Getting close with locust - Wildlife


Recently, the news of locust were everywhere, especially in India and other neighbouring country. They were in million just grazing upon all the green fields.

I am living far off from those affected areas, still I found one sitting on the green leafes in our lawn.


Noticing it, I thought to get close as possible as I can. By close I mean to get a closer look of the little insects that has created such havoc.

And seriously I does found many amazing thing in the little life.





Taking so many close picture does allow me to explore many interesting sights of the little insects. The tough shiny skin wall to hairy spiky legs. This does implies,nature has many interesting to explore.

Stay Home...Stay Safe!!

Namaste @steemflow

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Great pics ... which would suit very well into "Fascinating Insects". :)

16.07.2020 03:50

Hmm...i thought for a second...but for more viewership I opted for this...

19.07.2020 13:28