Tasting "Fried Fish" First Time : #tastytuesday -107

I know , it is quite challenging to make a post on #tastytuesday. The quality food post needed to be tasty alongwith well presented to the audience. However, I could not find a better way to present my first experience with Fish and that too Fried. Well making it first time at home, there is no way , I can make it more attactive, still it is better to share how my experience goes with it.


Those who have been regular to my posts must be aware, that very recently I developed a taste for Fish. Even recently i went to the Fish market and shared my experience read here in case you have not yet.

Anyhow that time I had in someone else home, and now tried to cook by self. And that in a mud stove which uses dried wood.


With some knowledge and input from an expert I gathered much information to cook by self. I bought a kilo fresh water fish from nearby village shop. The good part these shops make the work easier by cutting the fishes into pieces. I had around 17 pieces at my place when brought home.

As per the direction and input, firstly I garnish the Fish pieces with Turmeric and Salt.


Then let the Frying Oil to get heated in an utensil. And slowly place the fishes one by one into it. This is the first time I am frying with so much oil. I made sure not to get any splashes on my skin, it could be very dangerous. So I slowly placing the fishes into the utensils. And let them for Deep Fry.


With already heated oil, it took 5-7 minutes to get the first bunch completelly fried. Once it started to changing colour and getting bit brownish, I started to take them out in a plate.

To tell you all, my first bunch was half fried, but it was tasty too, but in the second lot I made sure it get fried properly. I took them out in a plate and started to eat them hot🙃


On a sunny afternoon during winter season having the fried fish sitting openly in our courtyard have a altogether a different experience. But it was quite tasty, and my first experience of Fish cooking went well.....that what i believe.


My first experience of fried fish it was good one and I though to share them on #tastytuesday - 107 by @qurator. It was very easy to make fish fry, and next time I would try to make fish curry.

Stay Calm....

Keep Steeming...Steem On !!!

Namaste from @steemflow





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That's great! A good crispy fish fry... looks like you did well for your first go. Best of luck in the tasty Tuesday contest.

30.12.2019 13:26

Thanks @jasonbu it's quite challenging to fit in , just for fun I made it ....it was good experience cooking by own

30.12.2019 16:44
Love your Foodie post!

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30.12.2019 13:32

Thank you 🤟

30.12.2019 16:43

Wow !! Your stove is something I've never seen before.
It also reminds me that life is tough too

30.12.2019 14:56

Hey...it's one from the old school. Generally, for non- veg item, we need to cook seperatelly from our main kitchen, so this makeshift mud stove works wonder ...

30.12.2019 16:43

Love fried Fish ☺️☺️
It's mouth watering

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30.12.2019 15:30

Ohhh....i just started to like it....and fried tastes better

30.12.2019 16:41