100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 42 - Country Curators wanted - up to 5000 SP delegations available


A couple of days ago we launched the STEEM POD project.

Today we are adding another role to the POD with the introduction of Country Curators.

This is one more way people can help Steem grow and earn up to 5000 SP delegation at the same time.

Country Curators

We are looking for people who would enjoy curating posts about their country and using them to promote Steem on social media.

Initially we are looking for one person from each country to take on the role of Country Curator for the country where they live.

This may be expanded later to have more than one particularly for larger countries.

The role of the Country Curators will be to seek out the best posts on Steem about their country across the whole range of topics including general news, politics, tourism, sport, history, health, finance etc.

They should then compile a weekly digest of the best posts. If there are a lot of good posts they could make more than one digest post, possibly dividing the posts by topic.

The Country Curators should then use these digest posts to promote Steem on social media to people in their country.

They might also promote the best individual posts as well.

Alongside the SP delegations the Country Curators can earn extra upvotes from Steemit for the digest posts and also reports of their social media promotion work.

The Country Curators will be given an initial delegation of 1000 SP, and then have the opportunity to progress up the levels to 5000 SP under the STEEM POD project...

  • Level 1 = 1000 SP
  • Level 2 = 2000 SP
  • Level 3 = 3000 SP
  • Level 4 = 4000 SP
  • Level 5 = 5000 SP

Progression up the levels is determined by ‘Proof of Dedication’.

How to apply to become a Country Curator

If you are interested in becoming a Country Curator you will need to make two posts.

Firstly you will need to make a sample digest post with the 10 best articles on Steem related to your country from the past seven days.

For each of the 10 chosen posts you should include a brief one or two line summary of what the post is about.

The 10 posts you select can be in either a language of your country or in English.

If the posts are not in English please include a translation of your one or two line summaries for each post - Google Translate will be okay for this.

Your digest post as a whole can also be in a language of your country, or in English.

Secondly you will need to make an application post giving details of…

  • your experience on Steem
  • the country you live in
  • what languages you can speak and write
  • any communities on Steem you are involved with
  • which other social media you use, and the approximate numbers of followers you have on each
  • a link to your sample digest post

Please put a link to your application post in the comments below.

The deadline for applications to become a Country Curator is Friday, May 29th.

We are very happy to be able to expand the STEEM POD project with the new Country Curator roles.

It is another way for more people to get involved in building a new Steem and earn a Steem Power delegation at the same time.

We would like to thank again the founder members of the STEEM POD - @cmp2020, @cryptokannon, @kiwiscanfly, @mariita52 and @marcosdk for the great work they are already doing for Steem.

Thank you,

The Steemit Team

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15.05.2020 02:47

Nice! Another good news! Can one person apply for more than 1 role? For example, I'm steem greeter and would like to apply for a country curator too.

15.05.2020 03:23

very good, sir I really like the steemit platform, hopefully the steem platform will develop like it used to, and hopefully with it, the activities you make will make people excited, here ..

15.05.2020 04:07

This is a great project I love to offer for my country. What if to number of posts from various Steemians in your country isn't up to 10 posts, what will you do as Country Curator?

15.05.2020 06:34

Secondly is there a simple way you can search for all posts coming from your Country? Because there are some Steemians up till now I don't know them , since they are not consistent here.

15.05.2020 06:39

This is getting way too complicated. Comments on your posts are declining which means people are giving up. Community curators, Steem greeters, meeters, Country curators... this is getting a mess.

15.05.2020 07:09

Another success for Steem! Seems like Ned is running things again.

15.05.2020 07:15

I see @justyy can't stop sucking kid sized chicom cock.

15.05.2020 21:06

I see @justyy can't stop sucking kid sized chicom cock.

16.05.2020 05:02


15.05.2020 12:03

Why downvote me Steemit?

15.05.2020 13:40

why downvote you? simply because they are afraid of the truth being told

16.05.2020 02:30

Thanks, I´m too busy right now sorry.

15.05.2020 10:14


This is my application

Honestly, I'm more attracted to curation of art space on Steem. But this place is already taken for may) So I hope to participate in that in june!

15.05.2020 11:15
15.05.2020 11:24

Hey @steemcurator01 , Chinese translation for Chinese community is ready :- BuyVote-百日steem:第42天-征求国家审查员-最多可提供5000个SP授权

In order to let more Chinese friends see and participate, the full text of that post of @steemitblog is translated and the post will buy upvote.

为让更多的华人朋友看到和参与,本帖全文翻译 @steemitblog 原文,并买赞。

15.05.2020 13:37

Why did you downvote my comment, oh great Steemit?

15.05.2020 13:40

About 200 countries in the world. That is 1 million steem that the Chinese communist party will use to advance global communism. Just saiyan, It's time to kamehameha these chicom bastards and their agents off of the planet.

15.05.2020 14:56

oh, only 7 people max in the whole world is going to apply. But we see their ambition nonetheless.

15.05.2020 15:01

Hi , I am submitting my Application for the position of Country Curator. I have written two posts per the instructions . The links are below;

Sample a Digest of Ten posts about Hawai’i; https://steempeak.com/country-curator/@shortsegments/country-curator-application-sample-post-a-digest-of-ten-posts-about-the-kingdom-of-hawai-i

My Application Post for Country Curator delegation; https://steempeak.com/country-curator/@shortsegments/my-application-for-country-curator

Thank you for your consideration,

15.05.2020 15:18
15.05.2020 17:42

@steemitblog, I admire your initiative.
You offer interesting ideas every day.
I am happy to read your posts, because they raise my mood!
I live in Italy, but I would like to be a curator for the country of Russia. Perhaps?

15.05.2020 21:03

You must apply, @Vipnata, I've seen many Russian authors, it would be great that curators can reward their work in the Russian language!!

16.05.2020 05:13

@leveuf, thank you very much for your useful advice.
Have a wonderful weekend!

16.05.2020 13:47

Wow!! good challenge, i should try it.

15.05.2020 21:33

I hope there are people who can nominate themselves from (Indonesia).
Because this is an interesting challenge, show your love for @steemitblog / @steemit.

16.05.2020 04:49

This is a great opportunity for lots of countries be in the light, thanks for the wonderful opportunity. I look forward to putting in my application

16.05.2020 14:31

I vehemently believe this initiative will see to the growth of steemit on a whole new level. Looking forward to serving my country

16.05.2020 14:33

As I request a delegation I publish science and I am about to turn one year in the community publishing daily and adding scientific content to the chain of blocks, I feel that in that area we are few and I can have criteria to cure this type of scientific content and health but I can offer my support in Spanish content I want to work to grow steemit.

16.05.2020 14:35

Please find my application below;
Application to Becoming A Curator For My County


17.05.2020 14:04

Hello @steemitblog. Here is my application for the role of country curator for Nigeria. https://goldvoice.club/steem/@tolustx/application-for-the-role-of-a-country-curator-for-nigeria

Thank you...

26.05.2020 13:03

Good luck @tolustx with your application

27.05.2020 07:19

Thank you so much.

27.05.2020 07:27