The Evolution of An Artist at Home.

I stumbled upon few pieces of paper from my old book shelf which made my eyes wet. It was like I found somthing valuable. Though it is only a piece of paper but looking at them I feel very proud and at the same time quite Happy. Making me emotional in the process as the piece of paper has sketches from my kids from her childhod days.


Many of you might have know her as I already shared many of her Art work on Steem. I named her #drawingqueen now 12 years old, who naturally develops a liking towards Art since her birth. Infact I was always wondering how she develops such quality as we do not have any Artist in my home. But finding her these Pen sketches , from old notebook, I would surely say , something very special is in making.

The first piece of paper is quite old and have her first sketch I guess.


What you could expect from a 5 years old,who hardly manage to hold the pen in her hand. Being my kid I am not going to demotivate her but instead praise her for her effort...I remembered!!. I never thought that my words would motivate her and in 2 years since then, she would draw something like a complete girl.


This I assume is quietely giving a glimpse of an Artist in the making at 6 years of Age. Since then, I never stopped her from Art & Craft and helping her in all possible way. As she grown she made many art and craft work and have pasted many in our bedroom door.


Apart from these , she is also very keen in DIY stuff and made many models using random things. Like Pen Stand using bangles or Family Tree using old CD.

I am going to keep these paper forever alongwith all her art work. Might we need to make a Art Gallery for her. If you keen to see her work, you may search #drawinngqueen to get a complete list of her artwork post shaed on Steem.

Stay Calm....

Keep Steeming...Steem On !!!

Namaste from @steemflow





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