Steemingcurators WEEKLY Curation Report / WEEK 1 /@steemcurator02

Hi community and team Steemit.

Here is the weekly curation report for Steemit Community Curator account: @steemcurator02


First of all, I want to say sorry to the people that didn't receive our vote YET. Even with a 500k SP account, it is constant management of available voting power and the intense urge to give a decent, meaningful vote to you, and to as many loyal Steemians as possible.

It feels like an enormous responsibility, as we made promises to the Steem community and we do not want to lose the opportunity to reward you, better. We made the decision to be as selfless as humanly possible, so we have chosen not to vote for @steemingcurators posts, but instead, give it all to the community. Thank you so much for your support.

Who did we vote?

The majority of votes went to the people that are #steemexclusive and/or participated in our daily challenges. We have announced that we will be hosting STEEMIT OPEN MIC in collaboration with @vdc (Venezuelan Dtube Community) which is managed by @gaborockstar. For that reason, we also voted for musicians, singers, and everyone who have put the word out and helped us out a lot.

Vote Stats Week 1

Also from here, a massive thanks to @steemchiller to provide the community with


I didn't make a screenshot from when we started, so I will provide only the numbers from the day we started curating with @steemcurator02. In the past 7 days, we have:

Given 290 votes to 191 different accounts.
Received 76 votes on our comments from @steemcurator02
Have made an average of 43 comments a day with @steemcurator02 and got an average of 37 responses on those
Our vote range was between 3 to 15% on comments and 15 to 100% on posts. (2x100% for open mic promotion)

2072 SP will be added to the @steemcurator02 account as curation for the week and about 6 STEEM in author rewards.

The Rainbow 🌈

(outgoing votes)


(incoming votes)


These are the community curators (for JUNE)

@steemitblog - @steemcurator01
@steemingcurators - @steemcurator02
@wherein - @steemcurator03
@acostaeladio - @steemcurator04
@beautychicks - @steemcurator05
@greenhouseradio - @steemcurator06
@roadofrich - @steemcurator07
@stef1 -@steemcurator08

We are grateful for all your support and to be able to support you. We would absolutely be honored to stay @steemcurator02 until the project dismantles or until steemingcurators has found a way to be self-sufficient. If anyone wants to lease out large amounts of STEEMPOWER, contact @ciska on discord: Ciska#3997

Any feedback on how we can improve, or anything you like to say, I am yours! THANK YOU, @steemingcurators

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What a great first week - well done

keep up the GREAT work

09.06.2020 23:57

Thanks Kiwi! Means a lot!

10.06.2020 14:48

Good job sir,great project,have a nice day..

10.06.2020 03:14

Thanks for your kind words, you too!

10.06.2020 14:49

Keep steeming everyone and steemingcurators will be coming to you to help steemit sprinkle the loves upvotes 🥰

10.06.2020 06:36

Ohhhwww yeaaahhh :)

10.06.2020 14:49

This is a huge responsibility, pray for you to be strengthened.

Thanks for your love and care to all steemians!

Steem on!

10.06.2020 07:48

Thanks! Strength and many fortunes to you! STEEM

10.06.2020 14:50

WOW! Great work so far. I admire how many votes you were able to distribute. I will try using the patterns you follow as far as voting and see if I can get get more per day.


10.06.2020 14:42

Thanks a lot! It is becoming a nearly fulltime job indeed! KEEP ROCKING - KEEP STEEMING

10.06.2020 17:06

Thank you for all your excellent curation work.

The Steemit Team

10.06.2020 21:20

Woow! Thank you so much for your feedback! This means a lot!


10.06.2020 23:19

I like it when they offer statistics to take care of transparency, great work.

11.06.2020 18:48