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We all love to do photography We love to capture many moments in our daily life, during play, during travel, etc. We are optimistic that today we will be able to see some great pictures. We would like to invite all the Steemians to participate in our contests to grab the prizes. For more updates, keep following @steemingcuration.

"Today's Topic"

  • Street Photography

The art of capturing a scene in a public place, particularly on the street, is called street photography. Many of these types of photographs are also considered to be candid in nature, usually unstaged and shot spontaneously...source You can see the sample of street photography here.


  • Photo must be yours. No photos from internet will be nominated.
  • This is a comment contest. For participating in the contest, you must make your entry in the comment. You can use any language.
  • To be considered for the reward, you must be a 💧Steemingzen member. To learn more about membership, please click here.
  • You can edit photos to make it more attractive if you want.
  • Please mention your device name, the place with your photo in the comment.
  • One entry per person is allowed.


You can make your entry till 27th May 5.59 PM UTC. This contest will be done on daily basis.

"Prize Pool"

Top 15 entries of this contest will be rewarded 0.80 Steem each if they fulfill all the conditions. Please read all the rules before participating in the contest.

"Last Day's Winners"

Last day, we got 20 participants. 19 were valid. It was really tough to choose the top 10 photos. According to rules, the top 10 photos will be rewarded 1 steem each.

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1 @dasigshella 1 Steem
2 @chibas.arkanghil 1 Steem
3 @long888 1 Steem
4 @gingfriend20ph 1 Steem
5 @mrs.cuyag 1 Steem
6 @dayographix 1 Steem
7 @saneunji 1 Steem
8 @bellekiss-31 1 Steem
9 @jenny018 1 Steem
10 @yowpakingshet 1 Steem

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Comments 34

Street Photography
Device: Nokia 2.1 single camera.
Location: Igwe Nnaji junction

26.05.2021 21:05

A blessed rainy morning everyone! here's my entry to the Daily Photography Contest.

Street Photography

An eye catching view of these people on the sidewalk of Mepz1 in Lapu-lapu City. I'm not sure if they're waiting on queue for a bus to ride since it's far from being the bus terminal. What I am sure of is that this group of people just came out from their respective companies and was having a hard time getting a ride for home. Patience is really a Virtue then.

took this photo one afternoon using my Oppo F9 Smarthphone, when we happen to pass by in the area.

26.05.2021 21:59

Hello everyone, to the steemingzen community. I welcome you all to the booming municipality of Cordova, where people just laugh and enjoy. Home of bakasi and a place of Zumba lovers, joggers, and bikers. You can also enjoy the scenic view of mangroves. Best spots of the day whether during sunrise or sunset! You will definitely enjoy our place. Ciao and mabuhay!

Location: New Road Bantayan Cordova Cebu Philippines
Device used: Oppo Reno 4

26.05.2021 22:09


Foto tomada desde Redmi 8
Selfie en el Ferry La Caranta, Puerto La Cruz

26.05.2021 22:19


Location; Eziobodo (FUTO)

Hello Steemians,it's a privilege to participate in another contest in this wonderful Community. Today I'm going to share the picture of my street ,as you can see below,it's a quite and peaceful street where you can actually get all you need and make quality transactions.

Hope you all can one day come visit in person.


Photo taken with my phone (Techno pouvoir 3 air)

26.05.2021 22:24

I know this place

27.05.2021 17:27

What a beautiful morning day today! Thanks @msharif for choosing my portrait photography as one of your top 10 best photography. Now this is my entry for street photography. It's me and my 4 sons, we took a picture while going to the beach.

26.05.2021 22:40

Camera: Samsung J7 Location: Jeddah

This is one of the streets in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia where I pass by every single day in going to work for 4 long years.

I was riding our company vehicle when I took this photo and I could not forget the peril of dying everytime we were onboard the vehicle.

We were like riding a roller coaster because our company driver was so very reckless and even drove beyond the allowed speed limit.

Happy I'm now back in my country for good.


27.05.2021 00:22

Device Name: Iphone 6
Location- Mactan Newtown, Cebu Philippines

Hello photography lovers, I just want to share with you my "Street Photography" entry. I asked my colleague to took me this picture in the middle of the street in between the mango trees as a remembrance on my pregnancy stage. The ambiance was really great brought by the air from the trees. And the place was so relaxing... Hope you guys love it.


Love Lots,



27.05.2021 00:46

Hello A rainy morning to all...this is my entry for todays topic.


This street and a lady with maroon dress (me) was taken by my android mobile phone samsung galaxy A10s.
In New Road Mactan Lapu-lapu City.

27.05.2021 01:30

my Entry:

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-22 at 09.14.52 (17).jpeg

Device: Iphone 6s camera
Location: Circle- Accra / Ghana

27.05.2021 01:32

Hello everyone! Its a rainy day, I took this picture during our breaktime some of my co-worker buy their snack. While waiting my wife who bought our snacks. The road is wet because its raining .
This street is located at Soong 2 Mactan, Lapu-lapu City.
Im using Vivo V7 plus to took this picture.

27.05.2021 02:04

Hello again my steemingzen family . Here is my street photography entry .


As you can see it , the street is quite and peaceful . A nice street where you can be able to walk and jog with your little one . This was taken todays date 05-27-2021 located in my place dap-dap mactan lapu-lapu city near crimson hotel . Captured by my oppo A5 . Have a great day .

Love lots ,

27.05.2021 02:20

Good morning to all steemingzen.This is my entry,

This pictures taken while on my way to buy food.
Locations: Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines
Cellphone: VIVO1606

27.05.2021 02:34

Hola un cordial saludo esta foto la tomĂ© el dĂ­a de ayer mientras iba en el transporte pĂșblico hacia mi trabajo, con mi telĂ©fono BLU G61, es la vĂ­a principal de la zona industrial de santa Cruz de Aragua, Venezuela đŸ‡»đŸ‡Ș, cabe destacar que el autobĂșs estaba en movimiento.


27.05.2021 03:39

Here my Entry :
My Candid Camera about an overview of street traders and buyers in Lhokseumawe City. Aceh Province. Indonesia.


Location :
Photo Capture by : Camera Cellphone Realme 6 Pro.
Thanks You.

27.05.2021 04:26

Hello my dear fellow steemians.
This photo was taken just today outside in our home , you can see there's a lot of "trisikads" meaning in Philippines, this is a kind of pedicab or simply sikad or padyak, meaning to tramp or stamp one's feet. It is made by mounting a sidecar to a regular bicycle. How amazing it is right?

These people are very hardworking because they woke up 5am till 7pm waiting for a passenger - and you know what the fee for this is only 5 pesos (0.10$) to 10 pesos (0.20$) for every person. How less is it right? But they are doing this for living and I am very proud because it was the job of my father who is now a Chorizo Maker in one of the marketplace here in Cebu, Philippines.


This photo was taken outside our home, 191. B. Rodriguez St. Cebu City, Philippines.

Photo taken by a smartphone, Vivo Y15

Thank you,

27.05.2021 05:07

Greetings from Philippines. This is my entry for the street photography.
The photo was taken at Palmbeach Resort and Spa, located in Mactan Island, Cebu, Phils.
Using Vvo Y19.
We were having a break that time after for how many months of the strict protocols here in the Phils. Finally we able to got out of our comfort zone. They were my officemates in my previous work and became close friends. Thank you for passing by.We were having a break that time after for how many months of the strict protocols here in the Phils. Finally we able to got out of our comfort zone. They were my officemates in my previous work and became close friends.s.*

27.05.2021 05:14

This is taken just today when I went home for lunch here in our place at Little Village , Suba Masulog , Lapulapu City.
By my Realme UI version v1.0

27.05.2021 05:35

Hello Steemingzen's, thank you for including as 1 of the top 10 portrait photography.
And for today my entry for Street photography is taken in the busy street of Shanghai China. This is near the Yuyuan Garden in the Old City of Shanghai. Me on the photo with the red bag.
Photo captured by Sony Portable Camera.


27.05.2021 06:43

Hi Steemingzen!

Here is my entry.

An early morning jog with my father and nephew at Mactan Newtown Center in Lapu-Lapu City. This photo was taken using an iphone6.


27.05.2021 06:45

Good Day Steemingzen ! This was taken at Kobe, Japan street using IPhone 7.

This was a great day during golden week. It was just a quick escape from all the stress of work.


27.05.2021 07:42

Hello steemingzen family. Here is my entry to the

Daily photography contest // Street photography.


These is a photo of me riding e-bike in the street located at Bankal Acasia lapu-lapu City. These photo was taken when I went to Bankal Enterprises buying some constructions materials for our house. My friend took this photo using my Huawei Nova 7 5G phone.

27.05.2021 08:46

My entry for the contest.


Device: Xiaomi Mi A3
Location: Fuvahmulah island, Maldives.

27.05.2021 09:37

Location : Entry gate to Nepal, India-Nepal road. Birgunj, Nepal.

Device : Redmi 9 Power.
Focal Length : 4.71mm.
Exposure time : 1/100.
ISO : 118.
Flash : No.

27.05.2021 10:07

This photo was captured by my smart mobile phone vivo 1713 model and was taken during our vacation in our province in Cebu particulary in Argao, my hometown. This is my son who was walking in a not so develop street going to his grandmother's house.

27.05.2021 10:36

This is my entry. Entrance of arden classic inc. street. Mactan
Captured by my SAMSUNG A10S


27.05.2021 10:47

Halo Steemingcuration

Ini adalah entry saya untuk postingan contest Street Photography anda, objek saya adalah kendaraan roda tiga (BECAK MOTOR) Yang sedang menerobos tingginya air yang menggenangi jalan di depan kantor tempatku bekerja.

Regards @owner99
Model gambar Becak vehicles
Photo take Smartphone Xiaomi redmi 5A
Category Street photography
Location aceh,indonesia
Photographer @owner99
27.05.2021 11:25

Esta una avenida muy concurrida, pero a causa de virus se encuentra desolada, fue tomada con un teléfono Redmi8 y es de propiedad.

27.05.2021 16:23

Saludos y bendiciones mi fotografía fue tomada a la calle que nos desplaza, esta arropada por un hermoso cielo y acompañada por un silencio en medio de la cuarentena.

Tomada de mi Celular Alcatel1 desde Venezuela

27.05.2021 16:43

Good day to you all :) Here's my entry post for this contest!

This photo was taken at Roro, Port of Cordova, Cebu City, philippines. It is a nice place to spend with your loved ones.


Used Device: Huawei P30 Lite

28.05.2021 00:57

All prize has been sent to the winners
cc: @boss75

31.05.2021 12:19

Just one words

It's my way


31.05.2021 18:00