Steemit Country Representatives - Applications Invited


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The last few months has seen tremendous growth in the number of Steemians in mae world.

This groe world.**

This growth has been a mix of former Steemians becoming active again, and latform.

The Coun platform.**

The Country Representatives have been doing a great job guiding and supporting people ies.

We active countries.**

**We are now looking to expand thetatives.

What ds.**

What do Coves do ?

he matives do ?

The main role of a Country Representative is to support and guide Steemians in their country.

They should particularly seek out and greet new Steemians, and guide them to the Newcomers Community and their Country Community if they have one.

If the Country Reps are in a country with a Country Community they will likely be involved in the running of that community moderating and possibly organizing contests for example.

They should also give guidance to Steemians in their country on technical issues and Steem etiquette. Keeping an eye out for any occurrences of plagiarism or other abuse is also a key part of their role.

The Country Reps may also be involved in curating Steemians in their country through the regional @st.


How to apply to become a entative

e aretative

We are inviting expressions of interest from anyone who thinks they may be suitable to become Country Representatives.

People in countries where there are already Country Reps, and those in countries without any current representatives, are equally invited to apply.

We are looking to both expand existing teams and establish new country teams.

To be considered as a Country Representative you should have been active on Steem for at least 3 months.

You should be a regular poster and contributor on Steem, and Steem should be the main crypto social network you are involved in.

If you are powering down, or hold less than 500 SP, you are unlikely to be considered.

To apply please make a post entitled ‘Why I would make a good Steem Country Representative for XYZ Country’ and leave the link in a comment below.

In the post you should include…

  • a brief summary of your history on Steem
  • details of any communities you are involved in, and any contests or other activities you organize
  • why you think you would make a good Country Representative.

And if you are in a country with no existing Country Representatives, a brief summary of how you would go about encouraging more people to join Steem in your country.

Please submit your post by April 30th, 2021.

It will be helpful if you get people who may support your application to add their comments on your link comment below or on your application post to demonstrate support among the community.

Support for your application from any existing Country Reps (or other Community Leaders) will be particularly helpful.

We will review all applications during the first week of May, and will announce the new Country Representatives by May 10th.

Successful Country Representatives will be given a delegation of 5000 SP to help them fulfil theirs.

The Co

The Country Reps have played an important role in the growth of the Steem Community over the past year.

We are looking forward to seeing who comes forward to join the team.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

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Expanding the country representatives is a great idea!

16.04.2021 10:29

The STU (SteemTokenUnit) ist the best Token of all. There is my Blog regarding the "intrinsic value" of steem.

16.04.2021 10:35

That is highly appreciated.

16.04.2021 11:26

Hello dear friends @steemitblog good day
I'm almost from the beginning in the company (Steemit), I have seen many things since then and to be honest it is the first time that I see so much enthusiasm in the community, as you well say, it is extraordinary to see the great growth that there is. Congratulations to everyone for the great job you are doing.

16.04.2021 11:38

We are ready to welcome new CR to our team.

16.04.2021 12:07

Great! Being a representative is something I've always looked forward to. I want to expand the network hence I'd be making a submission. May the best participants get chosen

16.04.2021 12:16

Hello steemit team. I am @sabbirrr from Bangladesh.I am encouraged by your proposal.I would like to appeal to you as a country representative. My main steem power is 2150+.I want to work as a country representative.I hope I get a valuable reply from you.


Thank you

16.04.2021 13:05

Here is my Application . I did my best 😌.
All the points which I mentioned above are real and you may can cross check everything which I mentioned in this post 🧐.

Thank you
16.04.2021 13:17

Thank you very much @steemitblog, for providing information to us, and I see that Steemian is now active again even though only a few countries, and I hope this Steemit continues to progress as before, where every country is filled with web network steemit. Best regard @masril

16.04.2021 13:21

Estoy muy contenta de haber leído ésta noticia y deseo formar parte del equipo country representatives... Muchas gracias por ensanchar la visión y crecimiento de la comunidad

16.04.2021 13:57

Saludos amigos del equipo de steemit,
Exelente trabajo el que se está ejecutando y el crecimiento es una señal de eso gracias a Dios, esperemos ver nuevos representantes y que sigan los éxitos!!

Saludos y bendiciones ❤️

16.04.2021 14:22

What a great opportunity for those of us who have grown a lot on the platform in recent months.

16.04.2021 14:25

Gracias por la extensión! Saludos cordiales para ustedes.

16.04.2021 14:55

Me encantaría representar a mi país junto a todos los demás. Venezuela

16.04.2021 15:04

Feliz dia, y buena decisión en representarnos, Esperamos que envies todo lo necesario para esa postulación.

21.04.2021 21:35

21.04.2021 21:46

I'm submitting my application-

I'm active on Steemit for about 4 and a half month and I have more than 1200 SP now.

I will be really happy to contribute to my community as a CR.

16.04.2021 15:22

Continúan los buenos proyectos!

16.04.2021 15:26

Hello @steemitblog, please we can't prepare a post at the steem editor. Please can you do something about it, it very difficult to use it.

16.04.2021 16:36

Estoy de acuerdo contigo amigo @sarkodieeric1, se nos está haciendo muy complicado al momento de escribir se duplica la escritura y para borrar solo baja o separa no borra nada, alguien podría ayudarnos @steemitblog


16.04.2021 20:42

I thank you very much for your support.

16.04.2021 21:29

Thank you for your support. I will love to be a representative for my country. here is the entry submission for the candidate;

Application entry - Why I would make a good Steem Country Representative for TURKEY

16.04.2021 17:05

Thank you for sharing this post, I am back and better, ill wait till I build my account to 500 sp above. Good working for team steemit I must confess.

16.04.2021 19:16

Esta noticia es súper importante y mas cuando la comunidad está en alto crecimiento, me parece prudente y necesario este tipo de proyectos, los felicito

16.04.2021 19:33

Greetings friend @steemitblog.

I'm glad to see that you are providing the opportunity for more people to engage with the platform and Steemit, no doubt we will see good candidates applying to be part of these excellent teams already formed.

Good luck to those who apply.

16.04.2021 23:03

Good luck to those who apply.

Thank you so much for the nice comments for the applicants.

Thank you by

23.04.2021 09:20

Esta es una gran noticia, ya que la comunidad venezolana esta alcanzando un auge mayor cada día con el numero de participantes en la plataforma, así que seria interesante que se amplié la cantidad de representantes que cubran las necesidades de orientación para los nuevos usuarios y seguir en crecimiento de los que ya tenemos algo de tiempo en esta maravillosa plataforma.

Es un gran trabajo, el que hacen nuestros representantes de #pais 👏👏👏👏 mis respetos...

17.04.2021 00:36

Me interesa, voy a pensarlo, quizás pueda apoyar más como representante. 🤗

17.04.2021 02:08

I applied to be more useful to the people in my country. thank you

Hello @steemitblog, @steemcurator01
In order to improve my newly created Steem Activity Club, community and support users, I want the posts to be made with the tag #mydailyactivity to be supported by you.My promotion of this tag will begin. On a daily basis, I want to select 5 of the posts made with this tag for you. It will make me very happy that the quality content to be made is positively rated by you.If you like this idea, please contact me.Recently, I made my candidacy application for the Turkish country representation.I think my work will be an incentive for new users. I need your valuable ideasBest regard@habercitr

Why I would make a good Steem Country Representative for TURKEY Country


17.04.2021 05:21

Active for sometime until I lost keys. Back again. Will wait for another three months to look for CR.

17.04.2021 06:34

Muy buenos días, esta es mi postulación como CR de Venezuela.

Click here

Mi Postulación// my application

17.04.2021 08:26

Thank you so much for the opportunity 💕 We #promo-steem we love #steemit @steemitblog

17.04.2021 08:54

This is a great initiative, as always!! Steemit is growing and there are countries that multiply their users by 3 every month or less time. That's why it's great that more CR join, to help newcomers and old members.

Good luck with your proposals!!

17.04.2021 12:11


[WhereIn Android] (

17.04.2021 13:36

this is very interesting, i've been in steemit from 2017 and have a lot of experience in steemit third party platform organization before. like, steempress. adsactly.

however I cannot enter this election. because currently I'm building a team for the world in PromoSteem Community affairs

This promosteem project may be similar to steemitcryptoacademy, by recruiting promoters from all over the world and working together on steem promo matters.

You can see how our community is doing well at the moment.

I hope @steemitblog can see us to communicate further. so that the goal of promosteem can run and get help with direct guidance from the Steemit team.

cc: @steemcurator01

regards: arie
Contact Discord : arie.steem#4626

17.04.2021 13:49

Is there a list of country reps somewhere?

17.04.2021 14:20
We are looking to both expand existing teams and establish new country teams.
Bigger countries tend to be more diverse, and they will definitely need more teams.

This, I think, is a great initiative.

17.04.2021 16:15

Thank you @steemitblog for this wonderful opportunity. Here is my application post link

17.04.2021 16:20

I am active since four months. I have more than 1200 sp. Currently, I am moderator of steemit-pak. I would like to apply for CRship.
Here's my application .

17.04.2021 19:02

Dear @steemitblog,

Today I am writing to you in order to give us to known and try to get some kind of support for our project. A week has passed since we announced Steem Seven, a family curation project that aims to support as many users as possible who write #steemexclusive content and especially new users, giving direct and personalized support to each one in order to to train quality content creators.

Our delegates are committed to #powerup with each payment they receive and to support this account, in recent weeks most of them have increased their SP by almost 70%. However, this is not enough, because in order to reach many more users we need potential help. We have daily curation reports as proof of work, including all post cured on the last day.

We would like to formally request a delegation from your team, and if this is not possible, support our delegators to increase our SP to the maximum. Of course, if necessary we can talk, put conditions and reach an agreement.

Best Regards The Seven Team,

17.04.2021 22:48

Adelante @steem-seven con este proyecto se que van a seguir ayudando mas usuarios, y tendrán mucho apoyo.

05.05.2021 23:49

Genial. Es excelente saber que nuestra comunidad crece y se organiza . Felicitaciones.

18.04.2021 00:55

Thankyou so much @steemitblog for the invitation .. I would love to be a Country Representative from India and will play my role will all my efforts and 100%honesty ..
Here is my application :

18.04.2021 05:05

hola @steemitblog

here's my application post
Thanks again for this wonderful opportunity

18.04.2021 23:25

There are so many Indonesians who are more victorious here, I think that representation has been fulfilled

19.04.2021 01:57

please upvote my posting

[WhereIn Android] (

19.04.2021 09:58

It's amazing, in the country where I live so many people support Steemit. I myself was just a few days ago at Steemit. I hope that all of Steemit's friends can help and guide me so that I can be successful in working at Steemit. I hope that Steemit will grow even more and be successful in the future. Regards

19.04.2021 21:03

Hello @steemitblog, below I am attaching my application post to be one of the next representatives of Venezuela in Steemit. I hope you can take me into consideration, due to the rapidly growing community in Venezuela. There are currently no young representatives, and I would like to have the opportunity to be one of the first youngest representatives of Venezuela on Steemit.

onepercent #venezuela #affable

20.04.2021 04:36

Greetings to the steemit team. Trust we all are doing well. I am @rapharchick writing to be a country representative of my country Cameroon🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲. I am spending my second month on the steemit platform in other words I joined in the early days of march and though a short while I have a degree of expertise and experience. My first account(@raphar) the account I was introduced into steemit with was hacked and damaged about a month ago. Few week later after a number of attempts to recover the account failed I had to sign up and restart all over with this new account @rapharchick. Currently the country has a number of well to do and committed representatives who have created a community platform for the country where we too have a number of interesting contests going on for example the best day contest, diary game contest, musical contest and lots more. It has pushed many steemians into producing original and interesting contents.
I write to you the steemit team to apply for me to be part of the country representatives promising to collaborate with the already existing reps. I commit myself to doing nothing but the best in making the steemit global community and that of my country grow. waiting to hear from you the steemit team🙏🇨🇲

20.04.2021 13:34

I'm glad to know that the Steemians numbers are growing. I want to remember the importance of @girolamomarotta, the Italian representative who rebuilt the entire Italian community. He was very good.

20.04.2021 16:05

Greetings to the steemit team,

Please find my application for country representative for Ghana,

20.04.2021 18:58

Thank you so much @steemitblog for the information and opportunities. I am interested in becoming a Country Representatives in Indonesia. This is My Applications.


20.04.2021 20:18

I would love to become a Country Representative of Pakistan.
Here is my application.
My Application for becoming country representative of Pakistan

21.04.2021 00:09

Estoy enviando mi postulación para ser representante preferiblemente de Venezuela en cualquier comunidad:

21.04.2021 01:32

Am i qualified for the reprentatives sir @steemitblog?

21.04.2021 03:26

this is my postulation, Greetings all.

21.04.2021 03:56

Hello my humble application as representative of Venezuela and of our Union Venezuela community

Community that in one week had 200 subscribers
##### we are making progress

21.04.2021 18:30

Unfortunately, my steem power was not as determined, so I could not fulfill the invitation to represent my country

21.04.2021 18:32

Hello !
It would be an honor for me to represent my country (Pakistan) to the world through steemit..
Here is my application.

21.04.2021 19:58

This is a very great initiative and I believe this will bring more greatness to the steemworld. Thank you for the opportunity given us all

21.04.2021 20:15

Congratulations to everyone for the great job you are doing.
Regards @steemitblog since December 2017 in these spaces telling stories and meeting other participants.
I love to comment to the participants, to encourage them a lot, so that they grow and stay.

21.04.2021 21:12

Hola @steemiblog, esta es mi aplicación para representante de Venezuela
pulse aquí

21.04.2021 22:42
22.04.2021 02:54

If I want to invite a community with at least 20 members to use steemit, can I submit a proposal?
If so, how do I do it and what rewards can I get?
Thank you

22.04.2021 12:40

Steemit Country Representatives - Applications Invited

My Application to the next representative of Indonesian



22.04.2021 15:41

Mi solicitud para ser representante de mi país Venezuela 🇻🇪 gracias por la oportunidad!

22.04.2021 17:28

How do i know that am i eligible or not? Right now i don’t have 500sp. But i have got 950 steem. I can power up within a moment. Please @steemitblog check my eligibility.

22.04.2021 17:38

It is always better to power up your STEEM and then you can earn more curation rewards from voting.

07.05.2021 02:26

It is very proud if someone becomes a representative of their country and has sufficient SP to serve as curation. I also hope that one day I can collect a lot of SP so that I can share the curation with other steemians. regards

07.05.2021 02:48
07.05.2021 03:25

Thanks @steemcurator01 i already powered up.Now my sp is 500+. Thanks for your advice.

07.05.2021 04:08

This will be a great opportunity for me to represent Bangladesh

My Application Link-

22.04.2021 20:28

Hello Steemit Team!
There are many communities on the platform Steemit, but there was no separate community of artists. I am full of energy and enthusiasm to grow such a community. I created a community ARTSteemit

I would like to ask for your support for this contest. I have a plan to hold regular contests that will attract talented participants to the visual arts.

I also want to write posts about the history of art, talk about famous artists and masterpieces of world art. I am passionate about this and would be happy to share my knowledge with the participants. I also dream that the community will have talented artists who will write posts about their work, share the step-by-step process of creating works.

Also in my plans to start writing tutorials on watercolors for beginners. I also paint Chinese painting and can show the drawing process.

ArtSteemit for artists of all countries!

Community admin ArtSteemit @veta -less: Who am I?

A long time ago ( three years ago) I held a contest among artists' friends. But then there were other times, we had very little support. Here is a post where the participants drew works on my assignments.

Art challenge.Our first exhibition at Steemit

I hope for your attention!



22.04.2021 21:57

Greetings Steemitblog.
I'll love to be part to this program but i just came back and currently in
Achiement Post 1 Re-introctory post
I hope there willl still opoptunity in the nearest future #Nigeria #steemnaira

23.04.2021 13:15

me encantaria

23.04.2021 13:48
26.04.2021 03:17

Hi @steemitblogHere is my my application post to be one of the next representatives of RU community on Steemit

26.04.2021 10:07

Hello Steemit team,

This is my application post for the Country representative of Sri Lanka

Best Regards!

26.04.2021 12:33

Excellent @damithudaya. You are a great user. I support you 100%

04.05.2021 17:12

Thank You steemit team for this great initiative in this way we can easily and rapidly promote steemit worldwide.

Here is my Application:-

Why I would make a good Steem Country Representative for PAKISTAN

26.04.2021 13:37

Hola que buena oportunidad para los usuarios poder participar , es muy importante que hayan más representante de país que ayuden al crecimiento de la plataforma, que apoyen y estén al pendiente de todo lo que acontecede en las comunidades. Los representantes de mi pais @Venezuela han sido muy receptivos, organizados y dedicados los felicitos y los que se unan a ellos ofrezcan interes y dedicación. Suerte a todos

onepercent #venezuela #affable

27.04.2021 10:58


Here is my Application

27.04.2021 14:17

Steemit Country Representatives - Applications Invited:

Why I would make a good Steem Country Representative for Venezuela


27.04.2021 15:28
27.04.2021 16:30

uyyyy, qué linda!. Excelente tu postulación para representante de Argentina. 100% mi apoyo

04.05.2021 17:11

muchísimas gracias por tu apoyo querida amiga, el impulso que me has dado a mi y a muchos steemians ha sido clave para nuestro crecimiento. Gracias por tu cariño. bendiciones para ti

04.05.2021 18:38

Country Representative Application from Cameroon:
Good luck to all the applicants!

27.04.2021 17:29

Saludos @steemitblog, por acá mi presentación para ser considerada en la selección de Representante de Steem para Venezuela.

28.04.2021 03:46

I created my account 1 month ago & I also complete achievement5 task.

I understand steemit all of rules & I have a community of @open-theworld I will try to guided my all friends in steemit.

I am also created a YouTube chann & also make a Facebook messenger group for helping newcomers.

So if I get (CR) I will help all of my community members everytime.

I didn't apply now because my account creation date is not meet your rules.

I hope you give a chance in next time.

Thank you @steemitblog

28.04.2021 07:37
28.04.2021 08:06

Here is my entry

Hope you will give me a chance to prove myself.

Love froom Baggladesh 🇧🇩 ❤️️ 🇧🇩

28.04.2021 08:07

Great initiative, highly appreciated 💕💖❤️

28.04.2021 10:39

Hello steemitblog,

Here is my steemit country representatives applications post link

Best Regards

28.04.2021 11:47

Saludos! para mí sería un honor ser representante de país, avanzando y aprendiendo porque sé que vamos por más:

¡Muchas Gracias!👍

28.04.2021 14:53
28.04.2021 16:21

Greetings @steemitblog grateful for the opportunity here I leave my participation:

My participation

28.04.2021 20:53

Thank you @steemitblog for this opportunity. Below is my application

Why I Would Make A Good Steem Country Representative for Ghana

28.04.2021 21:53

Hola quiero agradecer a Steemit por crear iniciativas de calidad, también por permitir expresarnos y desarrollarnos en la plataforma, Esta es mi postulación como representante: . Saludos y buenos deseos para todos.

29.04.2021 00:24

Hola equipo de Steemit, gracias por la oportunidad que nos permite de poder postularnos para ayudar a nuetros paisanos Venezolanos... Aquí mi entrada:

Entrada @rypo01

29.04.2021 05:00

Country Representatives are going to remind our members to apply before the deadline.

Thanks very much for this information.

29.04.2021 06:40

Saludos @steemitblog, aquí dejo mis motivos por los que podría ser Representante de Venezuela.

29.04.2021 09:31

Muy buena participación , muchisima suerte , tienes demasiado potencial para ser una buena representante , exitos <3

30.04.2021 23:58

Hola @cachetes 27, mi apoyo para ti. Emprendedora, entusiasta y una líder nata. Éxitos

01.05.2021 00:03

El mayor de los éxitos para nuestra querida @cachetes-27, que ha sido ejemplo de constancia y dedicación para con todo su grupo de Hablemos de Steemit, en recomendaciones, tips y demás consejos...

Aviso Importante

Piensa en grande y serás grande.

01.05.2021 00:04

Mucha suerte chula😉❤️ tienes todos los requisitos para llegar a serlo ✨ Éxitos✨

01.05.2021 00:07

Todo mi apoyo para @cachetes-27 💪

01.05.2021 00:08

👏muy buena postulación 🐽

Lo mejor está por venir! Te a🐔amos!

01.05.2021 00:10

Tienes el potencial y la empatía para orientarnos, así que por eso mereces ser representante de país.

01.05.2021 00:11

Cuenta con mi apoyo ✨ Excelente trabajo @cachetes-27

01.05.2021 00:13

mucha suerte nita, tienes todo lo necesario para ser representante del pais, tu puedes !!!

01.05.2021 00:15

Excelente postulación! Tienes mi apoyo y aportas innovación, nuevas ideas y emprendimiento para todos, en especial a los más nuevos. Bendiciones @cachetes-27

01.05.2021 00:25

Una joven super emprendedora, con gran capacidad de liderazgo quien ha asumido por vocación una responsabilidad de dirigir, guiar y orientar a un gran grupo de nuevos y no tan nuevos Steemians en estaenorme plataforma. Un luz en el camino de tantas personas. Sería genial tenerte como representante de país. Sabemos que lo podrás hacer muy bien.

01.05.2021 00:26

Te apoyamos, estoy contigo!!

01.05.2021 00:39

Excelente lider!!! El mejor de los éxitos y Bendiciones @cachetes-27

01.05.2021 00:40

Mi amiga @cachetes-27 es una niña muy joven, pero eso no le impide ser la motivadora #1 en el tema de Steemit, es excelente persona súper responsable, llevando a su cargo varias personas que inician en esta plataforma, ella con amor y dedicación hace ese gran trabajo....

Apoyo total para ella... para ser Representante de Venezuela.

Mi perrito Zeus también quiere dar su opinión.

555 99.jpg

01.05.2021 00:58

Mi voto y mi apoyo es para ti @cachetes-27

01.05.2021 01:22

Estamos contigo @cachetes-27 Todo es posible con solo creer.

01.05.2021 01:25

Cuenta con mi apoyo @cachetes-27 tienes todo lo que se necesita para ser Representante de nuestro país. Exitos

01.05.2021 01:26

Porque te lo mereces y nos has apoyado sin importar qué, cuentas con mi voto♥️ @cachetes-27

01.05.2021 01:43

Mi apoyo 100% es para ti @cachetes-27 tienes todo lo necesario para ser representante de nuestro país. Mucho Exito.

01.05.2021 02:38

Hola! Cuenta con mi apoyo, cuentas con todo lo necesario para ser una gran representante

01.05.2021 02:39

Hola mi bella @cachetes-27 mi apoyo y voto para ti.. eres una dura❤️

01.05.2021 03:23

Tienes el conocimiento y la dedicación para orgullosamente representarnos! Cuentas con mi apoyo!

01.05.2021 04:52

Espectacular full suerteeeee y exitos

01.05.2021 13:47

Todo mi apoyo para @cachete25 tienes
todos los requisitos para representarnos porque eres una jovencita con mucha motivación y entusiasmo, dedicación y una paciencia de verdad que todo el apoyo para ti muchos éxitos

01.05.2021 13:56

Mi querida @cachetes-27, orgullo bolivarense, joven con espíritu motivador y noble, siempre con la intención de ayudar y colaborar a quien lo necesite. Tu determinación es ejemplo para todos los jóvenes, es por esto que mi apoyo es para ti, por esto mereces ser representante de nuestro país. 🇻🇪🤗

01.05.2021 16:26

Desde sus inicios en esta plataforma, he sido testigo del esfuerzo, esmero y compromiso, para crecer en esta comunidad, como también el apoyo incondicional que ha brindado a sus familiares, amigos y a diferentes labores sociales, a los cuales a hecho su aporte y contribución. Es por esto que @cachetes-27 es merecedora de ser representante de Venezuela.

01.05.2021 21:12

Te apoyo @cachetes-27 tienes todo lo necesario para representar a nuestro pais!!

02.05.2021 02:46

Tienes todo el potencial y los requisitos para ser una representante de nuestro país. Lo lograras 🙌🏼 Todo mi apoyo.

02.05.2021 15:25

Repito: A pesar de ser tan joven, eres grande.. Con metas grandes y valiosas!

No dudo que en que eres la mejor opción. Tienes liderazgo, actitud, conocimiento, iniciativa propia y un corazón inmenso. Mi apoyo es para @cachetes-27. Éxitos!

02.05.2021 21:33

Here im my entry post as a country representative of Bangladesh -

29.04.2021 09:54

Hi thanks for this opportunity here is my submission for the Country Representative position for the Philippines Community

29.04.2021 10:43

I would love for u to participate here @churchangel our country's community no to get ginger

29.04.2021 12:17

Thank you for the invitation

30.04.2021 04:35

Here is my participation post for the new country representative of Sri Lanka.😊

29.04.2021 17:32

Excellent @sandu, You are a great user. I support you 100%

04.05.2021 17:15

Thank you @marcybetancourt for your kind words.

04.05.2021 20:59

Saludos muy interesante esto , creo hare mi participación para concursar por unirme a el grupo de representantes de mi pais venezuela, saludos pronto aqui mi participación!

29.04.2021 18:59

Hello @steemitblog here I leave my application to be a curator of the project a better life with steem I hope I can be part of the team, I remain attentive to your response

29.04.2021 20:49

Hello Stemit Team. I officially make my application as representative of my country by sharing the following link.


‘Why I would make a good Steem Country Representative for Venezuela? - by @saracampero

30.04.2021 00:52

Mujer luchadora y emprendedora, con un trabajo impecable.
Recomendada al 100%

30.04.2021 00:58

Excelente postulación @saracampero! Con tu vocación de apoyar a los demás, de incentivar siempre la creación de buen contenido, de ayudarnos a potenciar nuestras cuentas y de buscar el bien colectivo estoy segura de que serás la mejor representante para nuestro país! Mucho éxito y que Dios te bendiga siempre!🙂❤️

30.04.2021 01:02


30.04.2021 01:11

Excelente....cuenta con mi apoyo. Bendiciones

30.04.2021 01:14

Te apoyo cariño eres una mujer ejemplar aunque te conozco poco,pero en tus post te destacas muchisimo cuenta con todo mi apoyo exitos.💛

30.04.2021 01:40

Porque has demostrado tener ,todo lo que necesitamos para tenerte como representante.suerte

30.04.2021 02:11

Exitos @saracampero te lo mereces, excelente tu gestión. Éxitos

30.04.2021 02:38

Excelente postulación @saracampero, gracias por tu apoyo y buenos consejos.

30.04.2021 02:49

Merecedora de grandes cosas, mujer honorable y de vocación con un gran corazón. Millones de éxitos desde mi corazón. 🤍 Dios te bendiga.

30.04.2021 03:42

Felicitaciones por tú postulación @saracampero, siempre dispuesta a apoyarnos y a darnos consejos.

30.04.2021 03:51

Te mereces Éxitos y Bendiciones. Siempre apoyándonos. Explicándonos detalladamente para que podamos crecer en la plataforma. Gracias por tus excelentes recomendaciones. Serías una excelente representante de nuestro país Venezuela.

30.04.2021 04:18

@saracampero eres una mujer llena de Bendiciones. Serás una excelente representante de nuestro País Venezuela. Éxitos. Dios te Bendiga

30.04.2021 09:18

Excelentes trabajo que haz hecho dentro de la comunidad y fuera de gustaría que fueras seleccionada....sigue adelante

30.04.2021 16:41

Es un honor contar con una representante como tu que nos has brindado tanta asesoría y apoyo, seras de las mejores. Saludos.

30.04.2021 22:16

Te deseo el mayor de los éxitos, tienes todo para quedar seleccionada, suerte y bendiciones de lo alto para ti.

30.04.2021 22:37

Digna de representarnos @saracampero espero estés entre los nuevos representantes de nuestros país.
Muchos éxitos.💪✨ Voy a ti.🇻🇪 Saludos.🌺❤️

09.05.2021 03:00

Espero con muchas ansias el resultado de estas votaciones porque tengo mucha fé de que serás la nueva representante, tu gran trabajo y apoyo continuo tendrá su recompensa. Éxitos y bendiciones Sara bella, no dudo que tu trabajo seguirá siendo fenomenal💕

09.05.2021 03:19

Espero que seas una de las nuevas representantes, mucha suerte @saracampero

09.05.2021 03:46

Definitivamente ella es una persona justa, muy responsable y conversadora. No he conocido una persona más coordinada que ella, realmente pido que ella tenga el puesto porque se lo merece. Sabe trabajar, sabe premiar y dar consejos, no te dejan a un lado y siempre te motivan a mejorar, necesitamos gente como ella en la comunidad!

09.05.2021 04:36

Mujer de vocación, siempre atenta a quien requiere tu apoyo, infinitas bendiciones siempre, éxitos te mereces lo mejor. Dios te bendiga

09.05.2021 04:42

Apoyada 100% amiga @saracampero. Exitos para ti.

09.05.2021 07:26

Que tenga mucho éxito amiga @saracampero. Super que nos representes. Hay muchas cosas que nos han enseñado. Mucho éxito.💞🇻🇪💞

09.05.2021 10:44

Te apoyo.

09.05.2021 14:54

Mucha Suerte amiga @saracampero te mereces ser la representante.. yo te apoyo

10.05.2021 20:00

Hello Steemit team. This is my application as Country Representative in Venezuela.

(By the way, in Venezuela it is still April 29th, I hope I didn't apply too late! Thank you).

30.04.2021 02:45

Saludos equipo de @steemitblog, me alegra esta oportunidad que nos brindan como postulantes para Representantes de pais, ya que cada día steemit esta creciendo y por lo tanto el trabajo es mayor. Acá les comparto mis motivos para ser elegida, gracias...



30.04.2021 04:02

Venezuela crece rápidamente en la plataforma y confía que tú serás una excelente guía para los nuevos usuarios, tu trabajo en Steemit lo certifica.

30.04.2021 22:24

Tu rendimiento en poco tiempo y entrega con steemit te hace calificar muy bien para ser representante del país, eres perseverante y dedicada. Tu paseo por esta plataforma lo dice todo.

01.05.2021 03:23

Saludos amigo aqui dejo mi entrada para postularme como representante de mi pais #venezuela 🇻🇪🇻🇪

30.04.2021 04:31

Crecer es la meta. Así que gracias @steemitblog por proponernos ser partícipes del crecimiento de la plataforma. Juntos lograremos grandes proyectos. Con mucho gusto dejo acá mi postulación.


30.04.2021 07:24

Por tus cualidades de lectora, redactora y principalmente de emprendedora, sería un honor tenerte como representante de mi país. Éxitos.

30.04.2021 18:40

cuanta 100% con mi apoyo , ya que desde que inicie siempre has estado atenta a mi desempeño dentro de la plataforma y tus asesorías han sido de mucha ayuda.

30.04.2021 20:27

Me encantó tu post porque hace un recorrido a tu labor es Steemit como creadora de contenido. Tu aporte sería muy valioso.

30.04.2021 20:46

considero que te experiencia en la plataforma y tus disposición a siempre ayudar y asesorar son fundamentales para que seas una mas de nuestras representantes.

30.04.2021 22:13

Me encantaría verte como representante porque eres una excelente escritora y con buen criterio. Sabes proponer buenas dinámicas para la integración de las comunidades y de seguro sabrás darle guía a los nuevos usuarios.

30.04.2021 22:22

Tienes buenas ideas que ayudan al crecimiento de los usuarios y por ende a la plataforma. Considero que serías una dedicada representante de país.

01.05.2021 03:22

Te doy todo mi apoyo, tu has aportado bastante crecimiento a varias comunidades con tus dinámicas y retos, y estoy seguro de que si te eligen, seguirás aportando para hacer de steemit, la mejor de las mejores plataformas de blockchain. Saludos.

02.05.2021 23:27

Experiencia y eficiencia!! Con capacidades y habilidades para generar dinamismo. Y, además, con la magnífica disposición que tienes para asumir la representación de Venezuela, te apoyo 100%. Tu nombramiento sería muy valioso no solo para Venezuela sino para todas las comunidades.

04.05.2021 17:09

Hello @steemitblog,

As an experienced steemit user, the posting for the country representative of Bangladesh caught my interest. When reviewing the requirements, I found that my qualifications and personal characteristic align with the needs and mission. I am attaching my application post to be one of the next country representatives of Bangladesh below:

"My Application For Country Representative of Bangladesh"

Best Regards!!!


30.04.2021 17:46
30.04.2021 22:52

My application to be a Country Representative for the UK...

01.05.2021 00:55

Yakışır sana abi @e-r-k-a-n

01.05.2021 04:22

kendi kafasina göre takiliyor onu bilmemi :)

01.05.2021 09:45

evet aynen öyle :)

01.05.2021 09:47

Application for the position of country representative for I have just seecommunity

I hope that my application is not too late. Unfortunately, I have only just seen t-bootcamp (now reite active on Steem and have been running the German curator account @steem-bootcam (now renamed @steem-germany) for a few years. We have a Discord server where we meet and welcome new members and help them get started. I plan to start a major promotion for Steem in my Facebook groups which has over 200,000 members. For this purpose I have prepared a few things.

So that new members can then automatically create a new account, I have brought the dApp Steem Invite back online. So interested can automatically create a new account that also immediately includes a small delegation of with.
httpsthermore I am currently writing some FAQ, that neccounts-simply-claim-steem-invite-iss-back

Furthermore, I currently wrote some FAQ that new members know how to get along with Steem. The first post is about how to create a new account.

The second post is about how to personalize the new accunt-at-steem

m/hive-146118/@greece-locontact person for our small German spew-steem-account-to-personalize.

I think I wy take on alone but, coordingerman speaher German-spea Such a task I would not only take over alone but I would coordinate with other german speaking members.

I describe mysels, I am also in chargally minded person who works a lot in the charity sector. Among other things, I am in charge of a GeAll income frosociation that@nesomi will thereforially weaker people to have a free vacation. All proceeds from the account @nesomi therefore go directly into the project.

I wouldurator01 image.png if I would get a positive answer from Steemit inc. and its representative @steemcurator01.

01.05.2021 06:44


01.05.2021 07:44

@meins0815 denkt du hast ein Vote durch @investinthefutur verdient!
@meins0815 thinks you have earned a vote of @investinthefutur !

01.05.2021 07:46

@greece-lover for president

of the german community!!!!

01.05.2021 08:01

We will hope that we get the support from

LG Michael

01.05.2021 10:56

Todo mi apoyo a @cachetes- 27 a su corta edad tiene potencial de líder ..y tiene algo muy importante en su personalidad y es que tiene empatía con los que le rodean!..éxito!


04.05.2021 17:49

Hello I had gone over with the entries and I found that theres only one applicant from the Philippines, is it still possible to accept applicants considering that the announcement will still be about 4 days from now?

05.05.2021 15:11

Sorry it is too late this time.

09.05.2021 01:38

I understand, thank you very much!

09.05.2021 03:57

Dear Steemit Team,

recently I created the community Deutsch Unplugged, it should be a community for German written "quality content" mainly for users from the countries Austria, Germany, Switzerland in the long run. The community is well accepted, of course we don't have that many active users after just nearly three weeks. But we are growing!

I know that you have already noticed the new community since your steemcurator01 has already subscribed. At this point I would like to thank you very much for your support. It is great and motivates the users a lot to get involved. Thank you!

For the above reasons, I would NOT like to propose the community as a country-representing community yet. Maybe later - let's create something great first.

I just want to draw your attention here to our new community account, called


This account exclusively supports the announced community, all rewards will flow back to the community members via upvotes or contests. If you are interested, you can read the intention here.

I would like to ask you to follow @deutschunplugged to better observe the organization and structuring of our new community. All community matters will only be handled via this account because I, @chriddi, want to continue using my private account mainly for private blogging.

Best regards from Northern Germany,


06.05.2021 08:25

Hy I give you a vote please you also give me a vote thanks

09.05.2021 13:20

What's the gift of this to me although İam reading this post late☺️...

To be part of the team sounds good.

İ send my best wishes and support to the new Turkey representative friend from now.

And all the best to steemit team. That's a wonderful place for humanity.

What else is possible for steemit to grow more than Facebook ? Wouldn't bthat be great ? Everyone can earn while enjoying their own activities and hobbies 🙂

İ think some huge huge projects must come because steemit and all other people deserve it.

Millions hearts One Beat...


09.05.2021 19:45