The Steemingcurators SHOWCASE Edition # 6


The Steeming Showcase📰🖋

Every day we go and hunt for the best content published on the Steem Blockchain.
Currently, we running a bounty-post program on our discord. Join our discord to learn more about this bounty-post..
For this showcase, we would like to give more exposure to the new and all-time content creators on Steemit.
If you have spotted a post that is not on this SHOWCASE, comment the link to that post below and tell us what you liked the most about it. We must have missed it and would love to give it a hug!

Check out the post here

@kobold-djawa shared about her family mini bbQ at home. She showed us how she prepared the bbQ fish and the special dip sauce originated from Indonesia.

*steemexclusive post verified
Check out the post here

@ernaerningsih celebrated Eid Mubarak that quite different from the previous years as they still restricted with Covid19.

Check out the post here

@ultravioletmag they had to go through some hurdles before they could indulge in the beautiful view from the top of this castle

Check out the post here
@rbaggo sharing with us all the beautiful places during his visit to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, and somewhere along the beautiful Donau River.


Check out the post here

@freedompoint all time steemian shared an easy to make Pico de Gallo recipe with us.

Highlight Contest on Steemit📌

@axeman running a contest on Black and White Photography and Art Contest with 6 STEEM prize pool. Check out this contest here

@ospro organize a contest with 50 steem prize pool and the theme is Why Do you still Love Steemit Platform. Check out this contest here

@cmp2020 running a Harry Potter art contest. He will be giving at least 12 SBD prize to the selected winner of the contest. Check out this contest here

@steemitblog running an ongoing contest on The Diary Game, Check out this contest here

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