STEEMIT OPEN MIC - What music means to me -@byyou - CHALLENGE $$$

Hi Steemians!

We are now on the 5th day of receiving the @steemcurator02 account, and oh boy it has been a blast! Our entire "career" on Steemit has been a roller-coaster of events, and we learned a lot since we launched a month ago. Thanks for all the advice, motivating words, and your support! Without you guys, this was not possible!! MUCH LOVE

We now have 2 FINISHED challenges, so all submissions after this post for those 2 challenges are not eligible to get a point anymore. Points are now rewarded to everyone who has entered and upvotes for the ones that have completed the challenge as requested! At the end of the month the 7 people with the highest amount of points, will receive a 100% upvote from @steemcurator02

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As you know, @steemingcurators is the host for the music contest STEEMIT OPEN MIC. We are thrilled with our partnership with the Venezuelan community project @vdc and hope we make many artists very happy and the Steemit community for bringing music back to STEEMIT.

Rules of the challenge:

  • Make a post with title: STEEMIT OPEN MIC - What Music Means To Me - @byyou (your username)
  • Write a post with a minimum 250 words what music means to you. Questions you can answer are: What is your favorite genre? Who are your favorite singers? Have you ever been to a live concert? Which song has moved you personally? The most emotional song? Which instrument do you like to learn to play? Do you know music artists personally? Are they on Steemit? Why not, why you don't ask them?
    These are a lot of questions but just impress me. You can also be creative and do something completely different! The more effort you put in, the higher the rewards! GO FOR GOLD!
  • Tag to use: #openmic (and others related)
  • Comment on 3 people that have posted music the past 7 days. Tags to look for but not limited to are #openmic #music #songs #singing and if you are Spanish you can check these tags translated to Spanish too! Also, I have noticed that there are a lot of APPICS users that post short video clips of their own music. These often do not know which tags to use and are harder to find. If you have found someone like that you can comment @steemingcurators curate and I will go and give love to the post!
    You also include that they have to check @steemingcurators post for the STEEMIT OPEN MIC contest and if they are Spanish the post from @vdc

DO NOT SPAM COMMENTS WITH LINKS PLEASE - Be nice and tell them what you like about their song or music!!

When done, comment here that you have completed the challenge!

by @tolustx


We are incredibly grateful that STEEMIT has offered to also sponsor the prizes for STEEMIT OPEN MIC!


Upvote EXTRA from @steemcurator01

100% Upvote EXTRA from @steemcurator02
10 STEEM @steemingcuratorsSECOND:
Upvote E EXTRA from @steemrator01

75% Upvovote EXTRA from @steemcurator02
7 STEEM @steemingcuratoTHIRD:
Upvote Ete EXTRA from @steemcurator01
50% Upvote EXTRA from @steemcurator02
3 STEEM @steemingcurators

If you feel like you want to sponsor the contest STEEMIT OPEN MIC with either upvotes or cash prizes, just let us know!!

by @gaborockstar

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Este reto se ve muy interesante, espero que la comunidad hispana de steemit se una masivamente porque se hay muchos que les gusta la música, cantar y tocar un instrumento y han vivido gratas y placenteras experiencias. Gracias por este reto @steemingcurators y a la comunidad hispana @vdc patrocinante del concurso.

08.06.2020 11:15

¡Y tienes tantos músicos talentosos en tu país! ¡Esperamos hacer a muchos muy felices! Muchísimas gracias cariña

08.06.2020 13:15

Good news for the community, we are going to translate it into Spanish to give it more promotion within the Spanish-speaking community of steemit. Thank you for promoting these and other challenges that encourage us to continue working together.

Buenas noticias para la comunidad, vamos a traducirlo al español para darle mayor promoción dentro de la comunidad hispanohablante de steemit. Gracias por promover estos y otros retos que nos animan a seguir trabajando juntos.

08.06.2020 11:38

Thank you for your support and lets make STEEM SING AND DANCE!

08.06.2020 13:16

Hi @steemingcurators,

As DrugWars game team, we would be happy to participate to the prize pool. So we have added 50 STEEM to the pool.

Good luck to all participants!

08.06.2020 11:41

Thank's for your support my friends... greetings from Venezuelans Dtubers Community ( VDC ).

08.06.2020 12:56

THANK YOU so much team Drugwars! That is amazing and we are honored to have you as a sponsor! Hopefully, we can make tons of Steemians happy and get the riddim going. Can you sing? :D

08.06.2020 13:12

Yay!!! im so glad to get back to the steemit open mic we'll have an amazing time sharing music together that's for sure!!!

08.06.2020 12:42

We can NOT wait to see your entry babe! Glad we have the chance to make you happy!

08.06.2020 13:13

We are happy to be support the new Steem Open Mic.

The SP on the @steemcurator01 account has now increased a bit so the prize votes will go up in value.

Maybe you could do some sort of challenge to get people to promote the new Open Mic on Twitter and other social media.

We could give some small upvotes for best Tweet screenshots etc.

Thank you for organizing this.

The Steemit Team

08.06.2020 13:42

HI TEAM STEEMIT! Thanks a LOT for your support and we are THRILLED to have you as an official sponsor of THE STEEMIT OPEN MIC.
Great, the social sharing is caring suggestion and I make this the next challenge. That challenge will be an ongoing one during the entire contest. Can you sing btw? We need contesters who want to become rich and famous..

08.06.2020 17:04

We will keep a low profile on the singing, but for the prize votes we can offer 60%, 40%, 20% for the first week and then review.

Our SP on @steemcurator01 has just increased to 3 M SP so those votes will have quite good value.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

09.06.2020 01:40

That is great initiative! Empowering Steem with Music is good to go with. I would love to join this Contest, I have to check out some of my Musicians. Thanks very much for this updates.

08.06.2020 17:22

we are very happy with these initiatives that promote the union and participation of the steemians through music. The Open mic promises to be the #1 contest again of the platform and in VDC we are motivated to support for the Spanish speaking community this beautiful project. Upvote + reesteam.

08.06.2020 18:08

Muy muy muyyyyy buena noticia... nuevamente Open Mic...

08.06.2020 18:27

I did not know about the open mic contest,cause i just new here just participate in few contest,i also trying to join in this contest.verry intersting. HAVE A GOOD DAY

08.06.2020 19:14
08.06.2020 23:07

Would you like 7 x 25% votes (on 3M SP) to add to the prizes for the 7 people with the most points?

The Steemit Team

09.06.2020 02:19

@steemcurator01 Thank you so much for the support on steemingcurators project. We are very grateful for the immense support from steemit inc. team 😊

10.06.2020 06:38

Oh, it would be fantastic!

12.06.2020 15:13

I've completed the challenge!
Thanks for this nice initiative, I hope you will like my post 😊

09.06.2020 15:18

Hola Rosanita también puede dejar tu link en la publicación de la comunidad hispanohablante VDC. Saludos cordiales

14.06.2020 13:18

Muy feliz y contenta de saber que openmic está de vuelta...

09.06.2020 19:44

¡Reto cumplido! :))

Ahora iré a ver lo que han hecho los demás ^-^

09.06.2020 20:54

I'm in! I love what you are doing. Thank youuuu!

10.06.2020 17:47