1000 DAYS OF STEEM : A Better Life with Steem - new Content and Curation Project


In a couple of days Season 2 of The Diary Games draws to a close.

What comes next is the big question?

We have given a few musical teasers, and announced some new programs like The Country Culture Challenge and The Communities Support Program.

Now we are ready to announce our next major project. And this time it has a twist !

Improving the Lives of You and Your Family

We really have enjoyed reading the Diary Game posts and learning about so many people's lives all around the world.

But we realize the daily diary posts have been somewhat restrictive in not giving people the freedom to write about all their passions and interests as much as they would like to.

People are working hard, in so many different ways, to make a better life for themselves and their families.

We want to hear about this. And we want to help you.

So today we are announcing a new project...

A Better Life with Steem

This is not a game or a challenge, but rather an invitation to tell us about the positive things you are doing to improve your own life, your family's, your community and the planet.

We are inviting you to write under these seven themes...

  • Acts of Kindness [ #actsofkindness ]
    This could include volunteering with a charity, cooking for an elderly neighbor, helping a local youth club, giving a home to a stray dog...
  • Planet Positives [ #planetpositives ]
    This could include planting trees, recycling bottles, installing a photovoltaic system, cleaning a local river...
  • Grow Your Own [ #growyourown ]
    This could include growing your own food in a window box, a backyard, a garden or even a farm. And it might also be about raising chickens, ducks, pigs or any other animals for food...
  • Crafty Content [ #craftycontent ]
    This could include any sorts of craft from knitting and crochet, to woodwork and metalwork. Or maybe jewelry making, or pottery...
  • Crypto and Me [ #cryptoandme ]
    This could include how you are using cryptocurrencies to help improve your life. Which cryptos you use, and how you use them, for trading, or for transactions or payments. Your favorite exchanges...
  • Mind, Body and Spirit [ #mindbodyspirit ]
    This could include what you do to look after the health and wellbeing of you and your family, including natural remedies, fitness training, yoga, meditation...
  • Learn With Steem [ #learnwithsteem ]
    This could include any skills you are learning, or courses you are taking. Or it might include teaching or training you are giving to others...

You might be interested in just one of the themes, or you might have something to say on all of them.

Posts can be made as often as you want, although no more than once per day for each theme.

Like the Diary Game the posts must be about your real life and your own personal activities.

You can write as regularly, or as rarely as you want. You might want to write just once, or you might want to post a weekly update. Or even more frequently !

If you want to join in with 'A Better Life with Steem' all you have to do is make a post under any of the seven themes.

You can post any time, and in any language.

The posts can be of any length and with any number of images - although they must be ideally your own, or from cited free-to-use sources.

Posts should include the tags #betterlife , #chosentheme (for example #craftycontent) and #countryname (for example #india). These should all be in the first five tags. #the1000daysofsteem should not be included.

A Better Life with Steem is starting now, and is ongoing and open-ended.

Unlike the Diary Game there is no fixed start and finish date. You can begin when you want and keep going as long as you like.

The Rewards #1 - The @steemcurator Accounts

Posts may be rewarded in two ways in this program.

Firstly some posts will get votes directly from the @steemcurator's.

@steemcurator01 (10M SP) will reward a number of good posts each day through scanning the seven Better Life tags listed above.

@steemcurator02 (4M SP) will again be focusing on posts set to 100% Power Up to give extra votes.

And the regional @steemcurator accounts and Country Representatives will be invited to also vote on 'A Better Life with Steem' posts through their usual curation processes.

Please note - there will be no guarantee that your posts will be voted on by any of the @steemcurator accounts. Produce good content, network, comment and be visible to increase your chance of getting a vote.

The Rewards #2 - The Better Life Curators

Having learnt from the scaling issues of The Diary Game, for this program we are going to experiment with a whole team of Better Life Community Curators.

Depending on numbers of posts, and languages, we will be appointing one or more Better Life Curators for each of the seven themes.

Their job will be to search through all the posts in their particular theme and produce a weekly digest of their top 10 selected posts for @steemcurator01 or @steemcurator02 to vote on.

This way at least 70 additional Better Life posts will receive votes from @steemcurator01 or @steemcurator02 each week.

The curators will be rewarded with a vote on their digest post.

The vote sizes for the curators and the curated posts will be determined once we have a feel for the numbers involved.

How to become a Better Life Curator

There isn't going to be any one-off selection process for the Better Life Curators.

Rather it will be an ongoing and growing recruitment process.

Anyone interested in becoming a curator is invited, once the posts start flowing, to produce sample digest posts.

They should chose one of the seven themes they are most interested in, start reading and then make a weekly digest post with their 10 selected best posts, with a short reason why each has been picked.

We will be looking out for these sample digest posts and when we find a particularly good one the curator will be invited to become an 'official' Better Life Curator.

Once we have sufficient curators in any of the seven categories we will announce that, and interested curators can continue to produce sample digests in the other categories if they want to.

We hope you will find the 'A Better Life with Steem' project interesting to contribute to.

With the new way of rewarding through the Better Life Curators this will be an experiment in scalability and community involvement.

We hope it will also begin to make people more comfortable in having a role as a curator rather than feeling that the only way they can be part of the community is by being an original content creator. That doesn't suit everyone.

If we can develop a wider range of roles like this then everyone can find 'A Better Life with Steem'...

Thank you,

The Steemit Team

Notes from the Community...

Steem Power Up Day - October 1st

Organizer @kiwiscanfly has posted a reminder about the forthcoming SPUD event on October 1st.

The prizes on offer this month are even more impressive...

World Of Culture Contest

Ghana Country Rep @oppongk has opened his World of Culture Contest to Steemians from around the world.

There is a prize pot of 150 STEEM to be won...

Photography Contest

@Art-Venture and @stef1 have launched another photography contest, supported by World of Xpilar.

The theme for this contest is 'Two : Twings' and there is a prize pot of 190 STEEM on offer...

Contests, Contests, Contests

Contests are blossoming on Steem.

@rishabh99946 is doing a great job maintaining a list of all the current contests around the blockchain.

If you know of any contests not on his list, add a comment to his latest post...



The rewards from this post go to support the work of @fundacorazon and @littledisciples both in Venezuela.

Comments 93

I love all of it that your team presenting to the community on Steemit. Thank you for being awesome! 🥰🤗

23.09.2020 06:01

This is really a very interesting project.I will wait for this project.I will always be steadfast in implementing your project.Thank you for informing me about the new project.

23.09.2020 06:07

I'm particularly happy about this new project. There a lot of charitable contributions I make while at home and I'm thrilled to share with the steemit blockchain.


23.09.2020 06:31

Hi the Steemit Team,

Thank you for this variety of projects that you are working on for Steemians.

I am really glad to see how many areas of subjects are going to be covered, that will give an opportunity to everyone to create something in the field he likes.

I agree with you that sometimes we do posts only when we have time or mood and that could be on any of those topics. The tags will hopefully allow the Steemians to sort out their posts appropriately.

I am pretty sure there will be many candidates for being Better Life's Curators :)

Thank you for giving our contest an advertisement.
Cheers, @stef1

23.09.2020 06:33

Thanks fof giving us awsome opportunities. Hope I will join these contests very soon

23.09.2020 06:49

We are going to see good creative activities. Many talents will be revealed this time.

Thanks Steemit Team

23.09.2020 06:53

The diary is about to end. What is your plan for those who didn't got upvotes from @steemcurator01 from long time.
Want attention of @steemitblog and @steemcurator01

23.09.2020 06:54

What about the development of Steem???

23.09.2020 07:06

it’s nice project. I well join this contest very soon

23.09.2020 07:22

Hi, The Steemit Team!

I am really impressed about these modalities put in place. Really it sounds great to get everybody involved since steem is for all. Yes, some people were not involve in the diary game, especially those who do not want to disclose or publicize their themselves, so they ceased to write. This is opportunity for all of us to get involved with these range of field or areas to share. I must say that the offer is great to open to everybody to share his or her steem life. I really also love the idea of curation and I would be happy to join the curating team of some of these areas. Thanks a lot for this great project!!!

23.09.2020 07:23

'A better lofe with steem' is going to be a wonderful initiative. It is such a good twist brought up by you thorugh which we would be able to gather all the passionate activities going around the world.
Volunteering in such a great initiatuve would be great and many would already be wishing to get selected. Ready to follow the circumstances and participate in this wonderful initiative.
Haidermehdi :)

onepercent #pakistan #affable

23.09.2020 07:28

Awesome idea and intiatives.

Now it looks broad and diverse and will cover a wide array of public interests and pasion.

Steem on.

23.09.2020 07:41

This is very interesting . Here everyone will get the chance to write according to his or her own interests.

I'm gonna take part in this 😍

23.09.2020 07:47

Thanks for the opportunity steemit team.

I would love to write about gardening and fitness.

I also created a community where everyone can share their life experiences. I think the above topics would help me to grow my community. Thanks for this.

I will organise weekly contests on those topics to encourage steemians to write even more.

23.09.2020 08:01

A Better Life with Steem is a very interesting topic, especially as it has arrays of topics to choose from and at a pace determined by the writer. I will participate in any of the topics. Thank you steemiblog for always having our interests at heart.

23.09.2020 08:02

Very nice initiative. I would love to join. Thank you for this event.

23.09.2020 08:10

Good project.

I have been working from the beginning. I will do it for 1000 days. I trade in gold. Because of coronavirus, there is no income in business. I joined steemit like my niece said. I give 1-2 hours per day at work steemit. Because to earn a little from here. As if it is useful for my family. When I ask my niece, she doesn't say anything. You don't see my post either. If you could help a little. Then my family would benefit.

I can do beautiful art. I will work on art when the diary game is over. But I need your support a little. I am using 100% power up and google location code. I can't get support either. What's worse is my post. Please take a look at my posts.

@steemitblog @steemcurator01

23.09.2020 08:12

waow, amazing am so happy with this update from @steemitblog. This is a time for me to show case my speciality

I will love to curate post with the theme #growyourown if you check my diaries you will see my poultry, my farm and stuffs i grow.

I think am more comfortable in this spec.
I look forward to make a demo digest post

Thank you

23.09.2020 08:26

Amazing. Wow.. I will definitely i will definitely partake on all the seven themes. I love creating content.

23.09.2020 08:48

❤️ I fell in love 🌹💯, again you have surprised me, this is something really surprising and wonderful. And if that were not enough, it is or is only part of what is coming! 🎉It really is a nice opportunity to support so many people to continue to grow and maintain their enthusiasm at Steem. THE BEST IS YET TO COME

Voted, re-estimated and kept in the heart! 🤗

23.09.2020 08:51

Again a terrific initiative, "A Better Life with Steem" project is providing everyone an opportunity to share something that you are positively contributing/doing in different ways.

I could see, #learnwithsteem, #mindbodyspirit, #cryptoandme, #actsofkindess themes are for me and would really want to do something related to other themes as well.

Thank you!

23.09.2020 08:57

Thanks for giving us awsome opportunities. People will like these projects more. Planet Positives and Grow Your Own, I like this project. Because I already work on these two projects.

23.09.2020 09:00

A Better Life with Steem

❤️❤️Oh this is something I love to write about!!!! I am looking forward to write!

23.09.2020 09:07

The Better Life with Steem Project is a great initiative and a great way to learn of more about the lives of steemians and what passions we may be into and how we are impacting the world, thanks for this great opportunity.

23.09.2020 09:10

This is interesting with so many opportunities to offer. The growth pattern of steemAlive is growing at a very fast rate and it's so awesome. I can't wait to participate in these contests

23.09.2020 09:14

Amazing news !!! I am sure the better life with steem will flourish and bear fruit faster than anticipated. This is because it doesn't just cover most of our daily activities we've been doing already, but also has a good number of themes centered on bringing positive change into society. I'm sure it will bring out the best in us whiles and possibly earn some steem whiles at it.

Thank you steemit team.

23.09.2020 09:26

Yes that's a very good point. This will help us explore the world more :)
All thanks to the steemit team :)

onepercent #pakistan

23.09.2020 09:42

Simply genius. Great job!

23.09.2020 09:28

Lots of good thinking. Hopefully it will be more enjoyable than the diary game. The creation of man will be more revealed. We can learn something new.

I have posted 47 diary games so far. I participated in all the contests in my community and participated in contacts in foreign countries. But I am not getting any support from @steemcurator01. Yet I am willing to work on steem. If you get support, your interest in working will be doubled.
Thank you

23.09.2020 09:58

The Better Life with Steam project is a great initiative and a great way to learn more about the lives of steamers and what emotions we can have and how we are influencing the world, thanks for this great opportunity. I want all the contacts of the scheme to be able to participate, share their talents and inspire others as well as promote Steam. We are not getting much support from how we are. We hope to get support in the future. Will help to gain knowledge.

23.09.2020 10:17

Great!!! I would like to be a better life curator in #learnwithsteem , #mindbodyspirit




23.09.2020 10:25

I really have missed a lot of this amazing contests and themes , I got frustrated cuz I havn't capture any attention , I have many things to write about, but without encouragement I got dissappointed,
but now f##K the money am gonna just speaking my mind without expecting anything in return
glad to be back and I will never leave this incredible community again

23.09.2020 10:35

This "Better life with Steem" idea you came up with is simply great! There will be so much quality content out there!! Can't wait to participate!! :)

@belenguerra mira, lo que hablabamos ayer!!!! Jajaja Ahora no hay excusas, se va a poner interesante!

23.09.2020 11:24

Siiii!! Ahora voy a escribir sobre Ganesha jajaja

23.09.2020 13:25

Esta es nuestra oportunidad para los comentarios subversivos y disruptivos!!! Jajjaajajaja

23.09.2020 13:29

Jajajajajaja seee

23.09.2020 14:03

i love you

26.09.2020 19:49

i love you

26.09.2020 19:48

Hello @steemitblog.

I think it's a good strategy to expand the content alternatives, as well as to add value to the role of curator, sounds very interesting this new programming that is put into practice.

I wish all the success for it.

Next, allow me to leave my link to the channel so that you can join in knowing or discussing this week's topic, which is "Markdown Code".


The more members know about this tool, we will be able to see more organized and striking publications.


23.09.2020 11:24

Crypto and Me [ #cryptoandme ]

I am Abdul Basit @abdt, this is my actual favorite field, and I want to be curator for this category. I will also make some posts in this category, and I will see if I can write in any of other.
I hope @steemitblog you give me a chance to find and read quality contents on my favorite field. I will do this as my passion not as job.

23.09.2020 12:20

Hello, @steemitblog!! I'm so happy!! First of all... reading the word "yoga", makes me draw a big smile on my face!!

I love this idea!! All the topics are great, it will show an enormous improvement in the posts because as you mentioned, reading the diary every day, it's pretty easy to see how many people are that have so many things to share with all of s, and to teach!!

I can't wait to read them and to write as well!! It's very exciting.

What a great initiative!!

23.09.2020 13:24

A Better Life with steem

Great Project. An awsome opportunity to convert all my thoughts and expectations into Reality ...

♥Thanks to The Steemit Team

23.09.2020 14:02

Great idea.

I've been posting since the beginning. My first post was a little bad. I am constantly trying to improve the quality of my post. I don't know how successful. I have been I have posted diary games every day from the beginning till now But @steemcurator01 never voted for my post. I will work with you for 1000 days Support me a little. @steemcurator01

23.09.2020 14:17

Wow this is something interesting and I hope to participate with this great contest. Thank you for organizing this ❤️

23.09.2020 15:10

Good to see steemit team giving out contests daily.

The 7 themes would surely help authors to give most out of them, There are many teachers here who are teaching similarly there are steemitians who are learning from here on different subjects even when we see Crypto currency we cannot neglect that we have teachers here of cryptoWorld aswell.

there are Fitness Enthusiast here as well who promote there daily fitness activities on steemit and also motivates others.

The best of the theme in my opinion is ACTofKindness this will surely promote peaceful,lovely atmosphere through steemit.

Keep it Up @steemitblog waiting for your next post 😍

23.09.2020 15:27

We hope that the 'A Better Life with Steem' project will be very interesting and varied for us. I think it will be easy to handle the issues, because we know how to contribute with our neighbors. Venezuelans are always helping our neighbors.

Esperamos que el proyecto 'A Better Life with Steem' nos va a resultar muy interesante y variado. Creo que será fácil de manejar los temas, porque sabemos contribuir con nuestros projimos. Los venezolanos siempre estamos ayudando a nuestros vecinos. @steemitblog

23.09.2020 15:34

Muy buenos anuncios ♥️, que nos motivan a continuar creando contenido bello.

23.09.2020 16:12

Hello @steemcurator01,
Sir, I have been posting and commenting regularly. I have been posting on diary game since September 1. I haven't received any support from @steemcurator01 since the start of the second season break. I have requested you many times to visit my Account. But it did not work. I am specially requesting you to please visit my Account. Your support will increase my will power.
Thank you @steemcurator01 sir.

23.09.2020 16:47

A Better Life with Steem

This is the best thinking. May be someones better works will encourage the other one to do the same in his life. It can be anything. Suppose someone does blood donating just share it with us. How you feel after doing it? How was the feeling? Maybe others will be inspired to do it. This way #steem can spread positive energy.

23.09.2020 17:23

Esto esta demasiado bueno. aquí estaré en una dinamica total.

23.09.2020 17:27

More posts will keep coming with this awesome idea. Nice strategy.

23.09.2020 18:17

These 7 themes are really cool. In this way, there was no community or curation account to support those who wrote in different concepts on the steemit. After the Diary game is over, I am sure that everyone will choose the theme they want and prepare articles with quality and original content. I will write my first post with the theme #cryptoandme. :) Alongside these 7 themes, the #steemfoods tag can be added to the food and cooking concept articles we have created with your support. In this way, we can reach people who are interested in the concept of food and cooking faster. At the same time, I can curate the articles prepared with these #steemfoods in the best way. @steemitblog and @steemcurator01

What do you think about adding #steemfoods tags to themes?

Best regards...

23.09.2020 18:28

Hello, #steemitblog sorry to say that... I,m start my diary post 15-08-2020 till now i post regularly . there I have not any upvote or support for @steemcurator01. 33 post that i haven,t any upvote. Please what can i do for getting upvote from @steemcurator01 I will do it. Because only 2 day we have..beacuse the diary game season 2 was over...please see my profile...

23.09.2020 19:26

Great initiative @steemitblog, the rules are not so difficult i believe this will give every steemian a balance on steem. Thanks for the idea

23.09.2020 20:52

all these new projects are perfect, I think they will have massive participation

23.09.2020 21:05

Hola como están, es una muy buena iniciativa y me encanta ese nuevo proyecto

23.09.2020 21:26

esperemos que este nuevo proyecto 'A Better Life with Steem' sea muy motivador para todos, aunque muy buenos los temas para realizar y desarrollarlos ..

23.09.2020 21:45

1 A Better Life with Steem is an excellent idea, they are very varied topics, there is something for all tastes ... It is a good project!

23.09.2020 22:25

Without a doubt, they continue to be excellent initiatives, with the variety of categories necessary for the entire community to publish on their topics of interest ... We continue to work on these initiatives, there will be a lot of material to share. .. Greetings, team! This is excellent news!

23.09.2020 23:32

Excelente propuesta Equipo, se que cambiara y motivara a muchos.
❤Desde ya desempolvare mi agujas de tejer. ❤

23.09.2020 23:51

Waooh interesting. Congratulations and more grace too you.

24.09.2020 00:51

Interesting initiation. More options are opened to develop our publications more freely. success.

24.09.2020 01:17

Excelente la propuesta que trae The Steemit Team bastante emocionante e interesante esta propuesta espero poder dentro de poco estar aspirando a ser un The Better Life Curators, aunque confiezo que me gusta mucho la idea de creador de contenido con todas las 7 opciones que nos presentan, esperemos que sea un exito toal este nuevo proyecto.

24.09.2020 02:06

Круто! Это отличная идея, думаю, что каждый автор найдет для себя понравившуюся тему и свободно будет принимать участие. Если нет ограничений во времени, это прекрасно!

24.09.2020 04:10

This is quite interesting. I'll be interested in this. Sometimes, it can be boring to just write out how your day went as in #TheDiaryGame. The themes are awesome and worth participating. I have a lot of related posts to make as my life has been revolving around crypto in the past three years since I discovered steem.

24.09.2020 04:59

I am new to steemit , but with this great project that wants to be in practice it gives me a better insight that there is more future for #steemt
What a great project to expand the content alternative and interesting to put in practice to enable one become a better life curator.
Will need @steemit, @steemitcurator and everyone to show me some love and welcome by just upvote my post , comment and follow me to make me the best in steemit.
@Betterlife, @Craftycontent,@cryptokannon,@Fendit,@stef1,@belenguerra

24.09.2020 07:11

Excelente iniciativa, esta sera una motivación no solo para crear contenido sino tambien para ser mejores seres humanos con todos los que nos rodean. Gracias por el anuncio!

Saludos y bendiciones!!

24.09.2020 11:52

If you don't mind @steemcurator01 You have not seen my posts. I joined here on 10/08/2020. But I always posted according to all the rules, but did not vote @steemcurator01 for my post. And there are only two days left until the end of this session. Please see my posts @steemcurator01 . I have not received any support from you so far.
Pleses see my post @rasel72



24.09.2020 11:57

Hello @steemcurator01.
I haven’t even received a single vote in the diary game so far. I don't have much money to buy poor internet. I run the account with great difficulty. I will not be able to run the account without your support.

24.09.2020 12:58

Here's my entry for the Better life project.

Learn with steem


24.09.2020 13:54

50 posts have been written for the diary game but no comments or no votes have been read yet. What should I do now?

24.09.2020 15:15

Wuaoo me encanta saber y ver que despues del reto que tenemos con the diary game, se vienen nuevas iniciativas y esta vez poniendo en práctica todo aquel talento que llevamos dentro.

Además de aquella bondad que tenemos y que podemos brindar a los demás.

Excelente esta nueva iniciativa, espero que sean muchos los espectadores.

Felicidades a todos los curadores por cada ayuda y emprendimiento que nos brindan para crecer cada dia mas.

A @steemit y @steemitblog por mantenernos atentos con cada reto y desafío para cumplir.

24.09.2020 16:00

This is beautiful @steemitblog, more incredible compare to the previous diary game, because it's more diversified and accommodating in different professional outlook and opinions, this will definitely give a boost to the steemit blog. Am happy for this enthusiastic innovation and more organized panning, it is really a welcome development at least by 99.9% of the steemians. Credit to all the visionary and great thinkers in this community, thanks.

24.09.2020 20:03

Los felicito, se nota el gran trabajo que están haciendo para estar al día con Steemit, planeando nuevos proyectos para motivarnos a seguir participando al finalizar el juego del diario, muchas gracias por siempre pensar en nosotros y proponer esos interesantes temas dónde podremos contar cosas positivas que hacemos para mejorar nuestras calidad de vida, y la de nuestro entorno social.

24.09.2020 20:17

If I wanted to join your curator group, what tag should I use to do my weekly report?

I was a curator and owner of a community on whaleshares and another platform, but for financial reasons I decided to end the community.

And I'm curious about your new project!

24.09.2020 23:16

One of the easiest and funniest ways to participate in activities at Steemit is writing a diary. We all do something during the day, so it's good to describe what we do. The themes in the Betterlife project are great, adding an extra # steemfoods to these themes might be good. In this way, writers interested in food and cooking can increase participation and the SteemFoods community can reach more people. I can help with the curation of the articles prepared with the #steemfoods tag.

What do you think of the addition of # steemfoods to the themes in the BetterLife Project? @steemitblog and @steemcurator01

Best regards. :)

25.09.2020 09:19

This style of post is good, like a Directory.

Just as an example, people could start making Directories of groups. They could be every existing group or the Author's selection.

Then in 2 months, there are 5,000 new groups and new Directories needed.

In a year, even more. Etc, etc, etc. In a year URLs for these Directories could be made into Directories of Directories.

And it can just continue and continue with Communities being networked together by existing in Directories made by users, collected by other users.

This can be done with everything that has many URLs on Steemit. Even Directories of People.

25.09.2020 10:01

Hi @steemitblog ..
You are doing a great job for the entire management and @steemcurator01 also.
Day by day you all making the site more colorful and joyful.. I'm enjoying the activities of different communities..
Wish you all the best for the entire management system .

25.09.2020 11:04

Hi, this is an amazing idea! Don't know who came up with the hashtags but give that person a raise PLEASE! Really good initiative and are very keen to support in all the ways we can! KR

25.09.2020 12:14

@steemitblog, I have one question. For example, I like to cook, this is the category of cooking;). And when writing about cooking, which tag should you use from all these categories? It's like a hobby to cook and a necessity;) almost every day;). Cooking under the craftycontent tag can be attributed? The same question arose in my mind about photographs. After all, this is also a hobby for many, like cooking.
Thanks in advance for your reply!

27.09.2020 10:04

I think it is defnitely gonna make our lives better with steem as diverse themes to write on, are defnitely gonna accomodate enormous number of steemians especially newbies like me who find it diffcult otherwise to keep going.

29.09.2020 07:32

Steem telah menjadi bagian hidup saya selama beberapa tahun terakhir ini. Semoga harga Steem akan kembali meroket. Steem to the moon.

29.09.2020 14:51

I have a question, where should I post "the diary game" and "a better life with steemit"? On my personal blog? or in a specific community? I want to do it but I have that question, please, if you could answer me, I would appreciate it.

30.09.2020 21:33

Damn I am late. I want to go with one of the tag above. Can I start now?

05.10.2020 21:23

@steemitblog @steemcurator01

How many post do I need to write for apply as a "better life curator"???

24.10.2020 04:51

Hola, @steemitblog soy nuevo en esta plataforma, me parece excelente este tipo de estrategia para seguir creciendo como comunidad saludos @asdruayser-game

04.02.2021 23:06

I appreciate the variety of options provided by steemit on topics to write on, it makes it easier for us to have something to contribute .

25.02.2021 07:42