Hi all, its Friday so its charity-day!

With your support, we were able to donate 13 SBD of last week's liquid post payout to charities on Steemit. We have sent 6.5 SBD to @littledisciples and 6.5 SBD to @thegreens. A massive thanks! This week we selected 2 different charities to support (more below)

CHALLENGE - Counts for monthly leaderboard

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My favorite (local) charity

Questions you could answer are:
  • What are your local charities
  • Have you ever been a volunteer
  • Should everyone donate to a charity?
  • Most selfless story you have ever heard or personal experience
  • What means being selfless to you?
  • What will or can you do to help charities in your community?

We look forward to reading your stories!

> We are going to do the same this week like last week and will be donating ALL liquid SBD rewards to charities on Steemit.

The payout from this post goes to:

@animal-shelter: This is a bird and animal rescue center. They are active on Steemit since the beginning of 2017. You got me when I saw your preparation for the winter room and a place that you can store the meds for the sick animals. Keep doing what you do!

@kbv.animalwelf: This is a cats and dog rescue center in Krabi-Thailand. They strive to help the homeless and abused animals and give them proper medication and treatment.

Payout paid today:


Thanks - STEEM ON

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Great job sir.

Not onlly intersting but also helpfull challange.I will try my best for the participate with this challange.


I think this is a great idea for helping some one.

13.06.2020 05:03

"Give and it shall be given into you as the Bible says!" I think is very good @steemingcurators showing your best support of charity work. This challenge is very great, and I will also take part. Thanks for your daily support!

13.06.2020 07:29

Thanks I live by the same!

14.06.2020 00:13

This is a very great innovation again, every one who gives receives.

@steemingcurators, thanks for being awesome, keep coming up with more ideas. steem on!

13.06.2020 08:54

Thanks πŸ™ for the support. It’s going to contribute in improving the lives of people and planet.
Lots of love πŸ’•.

13.06.2020 21:01

100 DAYS OF STEEM: Day 71 - Friday Challenge - Find A Local Charity - Dialogue #1 A visual Story (20 Photos)


14.06.2020 10:15

such work deserves much more, you are admirable. As a founding leader, little disciples, I am very grateful for all your support. Thank you

14.06.2020 11:44

This is one of the noblest initiatives I have ever seen. I was totally in love with this initiative.

I want to propose to the charity @hope.venezuela.
I hope that my post contributes to achieve future support for them.

15.06.2020 07:42

My enry

Where can I check my Points :)
and is there music promotion banner Open now? I check someone's banner for it. And he get some points on his banner...
But I din't see Contest post about it.

15.06.2020 20:01