Steeming Community comment contest || HOW YOU HAVE SPENT YESTERDAY ON STEEMIT?? || Date: 12th June,2021


Steemit has become an integral part of our lives. While spending time on Steemit, we do a lot of activities, face a lot of events. Some posts touch our minds, some moments make us feel bad, some events make us laugh. We can share with others what we witnessed or happened to us on Steemit. This is our twenteenth day of the contest.

Please write in the comment section "HOW YOU HAVE SPENT YESTERDAY ON STEEMIT."


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You can make your entry till 14th June at 11.59 PM UTC. This contest will be done on daily basis.

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Thank you so much. 😊

13.06.2021 07:17

I'm so glad to win 3 times successively!
Thank you so much.

13.06.2021 07:23

Thanks I made it to the contest just on time and God bless @boss75

13.06.2021 07:27

Thank you so much 🙂😊

13.06.2021 07:28

Thank you sir

13.06.2021 07:37

Buenos días estimada comunidad, ayer realice la publicación de mi diario, ademas de leer, comentar y comentar por publicaciones de contenido importante, también realice 2 delegaciones una de ellas la mas alta, a esta gran comunidad #steemingcommunity en la tarde sostuve una reunión con mis compañeras de equipo @mavibauza y @roselis para preparar el contenido de nuestro próximo taller que realizaremos el próximo Miércoles.

13.06.2021 07:44

@steemingcuration Thank you so much.

13.06.2021 08:01

Yesterday, 12-Jun-2021 was an interesting day for me in Steemit.

When I wake up and check Steemit, I found a notification for my post in "World of Xpillar" community. My post was made on day before yesterday. It was an entry for "Creating Stories Week #17" on the theme "The Mysterious Testament". My entry post was : There I used a photograph of an old building as the residence of the family in my story. The photograph was clicked by me in my visit to Kalimpong. It is of the Morgan House, which was residence of a British family and now turned into a heritage hotel.

However, the organizer adeljose had suspected that the photograph used in my entry is downloaded from internet while I claimed that the photo is clicked by myself. In his comment ( he escalated this to endingplagiarism. Interestingly, the internet link adeljose identified is nothing but my backup in an cloud storage service.

In explained this in my reply ( in detail. There I shared screenshot of my folder in that storage site, a photograph featuring me in front of the building, my purchase proof of the mobile device used to clicked the photo.

My explanation satisfied him ( as well as endingplagiarism team ( They both upvoted in my post also.

I also had a learning that that the photographs we store internet may be made available in internet. I will make sure not to backup any private photo.

13.06.2021 08:41

How I spend my yesterday on steem steemit

Yesterday 12-06-21 happened to be my Birthday as I got up from bed at 2am in the night and received numerous wishes from my steemit friends all over the world. In the morning at 7am I got up and enter my steemit account and replied to all my messages as I also voted and re-steem posts of my the afternoon I then met a friend @rafk whom I'm still mentoring and taught him alot of things on Steemit as I was happy he is gradually learning .I ended my day visiting most communities to see if there was Contests of my interest so that I could enter the contest as well ,but unfortunately I didn't see any one so I slept off.. I can say my yesterday on steemit was fruitful as I had to teach slot about Steem to my friend @rafk

13.06.2021 09:32

Steeming Community comment contest || HOW YOU HAVE SPENT YESTERDAY ON STEEMIT?? || Date: 12th June,2021


At 07.30 I arrived at work looking a bit quiet because the school was just getting ready to take the exam then the teachers were compiling grades to fill out the report. after sitting for a while in the office then I opened WhatsApp because there was a notification in the WA group I saw an invitation later on Thursday 11th we were all invited to the house of one of my colleagues to eat Caluk noodles. After completing all our work, finally we all went to the invitee.


I invite @muklis90 @adson @ahmadbaidawi @midun @afkar86 @izara94 to be able to participate in this event,

13.06.2021 09:51

A big thank you to @steemingcuration and Steeming Community, God bless you all!

13.06.2021 10:15

Because of so much stress for how many days, we also spent a little while with my friends at a certain chicken restaurant here in Cebu. Since we were also having same rest days, and it was Philippines Independence Day yesterday. We went to Boss Manok restaurant where they served unlimited friend chicken wings with unlimited rice. After we recovered from our cravings, we had a long walk going to IT Park, to have a chill and talks. That's how I spent yesterday on steemit.

Thank you again @steemingcuration. Please comment yours now @saneunji, @jenny018, @aziel29, @rosa2021 and @fruityapple00.

13.06.2021 10:27

How my Yesterday Went 12-06-2021
Yesterday was a hectic day for me, howbeit, it was satisfying. I prepared meal and a special delicacy for a family friend.
A plate of garnished jollof spaghetti

After the meal I took my bath, hoping to grab a nap just to receive a call from a client to deliver a grilled chicken to her home address. I got to work and ensured I delivered promptly. I delivered to her house by engaging a service of a logistics company.
Picture of chrilled chicken

I wrapped up my day yesterday by participating in a steemfoods contest.
I invite @beautiefair and @mickky13 to participate.

Special thanks to @Steemingzen and @boss75

13.06.2021 12:45

After spending my week taking care of my mom at the hospital, finally we were home yesterday. Aside from the fact that finally my mom was released from the hospital. Yesterday June 12 was also a very significant day in our country Philippines, because it marks the 123rd years for being independent from other country's ruling. We celebrated National Independence Day (ARAW NG KALAYAAN). Originally it was dated July 4th same date with the USA's Independence Day, but was later changed by our former President Diosdado Macapagal to June 12.
This year's theme is "Diwa sa Pagkakaisa at paghilom ng Bayan." means "Spirit of Freedom in Unity and National Healing".

I also visited my Steemit account in the platform, made a draft for my entry to the contest "Your Story 2" by @fabio2614 and resteem some posts. I also made a follow up with my cousins with their preparation for their 1st post to the platform, but even if I only got one replied I was so happy that though it's only 1 out of 5 at least there's already a sign of improvement.

Thank you and this is @bellekiss-31! wishing you a peaceful evening.

13.06.2021 13:40

For some weeks I have not been active on Steemit. searched through Steemit to look for trending contests, saw some posts that I could take part in.
I participated in the Campus Connect game which was introduced newly this week. We are a group of 5 teams with 5 members each. It is a one month tournament. I went through my friends contents, commented, upvoted and resteemed some of the posts. I also did my Achievement 5 Task 1 post and also planning to do the second task.

steemingcommunity #contest

13.06.2021 15:01

Yesterday, I went to Tuburan Cebu, Philippines for our church outreach. I woke up very early because we travelled early too for that place took 2hrs of travel via van. With me was my sister Juliessa and other churchmates. While having an outreach, I really took photos to post in steemit 😊Everywhere I go, I always think on what content should I write in steemit, I'm getting addicted to it 😂

Me and my sister

Inside the van

Some of the youth there

Thank you 🙂

13.06.2021 17:40

How I spend my yesterday on steem steemit

This is my first post in steeming community. Hope you all will be good and enjoying health. How i spend my yesterday on steemit??. Yes igot up early in the morning said my fajar prayers . after that i started cleaning of my house. After completing my work me took break fast . After break fast i was free so i started using steemit.While using steemit i saw someone 's post in steemit library commounity. I was very happy to see a community about books as my self love reading books . Then i found an amazing contest in steem library community which was about your favourite antagonistI loved this topic . The contest was about to close ,l had a little time to participate so me started making a qulaity post about my favourite antagonist. Ireally enjoyed writing this post ,because in this post i was writing about hashim eho is my favourite evil character.
I completed my post and posted it in steem library. This was my yesterday activity on steemit.

13.06.2021 18:42

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13.06.2021 19:49

Wow! Great contest

13.06.2021 21:11

How I spend my yesterday on steem steemit

As the day goes by i decided to post my verification ,here is the link , since i was not verified yet so i post it again. I also post my recipe "chicken tinola (soup)" here is the link this is perfect for rainy season .
Another thing that i do yesterday is taking care of my 2 children .
And since its sunday so it means Church time . A sort video where the children are praising our god

So that would be all . Thank you my steemingzen family

Love lots,


13.06.2021 23:37

Goodmorning fellow #steemingzen's yesterday's activity is the usual routine which is joining contest on different communities and I'm glad for even a small amount of SP I was able to delegate 50SP on #SteemWomenClub and delegated 25SP to @tipu and I'm looking onward to delegate more to other communities it's not that big but I guess it can be a help to the community. For if only I have enough steem power I will delegate every community that I have subscribe and joined for it's nice to give back to the community because it's a two way process receive and give at the same time.
Well I'm inviting my friends to send in their entries too @rosa2021, @hae-ra, @belle-kiss31.

14.06.2021 00:11

Ayer 12 de Junio fue un día de muchas batallas para mi familia, a mi esposo se le presentó una situación crítica en la casa de su madre, pues allí conviven 3 hermanos que no tienen casa propia y la convivencia se ha tornado muy violenta.


Yesterday, June 12, was a day of many battles for my family, my husband was faced with a critical situation in his mother's house, since 3 brothers live there who do not have their own house and living together has become very violent.

Como es el hermano mayor, se vió en la necesidad de hacer un llamado fuerte de atención por la paz mental de su madre, esperamos cedan para lograr armonía.


As he is the older brother, he felt the need to make a strong call for attention for his mother's peace of mind, we hope they give in to achieve harmony.

El estrés me desánimo para postear, algo me impulsó a publicar, ¿que creen que pasó?, pues que logré una votación muy buena en mi post.


Stress discouraged me to post, something prompted me to post, what do you think happened? Well, I got a very good vote on my post.

Mi post votado que me hizo muy felíz.

My voted post that made me very happy.



- Tenía tiempo sin publicar en @steemitgzen, pero gracias a Dios quiero estar presentes .

14.06.2021 03:45

Yesterday the 13th of June i got up and i had no data, i struggled and got day by 2pm during the day and i finally visited my account. In my account unfortunately for me there were no new comments despite the contests i had taken part of in steem in the past days so I just went through some communities in search of contests again but never really saw something interesting so i backed off. Where are some screenshots of my day in steem


14.06.2021 06:12


Hello my fellow steemians, hope you are in a good mood and in a good health. How i spent yesterday on steemit i was vlogging, reading post of our fellow steemians and resteeming their post. Looking for a contest that i can participate.
I was checking also my steemit wallet and power up my steem power even in a small amount. I also delegate here in the steemingcuration at the amount of 25 sp.

I hope i can delegate more steem power on the near future. I feel happy that i can delegate in this small amount here in the steeming community.


I was also cooking macaroon for our snacks and for my kiddos. As i say i'd loved to cook for my family and for my kids too. My kids is my inspiration of my cooking skills and more practice for me. This is how i spent yesterday on steemit i hope you like it.

I also invited @ayingferry, @paqula16, and momshie16 to participate thi daily contest how you spent yesterday on steemit. Thats all for today and God blesa us all.

14.06.2021 07:46

Hello Stemian Friends around the world....
Yesterday I spent most of my time doing activities as usual, doing daily work from morning until noon
On the sidelines of my busy life to fulfill my obligation to earn a living, as a father, I also take the time to share time with my little daughter, at the age of three, she looks very hopeful for my attention.
After that, I returned to my daily activities, I fulfilled an appointment to meet my work partner.
We chatted in a coffee shop while enjoying a cup of arabica coffee.


14.06.2021 09:04

@steemingcuration Hola apreciada comunidad me complacer saludarlos y contar parte de mi día de ayer, la cual fue un día de muchas Bendiciones en reunión con mis familiares y amigos.


Pudimos compartir una rica sopa de costillas y divertirnos todos en familia, gracias a Dios y asteemit mis padres pudieron realizar este almuerzo con sus ahorros ganados por sus publicaciones.

invito a participar a @glendispadilla y @andreinaaraque

14.06.2021 15:45

How I spent yesterday the 12-06-2021 on steemit
School has kept me quite busy so I've not been able to make posts or partake in contests. So I was busy browsing through the amazing content on steemit, commenting and upvoting on posts i felt were quality. I also checked my notifications. I discovered the black and white photography and art contest in the world of xpilar community and I look forward to participating.

14.06.2021 17:09


Yesterday was a busy day for me. I woke up by 4am, said my prayers and headed for church service by 6am. Service ended by 11am. I met with some of my friends and shared pleasantries with them. Then I settled down to log into my steemit account. I do that everyday. I had some comments to reply and I also went through some communities to check out the latest update. Was glad to see that I've been selected by steem nursery for the 500sp minnow support program and my label was changed with a fish symbol.


I got home, did some laundries and cooked and rested.

14.06.2021 17:24

All prize has been sent to the winners. cc @boss75

14.06.2021 18:09