Drawn In Anger - "The Guitarist" (by 10 Years Old)

ntopaz-image-0ntopaz-image-1ntopaz-image-2ntopaz-image-3An Artist may always make use of their time to showcase the talent. I remember, found my little kids drawing this little "Guitarist" after I scolded her for not completing her school homework.

Instead of studying she went on to make this cute drawing in anger. Though she was angry but it melted my heart by looking her love for Art. She drew this when she was only 10 Year old.

I remember the drawing was non stop and without any word spoken. Such is her dedication that after that I never scolded her and keep encouraging to keep doing whatever she like. The result is she is happy now as she started to manage her study as well as her Art work. Balan ING perfectly do fair in all ground.

It was a little boy, standing under a tree along the river and playing Guitar. It was completelly from my little kid imagination.

I kept clicking the shot while she keep on drawing on floor. The result is the guitarist boy without putting any colour on it.

She is now more polished in any art work including DIY.

Thanks & Namaste


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Drawing is one of tools for therapy. It is good to help or relieve bad mood or mental illness. My daughter also to do that when she fell bored.

That's a good start for her. She has a talent in art. 😊

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04.11.2019 03:17

Indeed she surprises me alot with her artwork....I don't think I ever done such beautiful work. It is a good thing to indulge in something which is more productive...

04.11.2019 06:54