Steemit Bangladesh Curation Support - Issue #109

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Welcome back to the daily curation support of Steemit Bangladesh. @steemitbd is always there to support you on your Steemit journey. Many Bangladeshi steemians create content on the blockchain. They do not receive enough attention as that they potentially could. We try to inspire and support them for their efforts towards make quality content. We have also further expanded now to non-Bangladeshi users to reach out and inspire others while maintaining the intention to help our Bangladeshi users learn, connect and grow from through the community.

_The nomination process of curation support is operated by our curator team. Content creators submit their post link in our Discord channel. Our curator team check out the posts and usually selects three articles every day. Then we upvote those articles so that they get exposure for making good content. However, our curators also go above and beyond the discord server to find and look for content that have not yet made it to the promotion channels in our Discord Server._


Beautiful Sunday and Sublime Sunday

Author: @kamrunnahar


_I go to with my kids two days of the week of their music class. Then i have noticed some pretty flowers are blooming beside the pathway. It refreshes my mind and i have shot some photos.........._


Road to Steemfest | About my budget and how to get to Steem Fest 4 in Bangkok

Author: @cryptospa


_Hello dear Steemians and all beautiful Blockchain people!As I have mentioned already a few times (probably) I am going to attend Steem Fest 4 that will take place in November 6-10 in Bangkok......._


Drawing on Antelope Paper

Author: @kayda-ventures


_Utilizing my skill on different paper is what I love doing and the passion for it is non-stop.... I will appreciate your support !....._




So keep an eye on our @steemitbd blog. Keep making quality content. Steemit Bangladesh is always with you.

About SteemitBD

@SteemitBD Steemit Bangladesh is a community by Bangladeshi steemians to support each other. We find a lot of steemians from Bangladesh face difficulties to find visibility and their talent are overlooked. The community channel are helping to value their work from community account and some portion of reward from their articles goes to them. We are also arranging contest among Bangladeshi steemians. If you would like to support the Steemit Bangladesh community, don't forget to upvote and resteem the post.


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Thank you for supporting us.

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Thanks your support and congratulation of all steemian friends.

11.08.2019 21:12