@steevc was flaged by @steemflag! @steevc 入列 @steemflag !

目前入列 @huaren.news@steemflag 的,都是主动踩过 @huaren.news 及旗下账号的帖子。 @huaren.news 只是出于自卫反击,进行“downvote back”。暂时不涉及其他社区用户。

Currently @huaren.news only flag who downvote @huaren.news and its others account posts. @huaren.news just to "downvote back" in self-defense. No other community users are involved for the time being.

@steevc 是社区知名的双重标准霸凌团伙成员,被他们霸凌的社区用户,不计其数,当然也包括 @huaren.news

@steevc is a well-known double standard bullying group member in the community. There are countless community users who are bullied by them, including @huaren.news


For example, they downvote others posts for "upvote self replies", but they often do:

屏幕快照 2020-05-28 下午4.59.17.png

@steevc 主动 downvote 我的帖子之一:

@steevc active downvote one of my posts:

Who do I support? See how I upvote steemitblog and hiveio! 我到底支持谁?看对 steemitblog 和 hiveio 点赞!

我特别恐慌,所以发起反击,无论在steem/hive,我都会回馈给 @steevc 尽量是100%的"downvote back",还请 @steevc 务必笑纳。

I was so panicked that I launched a counterattack. No matter on steem / hive, I will give @steevc 100% of the "downvote back" as much as possible. Please also @steevc be sure to smile and kindly accept it.

The connivance of evils is the slaughter of the good! @steemitblog @justinsunsteemit
对恶人的纵容,就是对善良的屠杀! @steemitblog @justinsunsteemit

Who gave Double standard party courage to downvote others?!谁给了双标党乱踩别人的勇气?!


  1. @jeanpi1908 was flaged by @steemflag! @jeanpi1908 入列 @steemflag !
  2. @steemflag 开门迎客第四单,@carn 荣登 “天字第四号”
  3. @steemflag 开门迎客第三单,@espoem 荣登 “天字第三号”
  4. @steemflag 开门迎客第二单,@pundito 荣登 “天字第二号”
  5. @steemflag 开门迎客第一单,@ericwilson 荣登 “天字第一号”
  6. @steemflag set sail to safeguard freedom of speech and fight against double standards
  7. steemflag起航,维护言论自由,打击双重标准
  8. steem分叉后出现了很多滥用行为,steemflag准备起航

@huaren.news 私人的反“双重标准和限制言论自由”的flag榜单标准


Respect the freedom of speech of anyone, but the following behaviors will be flag:

F1. 不给予合理的理由,而使用downvote霸凌弱小账号(踩比例高于1%或单贴造成损失5%);

F1. Without give a reasonable reason, using downvote bully weak small account (the proportion of downvote is higher than 1% or single post causes loss of 5%);

F2. 限制他人言论自由;

F2. Restrictions on freedom of others expression;

F3. 双重标准的霸凌团伙(私人的双重标准,属于私人好恶和私人恩怨,不列入flag) ;

F3. Double standard bullying group (private double standard, belonging to private likes or dislikes and private grudges, not included in the flag)

@steemflag list:

  1. @ericwilson : F1
  2. @pundito : F1
  3. @espoem : F1
  4. @carn : F1
  5. @jeanpi1908 : F1

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Come on @huaren.news, we know you self-vote yourself with paid delegation. Do not get all righteous. I am nearly powered down and so will be out of your hair soon.

This was not bullying by me, just adjustment of rewards as Steem/Hive were designed for. Your selfishness is what will kill Steem.

Love and kisses.

Only self-voting this so you can waste some DV on it. I know it will get zeroe anyway. Oh, and check your spelling....

28.05.2020 13:30


28.05.2020 15:58