First Time On A Fishy Street - #marketfriday

One of the unusual thing I ever did is going to a fish market. A place which I avoid to ever visit again due to crowd and smell that covers the entire area. It's non of my business ever to visit such place as I am not a fish eater. However, lately I started to try out some taste of non- veg dishes and my visit to the fish street is step towards it, and I was mentaly ready to give it a go.

It was right in middle of the Road.


I have crossed that area many a times, right in middle of the divider that separates the two sides. But never ever stopped to look at the vendor who keep shouting and selling the fishes. It was not an authorised selling fish market, but these people have managed to make it a permanent place for them. They have been selling the fish since many years and one can easily find variety of them.


They have fished them from nearby river or pond and usually sells them while say. The moment I stepped in the road, I found that they have covered almost both the side as well. Right along the busy road, it is bit of risky for the buyers to met with some kind of accident, as many vehicles zoom pass quickly.


I would say, this is just another glimpse of India, where such scene can be found in other part too. Selling stuffs like fish on road side, especially in small cities and town. Being a local vendor they manage to get live fish, and sell them higher prices. As they are quite fresh to eat. To keep them fresh they put them in large aluminium bucket and fit a small water motor that keep splashing and streaming the water inside the bucket.

A very unique way to witness of selling live fishes. I have seen moving fish glands as a proof of being alive.


These street vendors usually sells fresh water fishes as there are no sea nearby. They have the usual routine of setting up their sitting areas at 7Am every day till their stock last.
One can find all variety of fresh water fishes, I can't named any except Rohu & Kayla, as these are the name I was more familiar. But looking at other varity i get some stinking feeling inside.


Small or big, White or Silver, they have all of them ready to sell. Kept openly along the roadside in large containers or big plates.


After making my first visit to this , i am kind of feeling that never to go there again. Though i got a tastier fried fish later in the day, but stepping into that stinky place would sure take all the taste out of my mouth.


This is just an unusual #marketfriday for @dswigle and for me too with some good experience.

One thing for sure do ready to bargain while buying fish in this market.😉 A very common thing while shopping in India.👍

Stay Calm....

Keep Steeming...Steem On !!!

Namaste from @steemflow





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Am glad that you got out of your comfort zone to see the fish sellers and most importantly is buying and trying one yourself.
Thumbs up

20.12.2019 15:09

It's not about comfort
....just never had the need to visit that place.....not a fish lover untill just starting to have some...

21.12.2019 03:02

It's a good first step !!
Thumbs up to you

21.12.2019 08:06

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20.12.2019 15:14

I agree with you: fish markets smell terrible

20.12.2019 19:59

Yupss...not a good place to stand for hours...

21.12.2019 03:02

Looks like they have such a good variety of fish thanks for sharing this Market with us


20.12.2019 23:26

Indeed....even I am not aware with all..

21.12.2019 03:01
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20.12.2019 23:26

Nice post, I must admit, that we don't have this type of fish market in South Africa, I like the idea of keeping the fish alive, until sold.

21.12.2019 19:19

Yes...that is the good thing to do , atleast also the customer get convinced of having some fresh rather than stored or stale fish

22.12.2019 05:02

Oh yes! That is for sure! A non fish eater should never go into a fish market. And the crowd is always big and the smell is not something associated with yummy things if you don't eat it. I have to admit that that's very part of people to be almost like squatters, sitting there until they figure out that they're not going to get kicked out and then just make it bigger. Lol

At the side of the road like that I would be afraid that I would get hit with traffic, but they do the same thing in Africa pushing the markets out into the street and making less space for the cars. Fresh fish is always the best to eat and I would probably die from there if I lived there. I want to thank you for braving the fish market for me and might I suggest that when you get your fried fish you go to a place that does not sell fresh fish but only the fried fish. You have better chance of eating it and not being able from smelling fish. It's not usually so much the fish as it is the water but they have been in it and it gets all over. Because those are fresh fish. I want to thank you anyway for braving the market and bringing me back a stellar post.

MarketFriday loves you!

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27.12.2019 05:08
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27.12.2019 05:09