Software Generated Digital Art : Background | Digital Art Part : 70



Story Behind This Art:

There are several apps were used to create this digital art. This takes only few minutes to get the finale output. First of all I choose the colors and then use another apps to make a shape. And again I use one more app to generate a random art.
Use of this art work:

  • It can be use as colorful background.
  • Printing products or printing on cloths.
  • Can be use as the design of wrapping paper.
  • Can be use for creating another art work from it.
  • Can be use as cover of any web page or ads.

There are several use of it. Making this kind of arts very easy just need to apply your creativity as these colors and convert into several shapes these should be artist's concept and talent depends on you how you’ll apply your creativity and concept.
Thanks for reading and watching my digital art.
You can do it too.
Good luck
Software Credit: Photoshop Express App
Digital Art By : Baby @steemit-fairy

Would Love To Thank Specially :

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