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5 POSTS OF THE DAY 20th Nov 2021

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>Hello Steemit Mates, How are you all, Hope you all are doing well in your respected lives. I'm back to steemit after some time. The main reason for my off days is my father's death. He was passed last month. That day was the worst day of my life. All the responsibilities of my family are now on me. That day was the life-changing day of my life. No one can fill father's place. I request you all to pray for him.

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>When and how long ago did you compare yourself to someone else? If you think about it, your memory will tell you that it hasn't been long since you did so, comparing yourself to someone else where it bothers you to achieve your own goals can lead to stress and It can cause anxiety as well as many physical and mental illnesses. The habit of comparing is not good for even a moment and it breaks the trust. Therefore in this article I will mention the methods mentioned by psychologists which are very effective in giving up this habit.

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>Hello and welcome to my friends and all the STEEMIT community members. I hope you all are doing fine. I am glad that you make time for reading my post. So let get started with my diary. Do support me thankyou. I also used the tag #club5050

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> TodHello, and Assalam u Alaikum to all fellow Steemians. I'm fine and enjoying my life, and I hope you're doing well and having fun as well.

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>There are a great number of iconic landmarks in Pakistan that represent our culture and heritage. Out of all the places, Faisal Masjid is one of the most famous places that attracts not only thousands of Pakistani but foreigners as well. Personally, I have been there several times with my buddies and I would like to share the details of the world's famous mosque with the Steem community. So, let's dive in:


>In the last lecture i got a call from my brother that my sister just gave birth to a beautiful cute baby girl. That moment was extremely full of joy and my eyes is full of tears. It is the best moment of my life that i know i became a khala. Then my brother asked me to come on the university gate i picked you in just a few minutes. Then i went to the hospital to meet the new person and also my sister. I congratulated my brother and sister to become dad and mom.


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From now on, we will select Best picks on the basis of multiple factors. Some of them are given below

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Since it is the Daily Best Picks, thus we are focusing to pick the best posts from the day! As it is A DAILY CONTEST, so ultimately the best posts of the day will be selected. So there is no argument left to be made if some users are getting measured exposure. This is because they are producing quality content that is in some way better than others. So gear up, put the feet on the paddle and make the best posts to feature in **TOP FIVE POSTS OF THE DAY. We wish you people All the very best. Keep working hard and keep making us proud with your quality content. And since everyone is getting mentioned, this shows the quality of the posts in STEEMIT PAKISTAN! You guys always make it difficult for us 😌👀

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