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The SteemFriends app started 2 years ago. Watch the video to see me explain a list of things it can do:

- Rank your top contributors in dollars between 2 dates
- Display side by side, between two dates, who votes for you and who you vote for the most
- Search through a list of articles you have written or upvoted between two dates, using tags or titles
- Display the conversation record between you and a friend
- Display your ranking for Followers, Reputation, Effective SP, Own SP, SBD, Estimated Account Value, Pending Payout, Past Payout, Power Down, Account Creation, Witness Voting Power on Steemit
- Display how much you have contributed to a friend in $ between 2 dates and vice versa, broken down by articles.

To continue this service, the backend database steemsql costs 20 SBD per month. Watch the video to see me explain how upvotes to this article can help pay for the backend database. Thank you!

Important: SteemSQL will NOT be renewed if the SBD+Steem balance (excluding Steem Power) in this account does not reach a value of 20 SBD. Thank you.

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Hey! Maybe leave a comment below the post that we can upvote as well. Saying this as I noticed this post will have 10% less rewards thanks to dtube beneficiaries :-/ Cheers and good luck.

20.09.2019 17:18

Sure Rosa, here it is.

20.09.2019 21:09

Sure Rosa, here it is. People don't have to upvote they can just send me sbd or steem directly if they wish.

20.09.2019 21:14

This post has been included in the latest edition of The Steem News - a compilation of the key news stories on the Steem blockchain.

21.09.2019 14:05

Great! Thanks :)

21.09.2019 21:23

Just letting everyone know that we are still $1.519 SBD short from renewing the SteemSQL subscription, after the Steem revenue of this article has been converted into SBD. I will pay for this with my own money.

28.09.2019 06:38