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Once again we are seeing users explicitly or implicitly impersonate the @steemcleaners while maliciously downvoting others for seemingly no reason at all.


The @boosta account is not part of @steemcleaners and is in NO way affiliated with the @steemcleaners.

Unfortunately, it is not the first impersonator and will not be the last.

If you have received a downvote from an account that:

Uses the SteemCleaners banner or logo

  • Directs users to the SteemCleaners Discord
  • Posts comments that resemble SteemCleaners or Cheetah comments

Verify that the account is legitimately part of the @steemcleaners family of accounts, listed below. If the account is not one of those listed below, you have received a malicious impersonator downvote. The reason for the downvote can be anything at all or it may just be random.

This is the official list of accounts that are part of the @steemcleaners family:


@mack-bot (bot)@mack-botjr (backup bot)
@guard (hands-off bot)@plentyofphish@broombotRemaining accounts (tools-bots):

Other accounts that are NOT part of @steemcleaners project but are separate projects that are supporting our work:
@spaminator project with its spam detecting and cleaning bots:

lof our accounts operate within a All of above accountd don't ra within strictly predefisers.

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I follow the rules. No spam, shit-posts and self-votes.
I really appreciate your advice and encouragement.

03.08.2019 15:11

The judge: you are sentenced to death.

The accused: I really appreciate your advice and encouragement.

That's for sure a fine level of sarcasm.

03.08.2019 22:50

a lawyer is missing :)

03.08.2019 22:58

Boosta what are your supposed crimes of high treason? I don't get what they are attempting to smear you with. I see no crime.

04.08.2019 06:05

George Carlin: ... You don’t have to be a historian or a political scientist to see the Bigger Dick foreign policy theory at work. It sounds like this: “What?! They have bigger dicks?! BOMB THEM!”

04.08.2019 09:18

Ahhh well said Sir. Well said.

04.08.2019 09:21

I was drinking water and I almost died by choking when I read that.

03.08.2019 23:24

Why is this featured? :'D

03.08.2019 22:19

The payout should have been set to "decline". I'm not sure why by colleague didn't do it.

03.08.2019 22:45

Mostly questioning why Steemit Inc would make it a featured post. But hey, it's drama and entertainment for some I guess.

03.08.2019 22:51

Don't blame them. They are are currently busy selling banners ads.

03.08.2019 23:10

Why focus on 10x or 100x your user-base like any StartUp or growth company when you can get 20% more ad-revenue on one in decline though?

04.08.2019 08:01


03.08.2019 23:16

You've got DRAMA. You are going to be a Whale!

To view or trade DRAMA go to

03.08.2019 23:16

You really don't want to go inside the rabbit hole. You can't even imagine how some people are actually earning by playing the vigilante card on this blockchain.

03.08.2019 22:59

yea well fuck them, they once stalked me for about a month, on EVERY post, didnt matter what the content was, they will never be my friends again, they're fascist parasite wankers who don't even put up their own money, they just like the power and to play vigilante as you say ... GODS DAM why is this featured, i just had a not too bad night, now they put steemnazis in my face

04.08.2019 03:28

this is stunning post . steemit inc finally admits they are behind all flagging and not 'the community' as they want everybody to believe .

03.08.2019 23:49

This is featured by Steemit because the whole 'program' "is steemit. All of their long arms are their puppets. The filtering the rewards back to the pool for the "whales" coughs ah hemmm Steemit/Alpha/ whatever the fuck you want to call it aka Stinc.. is the sole purpose of this service.

04.08.2019 05:57

yea, indeed, why is this featured ?

why dont they use those millions in steempower to actively create and promote ?

GOOD question

im tired :p o-yasumi

04.08.2019 03:27

I think you can pay to be featured, no?

04.08.2019 16:10

LOL. Finally some fun in crypto-space. Unlike you, leeches, I don't need to sell. You are selling from the beginning. Circle jerking will end soon.

03.08.2019 22:46

Downvoting is not a crime. Stinc built it into the system. Where was this unwritten rule only "steemcleaners" can downvote.

You did nothing wrong but use the website as designed.

Fuck em'

and fuck while your at it give a downvote for the hell of it. I would be flattered anyone takes the time out of their short life to click up or down on my shit.

Cheers man

04.08.2019 06:12

Not that you're wrong, but this is a different tune than you've sung about Bernie. Wassup wit dat?

04.08.2019 15:13

Well I am correct with how they have designed this sack of shit. I understand their crooked, warped, unfair, selfish design. A design which benefits the rich, and those at the top. Leaving the little guys to be fed on quite similar to how real life whales in our oceans feed on plankton. Quite ponzi-esque of them.

To the creators who look at everything I write. I want you to know I am not a fish, a cat, a lion, I am a HUMAN BEING. I will not be ranked like a mother fucking fish you nit wit immoral douche canoes. Even your ranking design is an insult to the human beings who have worked relentlessly to contribute their content to your platform. We are not krill for you to have for lunch. And thanks to me, and others who have spoken truth here, your victims are pulling out their money so you can no longer feast on them like the parasitic vultures you have proven yourselves to be.

That one paragraph was not for you valued, just thinking out loud as I write.

The design is immoral, and absurd. It is bias, and it tips the scales in such a way that is a disgustingly similar mirror of the banksters in our 'non-internet' lives.

852 Million human beings are hungry, and 16,000 children die of starvation related causes each day.

This is because of greed. The same monster that is the driving force behind the 'design' of this platform.

Now having said all of that. I value open exchange, listening to a vast array of ideas on all sides, also I am not in any way shape or form dependent on any of the pennies that may be incurred via Steem(it).

This sets me free from being adversely effected by downvoting here. There is nothing anyone can do that can effect me in any way, as the only thing they can do here is downvote me. And thanks to them I have become immune to such actions. As I have no need for the pennies they strip, and in fact have been empowered by having all financial ties removed. Once you remove that there is absolutely no reason to pander to anything other than my own inner compass. I have no tethers, financial or otherwise to anything pertaining to this platform.

I am merely an observer sharing their thoughts.

Now having said all of that, I do not agree with the design of this platform whatsoever. I do not agree that due to a personal conflict, some guy in a 3rd world country should, or might, have his small income from Steem(it) stripped from his slate, merely because some 'whale' doesn't like X, Y, or Z.

And I am not referring to stolen content, and or illegal content. I am speaking to the downvoting that comes from a personal distaste for another human being, as opposed to legitimate downvotes which can be used in a positive way to offset true abuse. And it is only in those rare cases of true abuse in which I would agree the downvote is a positive thing to have.

The issue is that people do not only use them for that sole positive purpose. They use them as a weapon against other people. And it is much worse than a downvote on YT, or any other social platform. Here a downvote = being stripped of your reward which you worked to gain, and someone who initially upvoted you thought you worthy enough of such an amount.

As far as bit bod use/abuse I am 100% against it. I say get rid of bit bots all together. But we both know they are much to profitable for the powers that be. Therefore they will not be stopped.

And that is back to my initial diagnoses of the disease which is, or has killed Steem(it).. human greed.

Greed is like cancer my friend. And if greed is allowed to take hold of every lymph node, every cell, every organ, the body dies. I am telling you as surely as I live and breath.. Steem(it) has stage 4 cancer. It won't be long. This is widely known by those at the top, and the reason for the vast powerdowns which are occurring in tandem.

Lastly I think it is disgusting that right until the last breath this platform will inhale, they are going to suck the people for every last drop of life force that they have. They are doing so with the 'savior' ideas such as creating copious amounts of shit coins, which devalue the platform immensely. Creating 'fun' little gimmicks that only morons could possibly buy into such as 'new steem'. Can you imagine if Hitler had said this is new Germany! We will keep all the Nazi soldiers! The old gas chambers! And even the war camps! But we are going to call it New Germany!

If it is the same flock of seagulls shitting all over the whole platform with their vulture like behavior. The same bid bots, the same greedy whales in charge, the same lack of consideration when people do make mistakes (no warning given to anyone who fucks up) just slap them with an influx of downvotes from an entire SFR trail! No 3 strikes your out! No warning first!

Steem(it) keeps powering down and dumping Steem on the exchanges. People continue to devalue the currency with their 100 different garbage tokens. Steem continues to slide down the ranks.

This whole thing has become of steaming pile of flaming cow dung set ablaze by the incessant appetite of Greed.

When Steem officially dies the autopsy will read..

Death by Greed.


05.08.2019 11:17

While most of your points are exactly true, it isn't really greed that is killing Steem. It's ignorance. The experience of gaining capital through investing isn't reflected in the profiteering model Steem was based on. Not all profit is capital gain, because capital gain is specifically the increase in capital one attains via the increase in value of the investment vehicle, and stripping that value from the business does not increase the value of the business, or it's stock.

That is known as profiteering, and it destroys investment vehicles for profit.

The creators of Steem were not experienced investors, and did not have a wealth of experience on which to base the profit producing mechanisms Steem potentiated. Not knowing by experience the difference between profiteering and investing, they simply looked at profit. The result is the most substantial stake holders gain a larger share of the available tokens, but those tokens become increasingly less valuable.

That is the state of Steem today, and EIP is going to increase that 'profitability' to substantial stake holders of Steem tokens by orders of magnitude, depending on how rabidly the downvote pool is deployed. A consequence of a larger percentage of tokens being concentrated in fewer accounts is the decline in token price, the reduction in value of the investment vehicle.

This may enable those stakeholders to grasp the difference between profiteering and investing, but I suspect most already do understand, and prefer the profiteering model, so intend to continue to practice it. In traditional stock markets, profiteering is undertaken by selling off the forges, presses, and equipment a business uses to create income, which essentially reduces the value of the stock to zero, and the business ceases operations. The profiteers then move on to extracting the value of another business.

The forges and presses of Steem however cannot be sold, because they are authors. The business Steem conducts is content creation, and they can't sell the creators. So, how do they move on to the next target and not leave actionable tort liability in their wake? The only thing that can eliminate their potential liability in actions at law is the cessation of maintenance of the Steem blockchhain, which retains evidence of their acts only as long as witnesses maintain it. Ending the financial incentive for witnesses to do so is enabled by reducing the value of the token, and the market for it. Killing Steem ends the maintenance of the evidence of actionable tort liability, and nothing else will.

I reckon EIP and HF21 is the sledge hammer coming down on the head of the steer of Steem.

We'll see, but looking at the proposals and their obvious consequences from this basic grasp of economic principles strongly supports this interpretation. I'd love to be wrong. I'm not going to hope in one hand and see if it fills up, when something else will fill the other predictably. Imma count on reality to fill my hands and not my wishes. I expect plenty of that filling to be forthcoming upon the implementation of HF21.

I recommend gloves.

05.08.2019 17:30

Very interesting comment.

05.08.2019 19:05

While I agree with everything you said. I do believe selfishness and greed are afoot. But yes the collapse appears to be intentional. It feels as if they sit around thinking up ideas how to make things worse and then do everything in their power to carry out those ideas.

I will tell you a story that reminds me to what I see happening. I grew up in a popular city. In this city the locals would extract as much wealth as they could from the visitors (tourists) via their businesses. After many years of doing so with their small motels, larger hotels, little nick nack shops, and so forth.. when the merchants would hit a point at which they had vampired enough blood from the tourists.. often around the 5-10 year mark of having their shops.. they as one final act to extract even more financial gain would set their own store/business on fire. And in this way they could collect Insurance for arson. I saw this happen time and time again, year after year.

I understand there is no 'insurance policy' to collect on by intentionally collapsing Steemit. However they appear to be using these savior ideas (massive new tokens) to draw the last drops of blood from the creators, and or users of the platform.

I agree with you, but I still think you are not giving their greed enough credit where it is due. I do not believe for one moment that any of this is out of ignorance as to how to run a company. I believe they have full knowledge of what they are achieving, and it is all being done with absolute intent to carry out a grand implosion.

I believe their experiment is finished. They have earned massive money from the suckers. They do not have the balls to tell the people the truth, also if they told them the truth the people would cease buying.. and the price would tank. It must retain a little value while they dump it on the exchanges. Otherwise they can not blood suck these last few pennies. So they will stage a metaphorical arson, so they can say.. "uh oh it just burned down.. oops.. we had nothing to do with it.. nothing to see here.." and then comes.. the end.

That is how I see it.

And yes they have profiteered and are on to the next thing. They have blood sucked this for all it was worth.

Time for them to "pull building 7"

We my friend are witnessing the controlled collapse.

06.08.2019 03:53

We're quite in agreement. I just note that actual capital gains being enabled by Steem would have far more profited the ninjaminers than the current trickle of tokens does. It's their inexperience that has shot them in the foot, and left them holding the bag.

The technical vision of Steem was paradigm changing and not just in terms of a better blockchain. Social media has proved to be be most profitable business model extant, after millenia of business management development, and adding that business model to a platform that enabled crypto of vastly improved mechanism over BTC, and means of effecting political endeavors - which Steem natively does - could have (and still might) changed the world for the better in irreversible ways. Being one of the team that changed the world is a profitable position, and they took a pass.

The lure of easy money seduced them away from the far more rewarding non-monetary profit it made possible. Greed, inexperience, and hubris is a consequential combination, and all actions have equal and opposite reactions. Just because we're not afraid doesn't mean we shouldn't be. The proof is always in the pudding, and crow just doesn't sit well in humble pie.

Imma put down the cliches now, and step away from the keyboard.

08.08.2019 05:00

plentyofphish...that was creative and gave me a good giggle.

03.08.2019 22:55

Yeah a great scammy name for a pack of scamming monkeys.

04.08.2019 06:00

I don't know who they are or what they do I just laughed because it was so close to the name of the online dating site called Plenty Of Fish.

04.08.2019 08:13

Phishing is a cybercrime in which a target or targets are contacted by email, telephone or text message by someone posing as a legitimate institution to lure individuals into providing sensitive data such as personally identifiable information, banking and credit card details, and passwords.
What Is Phishing? - Phishing

04.08.2019 09:15

I've heard of that before wasn't quite sure what they called it I just knew people will try and scam people through emails or phone calls, the text message one was a surprise..must be something new they try to scam people through text, I don't respond to text I don't know anyway, same with emails or calls. Thanks.

04.08.2019 20:37

Hi, Im new here and I absolutely love it. Thank you for being a part of the steemit community !

03.08.2019 23:05

Welcome and get ready for the ride!

03.08.2019 23:54


05.08.2019 02:56

I'm still lost in steel, there's a lot to go through and so little time to do this. Can you help me ?

12.08.2019 19:54

Sure, what do you need help with? If you have a question just ask.

13.08.2019 06:46


13.08.2019 06:46

Right Moment to tell you,
your cheetah Bot downvote to much New Legit Accounts!!!
I downvote him for every false desicion, to save this Members...
Decline would be nice...
Have a nice Day

03.08.2019 23:22

Yeah no 3 strikes your out. No warnings. No explaining how things work or what is allowed. Some people do not know Steemit etiquette and with no warning given are downvoted and scared off.

What the actual fuck

04.08.2019 06:02

This is the Point!
Plus this Steemians most time dont know, how they can change this...
I dont know direktly, without reading about it before i need it...
Thanks for your support.

04.08.2019 16:37

I guess this one qualifies too:

04.08.2019 00:41

How can I grow my steemit account can anybody help me plz

04.08.2019 01:32

join Actifit

04.08.2019 01:54

No use, they even downvote u on that after a while, and the reason is nothing.

16.08.2019 04:37

There are many thing that you can do, earn by commenting, playing steemmonsters, useing actifit, uploading photos to appics, you can even invest with smartsteem or just posting in all the tribes/forks in the steem community.

04.08.2019 03:00

There is this account @coingecko that votes +10 cents every comment. Also they are always running contests that gives winners 1000+ SP delegation.

04.08.2019 04:00

Give blow jobs to GTG like that whore does with the fake name acct.. oh shit I forgot the name. The slut that shows her ass and crotch while telling other women not to show their legs from the knee down.

Cock sucking has served her well

04.08.2019 06:03

You have been gifted 500 Hobo tokens. Don't know what they are and what you can do with them? Check out this link:

HBO token info

04.08.2019 16:40

fuck steemcleaners ... they're the fucking problem here

04.08.2019 03:18

If they dont randomly downvote without a reason then how about telling the reason for the downvote so that people won't make mistakes again. Cuz it might seem the post is clearly normal but there is a downvote over every post and the reason is ' we don't know'. So, isn't it better we get the reason for being downvoted cuz I think innocent are being harmed without a proper reason known

04.08.2019 04:57

Who are these "cleaners" and who elected them? We have the power to vote out witnesses, we can't vote these people out if we don't like their judgments. They should not even be recognized for having any authority. They are simply bullies.

04.08.2019 16:58

"We have the power to vote out witnesses..."

No, we don't. Votes for witnesses are stake-weighting, just like all votes on Steem. Whales possess the vast majority of stake, and this gives them complete control of the witnesses that control the blockchain.

We have the right, but not the power, which is held by the ninjaminers. This invalidates the right, and rhetoric regarding control of the witnesses. Whales have the power.

10.08.2019 20:15

Yes, but my point is that you have the ability to vote for witnesses according to your investment in the blockchain. The more invested you are in Steem the more influence over who becomes a witness you have. It is an option available to you to some degree.

However, we can't make decisions on who decides to start up a flagging project and goes around flagging people according to their whim and acting as if they are the authoritative organization on the network. Witnesses usually have controlled speech and are cautious about what they say, this is because they know they are in an "elected" position and can lose the favor of their voters. This is not true for these flagging communities.

10.08.2019 21:02

I think I mistakenly replied to my own comment rather than to you. Sorry about that! Tried to delete and post the comment below properly, but Steemconnect doesn't want to play nice atm.

11.08.2019 19:38

No problem, your comments are interesting.

12.08.2019 06:14

"The more invested you are in Steem the more influence over who becomes a witness you have."

Perhaps this would be better phrased 'the more Steem you have, the more influence...' because all the Steem that exists was mined before it could be bought, and most of it is still in the wallets of the ninjaminers today. Investors don't really have the power. The original ninaminers still do.

11.08.2019 19:37

These people are abuse, anti-abuse processes! Fk them and thanks for letting this known!


04.08.2019 07:17

Fuck. This whole idea of downvoting has led to loss of many active accounts on steemit. Thats why steem is losing its value. I could remember when it was $1.4 per steem, this ecosystem was lively and sweet. Then all of a sudden, we're here today. It is so pathetic. If steemit wants to bounce back, these nonsense have to stop😐😐

04.08.2019 08:48

Yeah I just got into this downvoting thing after they brought it up first with the hf! lol

05.08.2019 02:55

@boosta Vs @steemcleaners . . . What shall we call the tournament? Ha ha ha!

04.08.2019 11:02

We need something more than that. We need an alliance that keeps Steemcleaners in check. We need people like @haejin, @boosta and as many whales as possible to team up as a watchdog of Steemcleaners. The name "Retaliator's Creed" has a nice ring to it.

04.08.2019 16:51

To safeguard who? . . . policy and procedures or . . . ? Quite curious!

05.08.2019 06:56

It is called checks and balances. Steemcleaners is a project made by unofficial people acting in an authoritarian role and claiming they act for the majority. I applaud their actions against phishing scammers. However, no one elected them, yet they act as authoritarians and I have witnessed them flag legitimate businesses simply because those businesses re-post from their own blogs and do not jump through the verification hoops of Steemcleaner's policies. I went to their discord server to communicate to them this mistake and showed them a link to their blog as authenticity. These people don't accept it because they want power over others. Their policies are illegitimate and their authority is self-assumed.

They and all those that delegate to them are at risk of legal action.

You cannot harass a business and cause them economic harm or damage to their reputation without it creating an opportunity for that business to claim financial damage and defamation.

Downvoting a Steem account once or twice should not be legally actionable, but Steem is a public utility and as such human rights do apply. If it can be proved that Steemcleaners, any Steem account or any collective of Steem accounts in coordination have relentlessly acted against a business presence on Steem and has caused damage to the reputation or financial operations of that business all participants of the flagging account or group of flagging accounts, including all delegating accounts, can be made liable for any resulting damages.

The argument "its a reward pool" and "its a meritocracy" are ideologies and will not hold up in a court of law. The legal system will most likely recognize the business' rights over their SP purchased and use in promoting their own business (just as @haejin does for his business The Steem blockchain functions so as to allow for self-voting in order to promote one's own post. This is a functional feature of the Steem blockchain and might be a deciding factor for a business that invests in a Steem account and a large amount of SP for the sake of self-promotion.

While bidbots may seem to be a bad thing for many people having a certain ideology, from a legal standpoint an upvote service is a completely legitimate business no different from an SEO service or any other service.

If an individual account or a collective of accounts and delegating accounts were to target a business with a presence on Steem and excessively downvote the business to the point of causing clear damage to the business and its operations the aggressor(s) most certainly could be sought out in a court of law for damages.

05.08.2019 19:35

"The legal system will most likely recognize the business' rights..."

Having some familiarity with US courts, I have zero confidence in this. The US court system is the best money can buy, and this is proven over and over in rulings. The best lawyers are the worst people, and this goes double for judges, as well as legislators that control them through the confirmation process. Need I even mention the unfortunate affect of the nominating executive?

In jurisdictions where judges are elected, all the problems of representative democracy apply, and few pay much attention to judicial elections, which is reflected in the low numbers of votes cast in those elections.

Money talks, and therefore walks all over poverty, which bears all the costs in systems dominated by stake weighting. Exceptions but prove the rule.

A huge barrier to legal action based on Steem is that pseudonymity is potential here, and creates effective immunity. Given my confidence and expectations in and of courts, I actually think this is a good thing, particularly due to the effect of stake on the courts.

Individuals have been personally linked to actionable torts on Steem, and to my knowledge no legal actions have been undertaken to date. Such tortuous acts have included death threats, sexual harassment, and libel, and the evidence remains in the blockchain making liability easily provable.

This is much of the basis for why I suspect Steem is being killed deliberately, because absent nominal payment to the witnesses, that evidence filled blockchain is likely to be deleted when the witnesses move on.

10.08.2019 20:29

and the evidence remains in the blockchain making liability easily provable.... that evidence filled blockchain is likely to be deleted when the witnesses move on.


The blockchain is a public ledger system which is currently not deleted and easily copied for any purpose whatsoever including future legal actions.

So, purposeful deletion of the blockchain is unlikely to result in complete deletion of any such evidence. No one can be quite sure that there aren't multiple copies being made every few days.

15.08.2019 21:19

This is very true, and entirely possible, and I actually think there are folks undertaking to do so.

I hope they succeed, without reservation whatsoever.

If they're not, there must be reasons for it. For myself, I reckon I have no cause of action, and neither any capacity to undertake such expense in time and treasure.

16.08.2019 06:55

That's Great work... How can i delegate @steemcleners

04.08.2019 15:16

Thanks for the update, but to speak on the random down votes from those accounts. I have been down voted for no reason, and had to reach out to you because you do not put comments on peoples pages of why you down voted them. I would suggest doing that in the future.

04.08.2019 16:58

You are running Ponzi which will be exposed very soon. My Binance account is now blocked (waiting for answer). I can't withdraw STEEM. You are calling this a blockchain. I suspected but I didn't know how big this fraud is.

04.08.2019 18:59

Wow, wow, wow... I agree with you that people are being oppressive with downvotes, and they need to be careful because if someone were to downvote another account frequently enough to damage their business it would be legitimate cause for a lawsuit. However, let's remember that Steem is an opensource project. Anyone can look through the code and see what Steem is. So, saying its not a blockchain... Well, it is though.

04.08.2019 19:43

Problem solved. Maybe I've been buying too much ;There are still some blockchain blood in STEEM :)

05.08.2019 14:04

@boosta. Really? Your Binance account is now blocked. Hope you didn't go against any of binance policies?😂 perhaps u should check yourself first before ringing a scam alert. I like you tho✌😍

04.08.2019 22:53

I believe him, it has happened to me plenty, any centralized website can block anyone for anything, not sure you find this so hard to believe. This is exactly why everyone says to never leave large amounts on exchanges. Exchange can block anyone just like how I'm blocked here on

05.08.2019 02:51

Lol @honusurf 😀😂. Thanks for this info. Its helpful✌🌸

06.08.2019 00:38

This is a blockchain, binance is centralize, is centralized, and they both have a telephone! lol STEEM deposits and withdrawals were always blocked on binance whenever I used to use them a lot, can't believe it's still down! That is how they manipulate the price I am suspecting.

05.08.2019 02:49

Jeez...!! Sorry @boosta, that's so painful, but have they done anything concerning your account??

05.08.2019 17:37

Impersonator Warning lol
you are an impersonator.
Your role is it fuck this place up, not protect its integrity !

04.08.2019 19:59

If this post really means what it is saying then can you tell me why @mack-bot is downvoting me in my current original posts? I don't see any spams, or else so can you atleast tell me why am i being downvoted. This not only makes me feel sad but also makes me feel i am not fit for steemit that also when i am innocent.

16.08.2019 04:42