Is this a guess work ? Over 50,000 pips in profit on binance buying position

I placed a buying position on binance when its price was at $33 per coin , now binance has risen to over $340 per coin .
My question now is , does this played out by chance and luck? . To be honest with you, my jurney to market analysis didn't start today , it took me two and half year learning this thing .
And that is the reason why we speak with authority and market price listen and do what we commanded it to do.
Just like the way , i have been lamenting about this opportunity that is hovering around the atmosphere of buying steem dollar and steem coin.Exactly the same way i said buy binance coin and become rich few months ago and now look at the outcome of the analysis.
For about three months now, my buying position on binance has been going towards the direction we want it to go .
IN CONCLUSION , buy steem and SBD now as we speak and become rich in few months to come.

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@steemfirst, I don't see an open-ended question here. Would you care to clarify what makes your question an open-ended question.

04.04.2021 14:03