Hello Stemians, hello Steemit Achievers!

Here I am again to give you little updates about our newly created community #steemitachievers.

I am glad we are growing although slowly but at least there is a significant movement when it comes to the number of subscribers we have. I still encourage everyone to subscribe to #steemitachievers and together have some fun with the other members.

We also have contests once in a while and I hope that the little prizes we give will be of help in making your account a little stronger by powering up.

Today we already have 58 subscribers. I know and I believe that in no time it will grow gradually and tremendously, especially with the fact that we welcome #stemians from other countries too. This means that while the community is originated in the Philippines with members mostly Filipinos, we also welcome other nationalities to join us here on #steemitachievers.

Steemit Achievers Subscribers:

Subscriber Subscriber Subscriber
@long888 @loloy2020 @khan88
@olivia08 @atongis @chishei2021
@ziabutt3836 @junebride @jurich60
@natdisciple @maryianpaul @sarimanok
@bisayakalog @patience90 @bellekiss-31
@julstamban @steemitphcurator @aideleijoie
@jb123 @kneelyrac @diosarich
@me2selah @adikuala120382 @samudera01
@khenbee @steemitachievers @lorner
@ninski @edeejosh @honeybngd
@saneunji @hae-ra @jenny018
@khenbee @alejandro996 @titajoyce
@maulanamale @hamdain @sheshe12
@shahzadmirza957 @benson01 @technicaldaku

Image by kropekk_pl from Pixabay

And the following are our new subscribers:


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#steemitachievers would like to thank again the sponsor of our latest #Contest: @atongis and @julstamban

So that's all folks, I hope you will continue to help and support this small community. Thank you!!!


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