Steem Income - Buy and hold tokens ang get life time upvote



Steem Income is a Project like one time payment for life time upvote service in which any steemian who purchase our Tokens named as Steem Income Token (SIT) and sponsor someone will get daily upvote from @steemincome on their latest posts. Both Members (Who Purchased the Share and sponsored person) will get same Ratio benefits from the Share.

At the Initial Stage of @Steemincome
25 SIT (Steem Income Token) Equal to 1 Share

1 Share equal to Daily $0.001 Worth Upvote and Weekly $0.007 Worth Upvote

Which Means 6 Days a Week you and your sponsor will get $0.001 Worth Upvote from @steemincome on their latest Post and 7th day you and your Sponsor will get $0.007 worth Upvote from @steemincome on their Latest Post.

Today's SIT Price is 0.100 Steem and Soon it will rise up. Its the perfect time to Buy SIT (Steem Income Token).

How to Join?

Purchase atleast 25 Steem Income Token (SIT) from Send 1 Token to @steemincome with Memo your Sponsored Friend's Name as "@steemincome". When We'll accept your Share we'll Return your token to you with Memo "Accepted | Your Share no". After acceptation of Your Share within 24 hours You and Your Sponsor will Start Receiving Upvote from @steemincome as the worth of your Shares.

Methods to gain Shares.

There are Three Ways to get Share:

  1. Purchase SIT(Steem Income Token)
    This will allow you to also sponsor someone in the memo, and get both of you a share each.
  2. Be a Sponsored
    Are you a little low on steem? Get one if your friends to hook you up with a share via sponsorship.
  3. Delegate your Steem Power to @steemincome
    At the initial Stage of Steem Income We are accepting delegations in exchange for shares. It will be 10 SP per share for existing Users and for New User 25 SP per SI Share.


Every Monday We'll make a Contest in which We're going to choose 4 Steemians who get 1 Week SI Share as a Reward. Soon We'll make a post about it.

Join Us on Our Discord Channel:

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24.07.2019 22:18

is this project created by the SBI team? It is very similar.

25.07.2019 03:00

@josephsavage @steembasicincome

I'm assuming no, as sbi could wrap this into SBI without a reBrand. But hey, SBI must be doing thing right if it has people mirroring it like so. Great work #SBI team ^>^

25.07.2019 06:06

People have been copying us almost since the very beginning.

Most of our copycats are gone already. See a working model and think... 'that looks easy, I could do that'. But no understanding of how much work happens behind the scenes.

25.07.2019 14:20

@sbi-booster I accept and appreciate your hard work. My most of services are same as yours but not everything. Yeah I took your idea and added some of my own to make something more valuable and more better but its not the end. I am thinking about something big and its just a starting step. I am not a copycat but maybe its the universal rule that most of successful stories are started from the Idea of someone else. You can call me competitor as I am given same services as you but I am not here to competitive you or anyone else.
Your words are most valuable but they hurt me. Someone said " First Impression is the last Impression". Today I got the meaning and ....


25.07.2019 21:19

I had no intention of hurting your feelings, and if you look again we actually did not say anything about your program at all.

You should be careful about claims like "something more valuable and more better but its not the end" especially where your announcement posts don't have any information about who is behind your program. If you're "more better" then why are you hiding?

25.07.2019 22:06

Yup! It's similar as SBI but not from SBI team.

25.07.2019 17:09