friends, a second family that is developing rapidly and where everyone is always welcome.

28.07.2021 10:30

BRU community is the friendliest place for everyone. Welcome to us!

28.07.2021 10:31

Steem BRU лучший!

28.07.2021 10:32

Лучшее сообщество дружелюбных стимиан!)

28.07.2021 10:34

Steem BRU the best community! They will always help, prompt. In our community, you can find not only friends, but also a second family

28.07.2021 11:02

Steem BRU лучше не найти негде

28.07.2021 12:57

I subscribe to all of the above about the Steam-BRU community.

Steam-BRU is a great community!

28.07.2021 19:01

Thanks so much steemit team for this program, here is our application. We humbly apply

23.07.2021 17:12

Thanks for this wonderful opportunity

Here is an application for Steem Inspiration Community

23.07.2021 19:02

Than you @steemitblog for this great development, this is an application in this regards for "Financial Security".

23.07.2021 20:18

HI @steemitblog,

This is an application from Steeming India Community.

Application For The Communities of the Month Support Program. || Steeming India.


23.07.2021 22:41
23.07.2021 23:27

Hello dear @steemitblog and @steemcurator01, here is the application for the Steem Geography Community.

Thanks a lot for this great opportunity!

24.07.2021 01:04

@steem-geography is a very wonderful community. Everyone likes this community because of @belenguerra mam. She is working really hard for this community. Always guiding new comers how to make good content. I have learned a lot of things from her. I wish luck for @steem-geography.

24.07.2021 13:43

Our Steem Business Activity community is growing and there are more and more business publications being featured on Steemit.

Here is our application to receive your support. Thank you very much SteemitBlog team.

24.07.2021 01:21

Hi Steemit team! 😊 Here is our application Application for The Communities of the Month Support Program

24.07.2021 02:05

Hi Steemit team! 😊 Here is our application Application for The Communities of the Month Support Program

24.07.2021 02:08

@Thesteemitcity is one of the most promising community amongst all the community. There is always different kinds of contest is going on for the community members. Day by day they are making their community account stronger by powering up. They have got a long vision. Their target is to make this community one of the big one in steemit. This community is run by few very hard working and dedicated people. The man who is behind the success of this community is @rex-sumon. He is getting help from another dedicated person @sabbirrr. This community definitely deserves support from @steemcurator01. If they got the support then they will be able to achieve their goal very fast and also the community members will be highly benefited. I wish luck for this wonderful community.

24.07.2021 10:38


@sabbirrr is really doing great for this community

24.07.2021 11:17

But you are the main power source of this community.

24.07.2021 11:43

Un gran saludo y un apretón de mano izquierda para todos.

Muchas gracias @steemitblog por establecer un orden normativo para la formulación de comunidades.

scouts se hace presente con su postulación.


Postulación de #Scouts al programa de apoyo. Por @hive-181136.

Nuestro propósito es "Construir un mundo mejor para todos".


Esperamos cumplir con los requerimientos solicitados, les deseamos éxito y suerte a todos.


24.07.2021 02:58

Solicitud para el programa de apoyo a las comunidades de [Stars of Steem Community](

24.07.2021 06:51
24.07.2021 08:45

Respected @steemitblog team

We are submitting our application for community support program through community official account. Here is the link for the application post.

Steem Infinity Zone

24.07.2021 09:49

Hi Steemit team! Here is our application Application for The Communities of the Month Support Program

thank you for the support so far for our community

24.07.2021 09:58

Here's a link to steem education community's monthly support application post

24.07.2021 10:52

Thank you for this opportunity of development for the communities I think my community must be promoted because I have worked so hard. I hope InshAllah !

Our Application Link Post

Best regards,
Steem Lover Community

24.07.2021 13:53

Hi Steemit team! Here is our application Application for The Communities of the Month Support Program :


24.07.2021 15:30
24.07.2021 17:04


27.07.2021 04:08

@steem-cameroon is on track for the support. Forward ever

25.07.2021 10:29

Application for Steem Cameroon 🇨🇲 Community

25.07.2021 21:05

Great initiative. Thanks for this great updates!

26.07.2021 16:43

It will be very useful for us and grateful to us . this update is very important for all community admin and members. I think it’s a really good decision for steemit.

Thanks to you @steemitblog for new update.

28.07.2021 08:03

No application!

21.08.2021 06:30

Nice. .👍🏻

31.08.2021 12:34