#Newsteem - Simply Loving It. !! More Curation , More Rewards.

Looking at things, and Experiencing the things are two different aspect.

"Do not go by what others were saying. Get your own experience before getting into any conclusion"

These are the words of wisdom from my Dad who have pretty good life experience of 78 years.
Get your own view on any subject what he always emphasises and taught us do. Everyone have their own angle of looking at things.
The result of following his teaching is that I have started to enjoy the #newsteem life.


There were many talks happened before the implementation of HF21/22. Many were disagree with 50/50 rewards split up, however they ignore the brighter side of it. High curation value that the curator could earn through some smart curation activity. Even I was in doubt of the new practices, but have faith on Steem(it).

Today , my wallet showing unclaimed reward balance of 1.49 SP, to which I checked my reward history screen to get amazed of higher curation reward. Here are some of the curation reward that I received in last 15 min.


These are some of the previous week curation credited in my wallet. These reward were received at my 100% upvote on other authors post.
Further, to the above screenshot, look at the return that I have earned through curating @100% upvote here is the breakup of my curation rewards.

0.045. - 0.108
0.040. - 0.113
0.036. - 0.127
0.047. - 0.184
0.048. - 0.205
0.216. -. 0.737 (Total)

Overall, I have earned more than 3 times of my investment with each upvote.

This is #newsteem which started to blossom slowly.
It is good to spread the beauty of the platform and bring back people who left the platform without experimenting the new changes. At first I was doubt too, however the love for the platform pulled me to experience it more closely.

I was pretty sure, of getting benefit, for which I pulled back all my invested SP to my wallet, so that I can do my own manual curation. The result has started to shower some good rewards.

Steem takes 10 hrs to get back to 100% of your RC from 90%. So one could able to curate 20 posts at 100% in a day, means more rewards. One can curate more, if they want to go beyond 90% of RC.

The new changes is beautiful, and we can't stop enjoying the new sphere.

Stay Calm....Steem On !!

Keep Steeming....Keep Curating !!!

Namaste from @steemflow





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Your post looks great! Thanks for explaining this to us well. Now I understand a lot about curatios rewards. And I know How are these shared?

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