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Success! Steemhouse Writing Prompt 1

If you're ready for some first-rate fiction, buckle up and hold on to your hats, because we have some for you.

In response to our writing prompt offered earlier this month, we had five truly outstanding bits of writing emerge from the Steem community. We've collected them here, so if you're in the mood for a thrill, follow these links! You won't be disappointed.

Listed in Order By Date Posted

@marcybetancourt starts us off with Strolling Through the Louvre.

Marianna has already traveled Paris several times. The gatherings in the cafés, with the companions of the trip, were endless and pleasant but the discussions about the Monalisa became tedious. Everyone had a view of Da Vinci's portrait and she has not yet gone to the Louvre.

@katrina-ariel treats us to some of her stellar poetry with Desolation and Promise

T’was not in the space between waking and dreaming,
Nor the exhale before the great beyond,
But on a jaunt through the country when my vision blurred.
Grave choices stretched on and on.

@rhondak chills us with a little bit of cause and effect in Corrupt Earth.

The birds always knew.

They could sense the way the earth changed even before it blackened and curled, and they stayed clear. Today they flew west along the tracks of the old farm road, then sharply north over the ancient hillfort. Impressive, this sudden change of tack, all those hundreds of starlings swooping and swirling like a single plume of living black smoke.

@elainemoore finds hope in the horror with Scorched Earth and Rebirth

A thousand miles of scorched earth lay behind me. Years and years of it, its dust still clinging to my clothes and skin and soul. Struggle, pain, sickness, apathy. The worst decade of my life. Rebirth lies ahead, but despite its promise, I hesitate, trembling and unsure. Knowing the poisonous ground behind me must stay there for me to survive, I step forward. And look back. That bleak landscape with its deadly, inexorable pull has been my safety net. And although there is nothing safe or comforting about it, it’s my safety and comfort. The devil I know.

And finally, @de-rock leaves us hanging with a teaser of great things to come in Them Lyin’ Green Hills. Come on, Rock--you gotta give us more!

Mama always said we weren’t in hell. Mama didn’t speak her mind much, but she was adamant about that. On account that she raised her daughters right, and God wouldn’t have made hell so goddamn beautiful.

Stay Tuned for More Great Prompts

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