Celebrity Life Seems More Complicated| Having Fans And Fem Is Not Always A Blessing

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When I was a little kid I had a dream to be a celebrity and perform in the stage and will gain more fan and followers. It make me feel really very silly now. Life of a celebrity is not as beautiful as we seen from outside.

The first and most important fact is that celebrities has no personal life and they are consider as the public property.

How awkward the feeling would be when you go outside with friends or family and your fans following you and want to have selfies, autographs and staring you like such a animal in the zoo.

Sorry it may sounds not good but I feel this way so I'm fine not being a celebrity. The life of a celebrity star is not always a blessing as people have interest to their life, people look for issues that they can get topic for gossiping.

Sometimes celebrites become the victim of rumor and few celebrities commit suicide often because they can't handle the rumor or their personal life unveil to public as a big issue.

Well there also have positive sides for celebrities but when I think of such negative sides I feel fine not as a celebrity as I had dream to be but I also can't say that the dream is no longer exist inside me. 😂

Whatever, Celebrities are also like we human being but they mostly treated like the aliens from other planet and that seems really uncomfortable.

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