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Booming Support for Communities - December

As we have already mentioned we will not be running the full Communities of the Month Support Program in December.

However we will continue with the @booming support for communities.

For December, 44 communities have been selected to receive daily votes from the @booming accounts.

Booming Support Communities

As before the @booming support will be available at two levels.

Tier 1 communities will receive 5 votes per day from the @booming accounts, and Tier 2 communities will receive 3 votes per day.


The Tier 1 communities for December are…

  • Business Activity
  • Colombia-Original
  • Comunidad Latina
  • Crypto.Kids
  • Draft Crearte
  • Italy
  • PromoSteem
  • Recreative Steem
  • Scouts
  • Stars of Steem
  • Steem Alive
  • Steem Bangladesh
  • Steem-BRU
  • Steem Cameroon
  • Steem Entrepreneurs
  • Steem for Better Life
  • SteemFoods
  • Steem Ghana
  • Steem Infinity Zone
  • SteemKids
  • Steem SEA
  • Steem Skillshare
  • Steem Sports
  • Steem-Travelers
  • Steem Venezuela
  • Steem Women Club
  • Steemit-Garden
  • Steemit Iron Chef
  • Steemit Pakistan
  • Steemit Philippines
  • Steemit-Türkiye
  • Visual Art
  • World of Xpilar
  • Writing & Reviews

The Tier 2 communities for December are…

  • Best of India
  • CampusConnect
  • Steem Baseball
  • Steem Family
  • Steem Japan
  • Steem Sri Lanka
  • Steemit Azerbaijan
  • Urdu Community
  • Venezolanos Steem
  • World of Football

We encourage community leaders, as far as possible, to select posts for @booming support that are #steemexclusive and participating in #club5050, #club75, or #club100.

Posts of people who are powering down should not be selected for @booming support.

If we find any communities are breaching the guidelines we may reduce or withdraw the support from the @booming accounts before the end of the month.

Please would a representative from any communities newly selected for @booming support leave their Telegram / Discord contact details in a comment below.

We will be reviewing our community support programs over the coming weeks to consider how we take them forward in the new year.

In the meantime, look out for another important announcement on @steemitblog in the next few days.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

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