The Dhokra Art & The Rice Measure Bowl.

It was a normal measuring vessel in my home untill I checked about it in Internet to discover an amazing artistic history about such Vessel. The vessel in my home too have a History , but I unknowingly discovered about Dhokra Art. Something very new and interesting to me and discovered some strange facts about the Dying art.


Firstly let me make you familiar about this "Rice Measuring Bowl". A nice metallic bowl with engraved design is made up of Brass which is used only to measure Rice and Grains. at many Indian Home. This is a traditional measuring unit which very popular in Rural parts of India. There were design of Fish along with some artistic touch.

This bowl is not used for any other purpose . It is specially kept at many Indian Village home only to measure Rice or Grains. The history of these bowls are in continuation since 4500 years ago. The bowl vessel were mostly used when there were Barter system were in use in absence of currency. Barter system, in which transanction took place only through exchanging goods.


The common looking bowl has a special artistic history. If you will notice the bowl are in a round shape that may contain 1KG of material. It has a very fine arts made outside. Such Art is called Dhokra Art.


Dhokra Art is a Tribal art which originated around 5000 years ago. It is originated in West Bengal but slowly spread across the entire eastern region with the movement of tribes. The Art was later mastered in Jharkhand, Bihar, Orissa, Kerela and other regions. this tribal art form, done by the traditional metalsmiths of Bengal called as Dhokra Damar tribes.


The Bowl is very plane from inside. But always shining. The measuring bowl at my home has a history that belongs from the days of my Dad's marriages. From 1955, brought by my Mom on wedding is still remain with us and still be use for the same purpose.


As we done with the harvesting, I discover this vessel , as it came out from store room again for the same measuring purpose. It is very solid and the circular joint around the center making it more strong. So when we do not had the measuring instruments, we simply rely on it. It has standard weighing quantity of 1KG.

In process I thought to share it with my lovely Steemian family.


These ancient vessel were still very much available on many online shopping platform. But owning a own and having a family touch of , I feel as if I treasured some valuable ancientnt item. But feeling bad for the artists as they are losing their visibility in making these.
Hope soon it get back with all the accolades.

ay Calm....

Keep Steeming...Steem On !!!

Namaste from @steemflow





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Amazing thing you discover. Old is always gold friend. Keep going. Have a nice day.

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