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Steemit Engagement Challenge - application from SteemFamily

Hello all! We are pleased to welcome you to our community and to submit an entry to the competition. We will tell the story of our community and our achievements. Enjoy reading!


The aim of our community is to bring together authors from all over the world who write posts about family, children and home. In the community we discuss important topical issues of family upbringing and publish posts about the home. It is very interesting to study the experiences of different countries. The community has a successful "Let's talk" competition, where participants comment on various topics.


The community was created last summer by active author @greatketty. Since then there have been many competitions, including children's drawing contests (still ongoing), photo hunts, etc. The community is constantly evolving: the community account is growing and the number of delegates is also increasing.

In challenging global times, we continue to uphold family values and strengthen the institution of the family while trying to avoid political topics.


The community is made up of people from different countries:

Also a big help in promoting the community are @alena-vladi from Russia (#club75), @alexmove from Ukraine(#club505050) and @rabibulhasan71 from Bangladesh(not a club member).


The application will be supplemented...

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