Steemit Pakistan - Biggest Powerup day - 7361.299 Powered Up by Whole Community - 30 Participants - The Unity Of Whole Community

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Steemit Pakistan one of the popular community over Steemit Has Proved to be Most United Community,

We feel Glad to announce that in a Single Day we have Powered up Around 7327.499 Steem Power

We are really amaze to see how our community members trust us ! we had never promised anything for the reward but they still stand with us in even these difficult days when our Community reward has gone down to 290$ Only.

This shows our dedication and affection with steemit and the Future of Steem

List of Users Participated in Power Up Today.

Username Amount Link
πŸ‘‘ @suboohi 1500 Link to Powerup Post
❖ @rashid001 800 Link to Powerup Post
❖ @hassanabid 717 Link to Powerup Post
❖ @event-horizon 580 Link to Powerup Post
❖ @steemit-pak 500 Link to Powerup Post
❖ @vvarishayy 400 Link to Powerup Post
❖ @haidermehdi 387 Link to Powerup Post
@salmanwains 300 Link to Powerup Post
@aniqamashkoor 300 Link to Powerup Post
@jawad101 300 Link to Powerup Post
@saharsaqi 200 Link to Powerup Post
@fatimafahim 225 Link to Powerup Post
@faisalamin 149.605 Link to Powerup Post
@wardahhh 110 Link to Powerup Post
@umme.hani 109 Link to Powerup Post
@umerfarooq2 100 Link to Powerup Post
@mustafaasif 100 Link to Powerup Post
@bassamjamal 100 Link to Powerup Post
@areebabaig 88.051 Link to Powerup Post
@abdullah.tahir 66 Link to Powerup Post
@attiyaasghar 50 Link to Powerup Post
@sualeha 50 Link to Powerup Post
@mustafaaabid 50 Link to Powerup Post
@ahtishamghumman5 50 Link to Powerup Post
@syedahira 50 Link to Powerup Post
@azibalee 47 Link to Powerup Post
@isha46 33.8 Link to Powerup Post
@afifaasf 21 Link to Powerup Post
@kinzaghauri 15 Link to Powerup Post
@faiqach 12.843 Link to Powerup Post

Tottal = 7361.299 SteemPower

Steps Taken to guide our Community Members :

  • We organized PowerUp week Through which we advised our Community Members to Stop Withrawing their Funds and Make all their earning to Liquid Steem
  • We Advised our Community Members yesterday to Get Ready for the PowerUp and all those members who were willing to powerup made their Posts Which could be seen in our Steemit Pakistan Community !
  • Today we Advised them to Do the Powerup and they all got agreed and have done PowerUps with us !

Today our Community Proved that we are United and Motivated towards the Progress , Prosperity , Advancement , Betterment and Stability of Steem !

Labeling And Supporting All Participants :

We have started labeling all Powerup Participants and we have also started giving them 100% Upvote to motivate them for further Powerups. However due to Limitation of Voting Power it would take around 3 days to Give all upvotes !

We wish to see @steemcurator01 rewarding every participant so to encourage them more towards doing PowerUps, As we have heard that Steemit Team Loves PowerUps !

Yours truly,
Official Community curation account for Pakistanis!

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welovepowerups πŸ˜€

02.06.2021 02:45

Yeahh... #welovepowerups πŸ’–πŸ’–

02.06.2021 02:50

hello sir @steemcurator01 why is my The Diary Game not supported, my other friends already support,,, and some people get upvotes 2 times from you in 1 day...

02.06.2021 03:35

No worries actually you should try finding out ways how you could get into it like participating in different contests held over different communities and try finding out communities having relevant things to your interest ( steemit is very big platform having hundreds of communities )

All you have to do is keep achieving , keep struggling and if you get stick into any Community and grow up their you could become moderator aswell.

The best part to have a good attention is to Powerup faster ( you can try out investing over steem ) normally people do investments in other currencies but steem gives many benefits almost 100% than any others while giving Curation rewards aswell )

I hope it helped you :)

02.06.2021 22:46

Thanks for the information sir

03.06.2021 01:06

Bhai not support for my post any mistake in post plz information

03.06.2021 13:52

@hassanabid... My name is missing here☹️..

02.06.2021 03:23

Mention bhai Ahsan he’ll see it

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02.06.2021 13:44

Sir please verified my achievement1 introduction.sir two months ago i post. Please verified it.Achievement 1|| Introduction To Steemit || New Comer

02.06.2021 08:49

Verified βœ…

02.06.2021 13:22

Thanks sir g . Allah pak aap ko khoch rakha

02.06.2021 13:33


02.06.2021 10:31

@haidermehdi My name is missing from this list. Can you please check it out.
Here's the link:

02.06.2021 16:05


04.06.2021 16:50