SteemGC Daily Curation Report -21.09.'19


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Gamer Content
@happyme Running Blind - Game 43 - Day 5 (Sept. 21, 2019)
@atnazo League of Legends - Chasing best ELO
@dirapa 🌍 VIMM.TV 420 GAMING - STREAMING... PLAY WITH US 🌍 [Mr. Spacely STREAMS] Let's SCUM! [VimmTV]
@furioslosi Gaming Stream xD YEAH 720p 60FPS
@maftah The most important news of the week: Sony's encrypted message unfolds, expected bulls games, criticism of the game Death Stranding and more ..
@grand.strategy Grand Strategy TV 24/7
@txmek [PL/ENG] Usual Gaming Time

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