Long Time No Big Hug, Miss To Have Big Hugs

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Its Friday again. This is the day I miss my mom badly. May her soul rest in peace in heaven. The best hug giver was my mom and the most peaceful lap or arms found in my mom. Snatched away the peaceful arms. Time is cruel and we lost valuable things from life as time goes.

Long time no hug as this pandemic season doesn't allow me to meet my friends and family. I miss to have my sister's hug too as she is far from me and in this corona we can't meet as soon as possible. Recently I brought a pillow to hug and sleep well. Without hug I feel more empty and lonely.

I miss my beloved cat named tiger. He is no more now. I miss hugging tiger as the hug was also adorable to me. My cat was my family too and I often give it a hug and my tiger also loved to hug me and my mom. We loved our cat and will always miss him. After my mom's death our cat also went away and never came back to us.

In this corona pandemic I can't visit my friends and give them big hug as I badly miss it. Hugs help me to reduce stresses and also make me feel awesome. I only hug selected people with whom I'm comfortable and feel the love and affection. Right now I'm alone at home and my pillows only here to hug.

One more thing I consider as virtual hug and that is big upvotes on my post 🤗 Long time I get no big upvotes or virtual hugs. But its okay now, wish to get the hug soon. I want to meet people love me a lot and I love them too, especially my sister and my niece as they are the most adorable people in my life.

Pillow hugs can help me to sleep well. I hardly can sleep well without a pillow of my right or left side. I feel better when I hug and I felt safe and secure when I hugged my mom. As baby birds are safe inside the wings of mother bird, I was more safe in my mom's arm. I miss to have those big hugs. Now no one to hug me tight and tell me that- "everything will be all right, don't worry!"