Come, Seat, Relax and Enjoy - Bamboo & Cane Show : #marketfriday

Last month I made a visit to a local Handicrafts Fair. (And you guess it right, I made a detailed post on Steem).
Different craftsman from different places come together at one place to showcase the work of their handicrafts item. They are poor and belongs from Rural part. We had many stalls put up but one particular stall that made us to relax, was the Bamboo & Cane stall. Atleast we can seat and relax on their displayed item, kept openly.


It was not about these relaxing chairs , but there were many items that pulling up the buyers to the stall. In process people used to take a little rest without any cost on the furniture items. The shop has all kind of household items. Perfectly made very useful. From studying lamps to bamboo chair to other items of use, they have enough to keep the buyer hooked.


Looking closely, i found out the work to be very genuine and master class. How those hanrd and rugged "canes" were wooven into some fine item of display. It was definately the work of the expertise to make things like that.

Cane is the long and hard central part of certain plants (bamboo or sugar) that is like a tube and is used as a material for making furniture, etc. - Dictionary


The major attraction of this stall was indeed the trinagle shape sofa set. It has 3 chairs and a center table, available in two different sizes.


But the only drawback was the height which would make sitting bit uncomfortable for people of height. Though the look was very unique, on which the back was supported against a single bamboo. I found it quite comfortable at the back, which has direct contact with the spine.


It was good for people of short height, as the chair making the people to seat straight upright. With no much harm to the spine. Also it was reasonable rate of Rs.5000/- (enough looking at the work done on it.)
With so many items to check out, in small stall, the effort put in by the crafts speaks up the volume of work they usually put in. The next was quite unique but simple item.


I was kind of spent few Minite to understand the use of it. Hollow bamboo pipe on three legs quite a unique piece, but didn't took long for me to get hold of it. These are actually work as Vase to keep some artificial flower on.

It was displayed as a mock set up of the living area at your home. Which gives me the proper usage. The stall owner made a adhoc set up right out side the stall to make people feel like home. Ad with flower on the bamboo pipe it really looking very attractive to have such living areas.


And for the displayed flowers, we have another stall right next to the Bamboo & Cane stall to make it ease for public to do their shopping.


So these chairs and sofa set , which were displayed openly were used by the people to relax and also allows them to look out for the other item on the stalls. A good marketing strategy to bring more people to their stall.

Anyhow this is infact a stale #marketfriday for @dswigle (i.e Denise) but I could not find a better way to praise the hand work of the artisans putting so much effort in making these item.

Hope you all have a lovely time relaxing and enjoying the Bamboo & Cane show. An eco-friendly way to decor your living room

Stay Calm....

Keep Steeming...Steem On !!!

Namaste from @steemflow





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Very very excellent handicraft, you are so creative. How long you made all sir @steemflow ?? Proud of you. Blessing


10.01.2020 12:40

Thanks....wish you would have read it as well

10.01.2020 12:44

I'm Sorry, because I was so fascinated by this craft, I forgot to read clearly. but never mind and I have read it well and I know this is their handicraft, but the place where this handicraft is made is not mentioned by you. In Indonesia there are also crafts like this, a lot of them even have crafts from rattan combined with bamboo. Bamboo crafts are indeed unique and currently, as far as I know, are very expensive. It is natural for a creativity that requires high accuracy and art and they must have artistic soul there. Hopefully they succeed and this can be a good income for them. One more thing, open marketing like this is also good, oneday we hope they are have the ability to understand online shop.

10.01.2020 13:02

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10.01.2020 12:42

Oh, but, it is not stale at all! It is new to us, which makes it fresh! I was hoping that you would come back and do more because the other post was awesome!

I love bamboo and the triangle-shaped sofa set. Very classy and smart marketing to put it right in front so that people can enjoy them and perhaps entice them to buy one if they are in the market for one. I am on the shorter side of the average height, so this would suit me perfectly!

That first stall was a fine place to get a good look, and I wanted to ask you if those chairs were comfortable or just nice looking. I like shops with lots of different merchandise in it. Something for the eyes to see. :) I also thought those vases were a great idea to display the artificial flowers.

Thank you! Thank you! We all had a great time there and I appreciate you circling the post back here again and letting us get a better look. Wonderful post!

MarketFriday loves you

Upped and Steemed


17.01.2020 01:25

Trust me I sat on all and found them very comfortable, especially the triangle shape chair with a straight back....i would have bought one but before that need to make space for these at home and also my height wo t allow me to seat longer, but looking at your stature, surely you would love them

It was just one stop for all wooden crafts....and good to share more in details rather than just leaving with glimpse of them.

17.01.2020 03:13
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17.01.2020 01:25