1000 DAYS OF STEEM : The Communities Support Program


Communities will play an ever more important role in the future growth and diversity of Steem.

But we know they can benefit greatly from some support to help them flourish.

So as our second 'Spread the Love' experiment we are launching the Communities Support Program.

The Communities Support Program

We will be selecting a number of communities to join a trial for this Support Program.

As a starting point we will be able to support selected communities in three ways...

1. The Best of the Week Lists

Communities in the Support Program will be invited to publish each week a digest of up to 10 of the best posts to their community for the past 7 days.

Those posts selected in each digest will then receive a significant vote from either @steemcurator01 or @steemcurator02.

We will reserve the right not to vote on any of the posts in certain circumstances, particularly if they have used bid-bots or delegated voting services.

In addition to the votes on the selected posts we will also give a significant vote to the digest post if it is set to 'Power Up 100%' and posted through a general community account rather than through an individual's account. We hope through this to build up more voting power for the community.

2. Community Development Progress Reports

These will not be obligatory but the selected communities will be invited to publish monthly reports detailing how the Community has progressed in terms of content, activities and membership numbers. The reports might also outline plans for future growth and development, particularly in terms of recruiting new people to Steem.

Again if these posts are set to 'Power Up 100%' and issued from a general community account @steemcurator01 or 02 will give a substantial upvote to help build the voting power of the community.

3. Contest Vote Prizes

If the Community is running any open contests then we will be able to provide upvotes as prizes from @steemcurator01 or @steemcurator02.

The specific vote sizes will vary depending on the type of contest and the size of the community.

This support will generally be limited to one contest per week for each community.

Selecting the Communities for the Support Program

For the trial of this Program we are aiming to select seven communities to support.

We will consider both long established and more recently set up Steem based communities. Ideally they should be exclusive to Steem.

Our interest will mainly be in communities based around a specific topic or subject area - for example food, gardening, folk music, education, film, creative writing etc.

For the trial we will not be looking for geographic or language based communities.

Communities should ideally have at least two people involved in their administration and organization (as Admins or Mods). They should also ideally have a community specific account.

We will particularly be looking for communities with a clear vision, a plan for growth and development, and ideas for recruiting people to Steem.

This is another new experimental program so we will likely be tweaking and refining it as it develops.

We also welcome comments and suggestions from the general Steem community, particularly those involved in existing communities.

This is for communities operating on the blockchain with a hive-123456 type address - not for communities only operating offchain on Discord etc.

If you would like your Community to be considered for this new Support Program please post a comment below with brief details of your community.

Thank you,

The Steemit Team

Notes from the Community...

Weekly Food Contest

If you are keen on food check out @alikoc07's new weekly food contest. There is 40 STEEM to be won...

Biography Contest

After their successful first Netflix Review contest, @fendit and @belenguerra have followed up with a second contest in their new Writing and Reviews Community. This week the theme is Biographies....

Role Model Contest

@focusnow and @steemalive are asking people about role models in their latest contest. There is 60 STEEM in the prize pot for this one...



The rewards from this post go to support the work of @fundacorazon and @littledisciples both in Venezuela.

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That's great, I believe many people will come forward with new idea for communities support program. I'll also help to support this program along with @neerajkr03 and @sapwood

17.09.2020 05:51

Thanks @steemitblog for this awsome update and The steemit team really cares for all content creator and users
Comunity support program is such a great idea .

17.09.2020 05:52

@steemitblog. Thank you for this initiative. We are really happy that you acknowledge the role of communities to Steemit progress and development.

SteemAlive is a community set up to help this platform Achieve the 3R's - Recruit, Retain and Reward users. We have made small but steady progress in the close to 3 months of our existence. We have some of one of the highest subscribers-to-active users ratio. (299 subscribers, 90 active). Just as we promised in our introduction post, we have been running weekly contests to drive engagement and retention. We have an active recruitment program. And our training center in the City should start working in the next 10 days.

SteemAlive has been so active that it mentored and produced a Country representative @njiatanga, who also doubles as our admin. We hope to achieve even greater things with this proposed support.

We are applying for this opportunity and hope to get listed. We promise to utilize this and any opportunity to grow our community, Market Steemit and help us achieve our vision.

More detail about our mission and vision is found on our website:

17.09.2020 06:01

I would like to support @steemalive and this comment. The community @steemalive is an amazing community in terms of engagement and participation, it has one of the highest percentage of active subscribers who also post and comment that I have seen in our community. It also plays a very important role in our Steemit Community.

18.09.2020 00:23

Is sure a wonderful idea indeed i support it fulltime

17.09.2020 06:07

That's great news for every community right there.

I'm glad to announce that yesterday I made a "[Magical 500 Words](https://goldvoice.club/steem/@sahilgupta/65veqg-contest-s1w1-helping-hand-or-major-changes-in-rules-or-prize-pool-30-steem

17.09.2020 06:07

Хорошая идея. Это должно дать жизнь тематическим сообществам на Steem.

17.09.2020 06:28

Thank you @steemitblog for this initiative. It really shows that you have the interest of performing communities in mind. Truly, my community @steemalive has all it takes to be considered. It's weekly contest is next to non. It's recruitment, retention and rewards(The 3Rs) have been on the increase and it has achieved a lot. I am a living witness to the fact that at least, steemalive recruits 5 persons daily. Even though steemalive is relatively new in the steemit community, it has a good record of achieving the 3Rs.it has produced a country representative for Cameron in the person of @njiatanga. And together with Nigeria country representative @focusnow, they are solidly doubling there efforts as admins of steemalive. Please do consider steemalive for this wonderful opportunity. And you can make further enquiries about it to attest to their efforts at http://steemalive.com/. I am looking forward to your kind consideration.

17.09.2020 06:36

Hello @steemitblog, on behalf of @steemalive community. I really appreciate your initiative as steemit team, it has been helping a lot, @ steemalive is a community set to achieve its target on the area of Recruiting, Retaining and Rewarding users by creating some contest and as a form of encouraging engagements. Steemalive has been so active and with its motivation has been able to create so many active users here on steem.

I am an active member of this community and i pledge for steemalive to be among the list, with full assurance that it will produce more active steemians. Also to serve as an encouragement to achieve its goal. Thanks for your initiative.

17.09.2020 06:44

Great Idea! to support communities,


17.09.2020 07:00

😄 Que bueno, pues estaríamos super entusiasmados de hacer eso como la comunidad Stars of Steem que ya casi llegamos a los 200 suscriptores y mas de 110 activos en la comunidad. Aunque siempre hemos visto como el equipo de @steemitblog y los steemcurator han apoyado a las comunidades, esto es algo mucho mas directo y que genera un mayor compromiso.

Por supuesto que cualquier cuenta de comunidad debe estar configurada 100% steem power para el mismo crecimiento. Una gran oportunidad para que las comunidades crezcan mucho mas rápido! un Éxito definitivamente.

17.09.2020 07:07

I must say I'm thrilled at this great initiative. As an active member of a well known recently sprung up Community @steemalive I must bring my community to the brimlight.

@steemalive is just two months old and two weeks and it that time it had held over 10 contests weekly and has two active country representative who doubles as the admin and founder respectively.

We committed to achieving the 3Rs in the blockchain and I'm proud to announce that so far we have over 85% active new recruits who takes part in the diary game.

We have strong support from @steemcurator01 who do well to reward our contest posts and active participant of the diary game within the community.

I couldn't think of a better Community than steemalive who I've been a number one supporter and who even assisted in establishing such great Community.


17.09.2020 07:43

@stremitblog, I am so delighted seeing this contest.
I am a member of @steemalive community, and our main goal and focus is recruiting and retaining newbies to steemit and within a space of 3 months of our existence in steemit as a community, we have kept to our word, you can attest to that.
We have also kept to our word in hosting weekly contest to keep up in engagement and help our members in maintaining activeness on street.
Basically, my community which is @steemalive stands a chance and is qualified in being selected among the 7 communities for this contest.
@steemcurator01 and @steemiblog, this is my little piece and I know it will be considered.

17.09.2020 08:40

Thanks @steemitblog really this is an applaudable development. Am proudly a member of @steemalive community, is indeed a greatly unwaveringly and exceptional community, resolute to the apace development of steemit. We have the capacity in giving at least, the best if nominated for this great contest, in expansion growth and development of steemit blog. Our representatives in this regard are in an exceptional alignment to giving @steemitblog an uncompromising results from our community contest if nominated amongst the 7 community contestants. Thanks for your great concern.

17.09.2020 09:12

Actually we already have certain plans in place, some background work is going on. You can also check we have created a Bestofindia account to groom up local talents and reward then from Bestofindia account. In fact we the three CRs have been discussing on it to make it sustainable. I am very sure that is line with the objective of #the1000daysofsteem.

Thank you for this nice update.

17.09.2020 09:29

I think this is a great experiment Steemit Team. One that I'm very optimistic will come to stay.

This will particularly help the new communities that have great projects and contests lined up for the betterment of steem.

The problem is that many existing communities on steem barely favor new users as they use auto votes and bid bots to solicit votes. And for this, we thank you very much.

I would like to bring to your attention my contest aimed at encouraging africans to participate in as many contests as possible. Thank you.


17.09.2020 09:30

This is a great idea, a laudable one at that @steemitblog. I'd love to nominated @steemalive for a slot on this initiative.

@steemalive has been doing great since its debut in the steemit community. We have rose from a not fewer than 10 subscribers to almost 300 subscribers in this community. We host weekly contest that promote massive engagement on the blockchain. We have a two dedicated country representative, poised at pioneering steemit to the whole of Nigeria and the world at large and very dedicated members to drive excellence. I think we have all we need to make steemit a better place.

17.09.2020 09:35

@steemitblog this is a great opportunity to express ourselves. Thank you so much.

affable #cameroon

17.09.2020 09:41

This is really great update for everyone. There are lots of good commnities on steem that are active and engaging.

17.09.2020 10:23

Hi the Steemit Team,

The "world of xpilar" community


that was created by @xpilar few months ago is one of the most active community with variety of users from all over the world: Indonesia, Venezuela, Europe: Norway, Lithuania, Russia, UK and Germany, Brasilia.

The topics of users varies too: travel, writing, art, blogging, Steem promotion.

As you might noticed, this is only community that really used the Idea of T-Shirt with Steem Logo and the user @sultan-aceh himself with his friends made hundreds of them and spreading to the people in his area.

@xpilar is one of the best Steem Promotor, he is his Norwegian Team are delegating their own SP to new users to give them some initial support:


The community had Moderators who also been supported by @xpilar with Delegation and upvoting their posts. The

Moderators are checking daily posts and leaving comments and fighting abuse when it is seen plagiarism, stolen Identity, like @axeman:


We are proud of our community and the work that we are doing. Therefore, I would like to ask @steemitblog and the Steemit Team to support such initiative and such a great Steemian behind it @xpilar.

As always, sincerely, @stef1

17.09.2020 10:58

I would like to support @stef1 and this comment. The community @xpilar plays a very important role in our Steemit Art Community.

18.09.2020 00:20

This is great and I appreciate the effort of @steemit-team and communities like @steemAlive #thediarygame @cryptokannon for dedicateding there time on this platform #steem.

17.09.2020 11:03

Great idea to make communities grow the most!
Will start working on this ideas right away :)

17.09.2020 11:30

Greetings friend @steemitblog, this is really interesting and positive for the ecosystem of communities, we must support the growth of communities in terms of resources and participants, a community will not attract new participants if it is not able to value their publications with good rewards .

This is the way, and we must deepen the values of communication and support among all. I really like this strategy.

17.09.2020 13:20

Amazing and great news incoming almost every day for steem community on Steemit.
Spread the love initiative is a brilliant idea and launching this Communities Support Program another fresh experiment shall making the effort on buidling the community on steemit exciting and rewarding journey.
I would like to nominate our community @steemingcurators for this Communities Support Program.
This community has been catering on showcasing and supporting great quality content from all over the world through their participants in contest and challenges organize by the steem community, and we are now will stepping up our game to only support the community members under some strict conditions so we get to accumulate the community account @steemingcurators to 500KSP and beyond..
We buidl the community to buidl our steem, and only support those who bring value to the Steem Community and Steem Blockchain as a whole.
Everyone is welcome to the steemingcurators community

17.09.2020 13:53

I would like to support @cryptokannon and this comment. The community @steemingcurators plays a very important role in our Steemit Community.

18.09.2020 00:19

In behalf of the totally active Filipino people who are also on APPICS, I will motivate them too to participate in the contests coz it's kinda impossible for them already to keep up with thediarygame.

18.09.2020 16:28

Everyone is welcome...

Sounds great

18.09.2020 23:16


21.09.2020 13:56

With your support, the rewards of the weekly cooking contest have been increased 3 times! I will continue to work to reach more users. I believe that people who have talent in sports, art, drawing, food and other categories will be more active by sharing their publications in the future and we will take the steem platform further day by day. @steemitblog :)

17.09.2020 13:59


Equipo de Steemit

La comunidad STARS OF STEEM ☆☆☆☆☆

Estamos interesados en formar parte de esta iniciativa, vemos la oportunidad que nos ofrecen y de antemano agradecemos todo el apoyo que hasta ahora @steemitblog y los @steemcurators nos han brindado a la comunidad y sus integrantes, esta comunidad inicio en agosto del presente año 2020, la cual comenzó con el objetivo de promocionar Steemit e ir reclutando nuevos usuarios para promover el crecimiento de la blockchain de Steem, así mismo apoyar el contenido original y exclusivo para Steemit.

_Esperamos ser apoyados por esta iniciativa, somos estrellas para Steemit._

17.09.2020 15:20

I have a suggestion. These initiatives are good ideas for growing the platform but I feel like there is one really easy way to grow it, one that I would call the low hanging fruit, and thus far we are failing to use it. And that is getting Justin Sun to post his announcements and comments directly on Steemit.com first. And then past links to them on his Twitter account etc if also wants them to be seen there. It seems like it would be an easy way to direct a lot of traffic and users to Steemit.com and something that could really make the growth take off. Anyways, just my thoughts.

17.09.2020 15:37

Hi @steemitblog
I support this comment as an excellent idea. The publicity for Steemit would be great!

18.09.2020 00:25

Yep, it seems like a really easy way to potentially blow the doors off this place in terms of growth and users.

18.09.2020 15:36

That's a wise thought. He might not have the time, but an account manager can be given the mandate.

19.09.2020 15:08

We are working with some moderators to build a beautiful community. We have a long planning. We are always trying to keep our steem-bangladesh community clean. We are also running a fake user selection process. Hopefully we can prepare a better community. This is very important.

17.09.2020 18:01

It's an great initiative.I applaud your initiative. We are already working to build a better community. Very soon a declaration will come from steem-bangladesh id regarding our proper planning. We continue to try to keep users within certain rules and regulations. Hopefully we can prepare a beautiful community.

17.09.2020 18:04

como me gustaria que la comunidad latina participara. esta comunidad esta atravesando momentos un poco difíciles por problemas de conexión de internet y los post no son votados . sería interesante.

17.09.2020 19:00

Sorry To Post This Here But I'm Trying To Get An Answer For This Person

This was posted on blurt and after seeing it I am wondering how it is possible and should we all be worried about our accounts.

Can Someone Please Help Me With This?
pinkfuzz in help • 2 hours ago (edited)
Ok so I don't know if there is other people having trouble on Steemit, But suddenly all my post, comments and replies are gone and it says I have not posted anything. When I have posted over 5400 post. Also not showing up on Steempeak.

As you can see below everything is posting to steemd.com but not showing up on Steemit.

How is this even possible?
How do I get it fixed?
I am posting this here in hopes that someone can help me with this issue and to see if there are other people having this same problem. Since my post will not show up on Steemit I really have no other choice.

17.09.2020 21:47

There are some questions related to the post. ( Least priority Question/Not very much Important)

  1. about the best of week post, what it should depend on i mean some of the people focus on photography, some focus on quantity and some shows their Official work like ( office works ),Many make contests So, what things should be considered for the best post of the week ? i know it would sound weird but as you know people always says their post to be the best one.
  2. there are So many communities will you please increase the amount of selectable communities to More than 7 please ?
  3. Is there any delegation for the community based Account. It would be good if its possible ?

onepercent #pakistan

18.09.2020 02:38

Bangladesh Community. Yes, the Bangladesh community.

It’s not just the community. This is a family. Our goal is much bigger. We have a lot of planning to reach that goal. We will apply them gradually. We have 345 subscribers and 100+ active user in our community. Our team has Appointed 60 to 70 members. However, we have regular communication with 25-30 users on Discord and Facebook. We are working to increase their quality. Because I think it's more important to create 10 full quality users than 100 low quality members. Our team is working towards this goal.

We discuss the problems of almost every one of us every day. We look forward to your support in making many of our steps a reality.

We started working on a big project of 600 steem a few days ago. Our goal is to create content creators. We have already identified 12+ good quality users. Out of our 100+ users, at least 50+ users are moving forward to complete the quality. Even though our country is small, one day we will make steem the most popular in Bangladesh. We will show the world.

We have one more plan of our own. That is, we will support the users of my own country by making 25000+ power in each account of 6 user. I will invest 50,000 Bangladeshi Taka (BDT) in 3 days. I will increase my power through #spud4steem contest. We also want to enable our community id @steem-bangladesh account to voting support.

We can ask Steem's help to implement the plan to create a total of 150,000 power in the account of 6 people.

We have already found some singers, artists and content writers in our country. I found a short film-maker here. I will join him in the next few days. Something special is expected of them in the future.

Hope you keep an eye on our favorite steem bangladesh community. Thanks.

18.09.2020 03:02

Your ongoing contribution has been made me more active.
Thanks for connecting me on discord.
Your entrepreneurial decision on investment in BDT 50000 must be appreciated.
Your #spud4steem contest works well in increasing power up.
Put in me on progressive way

18.09.2020 08:10

Your contribution to our team is enormous. Especially the way you all are helping our newbies.

18.09.2020 09:40

I support the Bangladesh Community also as a very active recruiting, rewarding and networking community!

22.09.2020 23:28

Nice to hear that you support it

23.09.2020 04:43

Free Custom Logo for your business or instagram profile. contact now

18.09.2020 03:50

4 years of my posts disappeared, whats up?

18.09.2020 04:45

Steeming India due to no sponsors. We are actually planning to make this one of the interesting and big contests, but at the end, we have to cancel now due to no sponsors, we may make somehow the same in the middle of the IPL session.

@akkibadboy, he also a moderator in our community who is currently running the I LOVE INDIA contest from last month.

Community Vision:-

  1. Provide updated Steemit information to members.
  2. Guide new people.
  3. Support Everyone on Steemit.
  4. Positive mindset.
  5. Create a good contest to involve all steem users andake them visible/active on the Steemit t platform.

The community will never stop as we are now with the long vision and will try to make this community as of the best and active community.

Thank You,

18.09.2020 09:50

Dear @steemitblog

Another excellent initiative. Thanks @shortsegments for sharing info about it.

Just one question:
what is initial time-frame for this particular initiative?

Would you think that it will last only one month or longer than that?

Yours, Piotr
@project.hope founder

18.09.2020 12:13

In behalf of my fellow community members in the Philippines. We are under the Steemit SEA. I will encourage my team-members to continue doing well in #thediarygame. For now, I will ask my fellow Filipino people that I have in APPICS to also participate in some of the contests here. Thank you so much for this opportunity to make Steem Great again.

18.09.2020 16:25

great news, this promotes the development of communities in Steemit..!

18.09.2020 23:09

Communities are going to play a big Role. Currently and formerly there have been very few ways for people to find each other. They implemented Following each other early on, but not right away.

And since Steemit is technically a Reddit clone type website, groups are actually more like subreddits /r/ than they are like facebook groups. So now Steemit can function properly with the groups all being post incubators, and Trending page being like how Reddit's home page claims "front page of the internet". We are now all able to come together.

I recently made a Bots group, I made a Tokens group, a Prospectors (PGL) group, a Religious Marijuana group, and a Punic Wax Alchemy group. So now people can come to Steemit over the next 2, 5, 10 yeara and find a community to join about these things. And even if I am not on Steemit for a month, or a year, or even 2 or 5 years, the group can have a life of its own.

I posted about bots on my old Steemi account about 4 years ago, and I was happy to see it had been cited as the primary STEEM based resource explaining the Steemit bot environment. If we had groups then, we could have progressed much more by now and have a far more advanced bot community.

19.09.2020 04:30

This is a great initiative and would really go a long way to grow the various communities

19.09.2020 09:53

Nice move. We are all in it together. I appreciate @steemitblog for the effort.

19.09.2020 14:45

I've been posting diary games since the beginning. But I haven’t voted yet. I posted according to all the rules of the diary game and followed the rules. But I am very sorry that @steemcurator01 has not voted for me yet and has not visited my post. I kindly request @steemcurator01 to please vote on all my diary game posts

19.09.2020 16:06

This is amazing and great news. Our community is the fastest growing community, I hope you will check our community too. And the community is following all the rules, just we are discussing the general account for community now, on our WhatsApp group. Soon we will made, it and update via post. Thank you, @steemitblog for huge huge support and these types of contests etc.

19.09.2020 16:44

The Steemit Founders and Whales allowed Anarcho-Capitalists like this guy, and actually this guy himself, to take over their platform before. That is why I have been gone so long, and am hoping they have turned a new leaf.

19.09.2020 18:24

This is the official community account for Steem Pakistan

20.09.2020 06:38


I have a question, and I thought you all might know, and this seems like a good place to have this info.

I remember years ago, Steemit paid in like 24hrs or something really fast, there was only 1 trending page and a hot page, no following people. So it was hard to find people.

Then they did the switch, because this is like a Delegated Proof of Work Staking chain. And came together to make it like 7 days and 1 month on payouts, so 2x if new votes gather. Then they did the payout/daily posts. So if I post 2x it is divided between the 2 payouts added together. So if 1 post is $10 and one is $0, I get $5. Plus curator rewards, etc.

How much of that still applies?


What happens if I post in 2 groups? Or 1 group and my blog? Are rewards divided by posting to multiple communities?

21.09.2020 23:52
22.09.2020 01:47

Thank you very much @steemcurator01, and sorry for the late response. I agree with you in a matter of diversity coming from different communities. It's unbelievable how people start to write and to demonstrate interest, especially when the administrators value their work. We are living this with Writing & Reviews Community, and we are fascinated, because a lot of people are developing strategies to make their posts better and better, and we think this is important for the growth of #steemit.

It's the chance to really recognize the exclusive writing for the platform and the creativeness of the content.

It's also great what you suggest because sometimes the managers of the communities, we don't have enough strength to recognize the work of our subscribers, and your support represents a key here because if they realize how grateful we are with their job, they'll still working hard and participating in the communities. That's why the top 10 posts selected each week, are so important.

This, like a domino effect, has a positive impact on the #steemit platform

Thank you very much!

22.09.2020 03:58

Is anyone here still using this bot? The Reviews are good on Chrome, but the written part of the Review shows that it is not easy to figure out. I feel like I am missing something, but it could be broken.

22.09.2020 04:10

@steemit-pak is the official community account of STEEMIT PAKISTAN.

Steem On!

25.09.2020 23:32

If there are any spaces left, would like to get this community incubated. So people can do like book reports and movie reviews.

26.09.2020 07:51

@punicwax we already have a community for that here https://steemit.com/trending/hive-111825 2 lovely ladies our Country Reps from Argentina managing it 😊

26.09.2020 10:06

Ok, ours is for TV and Movies and stuff too. Not just writing.

26.09.2020 20:16

I think this community doing that too but let me confirm first @fendit @belenguerra does the community writing and review that you both running also accept review of things/stuff too beside tv/movies/book reviews?

26.09.2020 23:01

Hello @cryptokannon! Yes, exactly. @punicwax, Writing & Reviews Community is both for writings of any nature; and TV, films, and books reviews. Actually, this week we are running the REVIEWS CONTEST.

Thanks a lot @cryptokannon!

26.09.2020 23:08

Thanks for the prompt reply 🤗

26.09.2020 23:14

You are welcome!! 🌻🌻

26.09.2020 23:16

Yes, we do accept reviews from anything. We already have reviews of series, movies, games, bands... it’s not just related to book reviews!

26.09.2020 23:09

Thanks for the prompt and precise reply 🤗

26.09.2020 23:14

No, not like products. It is just for Books, Movies and Media. So Visual Art, or TV shows, or other things like that. Maybe YouTube.

I was thinking like people could write about their Favorite TV shows as they happen, maybe Debates or events on the news and YouTube, and then like point out things in movies or ask questions.

Just as an example, movies like Predestination, Fight Club, and 400 Days leave you with lots of questions. So people like to write about those Movies and say what they think it all means, or ask others.

Then also like Music and Lyrics.

26.09.2020 23:29

This is the Birthdays and Memorial Community on Steemit

Eventually I want to have a Horoscope Bot in the group, and everyone can earn STEEM on their Birthday.

26.09.2020 20:11

Anyone who wants to use the communities page, here is the link

27.09.2020 04:45

Just btw, I have 10 years of online content made by me, so I am going to fill up the 50 groups I am making to get everyone started. And I am bringing people to Steemit to. I was just offering groups here because it was prompted. But the groups will all operate on their own. Just mentioning this because I don't want you all thinking I am trying to make you be part of it, I was just responding to the #1000daysofsteem


30.09.2020 03:13

10 days ago I founded the SteemFoods Community, which supports Food and Cooking content. I have been cooking at home for a long time and have experience in food + cooking. I was actively participating in their diary game on the Steemit platform and saw many of my friends in their diaries talking about the meals they prepared during the day. Then I started the SteemFoods Community with the support of -steemcurator01. Two days ago I set up @steemitfoods, the SteemFoods Community's Offical Steemit account. I will share the announcements, results of the award-winning food contests and many developments such as weekly community reports to @steemitfoods account. I shared the previous announcements on my personal account. I want to be one of the communities to be selected for the Community Support Program and this is my application comment. We reached 189 participants in a short period of 10 days. If we become one of the communities chosen in this program, you will see that we will develop more and the number of our participants will increase rapidly. I continue my studies in a selfless and good way.

SteemFoods Community: https://steemit.com/trending/hive-148497

Best Regards ....

10 days ago I founded the SteemFoods Community, which supports Food and Cooking content. I have been cooking at home for a long time and have experience in food + cooking. I was actively participating in their diary game on the Steemit platform and saw many of my friends in their diaries talking about the meals they prepared during the day. Then I started the SteemFoods Community with the support of @ steemcurator01. Two days ago I set up @ steemitfoods, the SteemFoods Community's Offical Steemit account. I will share the announcements, results of the award-winning food contests and many developments such as weekly community reports to @steemitfoods account. I shared the previous announcements on my personal account. I want to be one of the communities to be selected for the Community Support Program and this is my application comment. We reached 189 participants in a short period of 10 days. If we become one of the communities chosen in this program, you will see that we will develop more and the number of our participants will increase rapidly. I continue my studies in a selfless and good way.

SteemFoods Community: https://steemit.com/trending/hive-148497

Best Regards ....

When will the application results be announced with the 7 Communities to be selected and what else can I do in addition? Thanks. @steemcurator01 and @steemitblog

30.09.2020 18:59

Hello @steemitblog,

I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but let me just air my mind.

Now speaking of communities, i have been thinking to come up with a community called "STEEM DANCE FLOOR". Following almost all the same roles like steemformusic but this time, its going to be dancing rather than doing music or singing.

As we all know, dancing involves the body, emotion and mind: it is both a physical activity and a means of expression and communication.

While such competitions will be entertaining to viewers, it will at the same time be very beneficial to participants because dancing can be a way to stay fit for people of all ages, shapes and sizes. It has a wide range of physical and mental benefits including:

  • improved condition of your heart and lungs
  • weight management
  • increased muscular strength, endurance and motor fitness, etc..

Now considering the fact that i am not yet at that capacity to reward participants, so i decided share this with you.



03.10.2020 00:34

Btw, just a tip for everyone reading.

3 STEEM to create a Community, which is about $0.45 right now. When STEEM is $1.00 each, that will be $3.00, so it will get more expensive to start a community as Steemit grows back.

03.10.2020 22:37