We begin this update with a special thanks to the giver of life, our beloved: Jesus

We have e seen the presentation of new people to Steemchurch which has been very pleasant and in this regard we invite leaders to follow up to help new members and guide them on this path.

We work in this last week in the direction that the church has taken towards the Telos expansion, and the social projection in which we will be involved in the coming days.

We present the promotional video of Steemchurch International Ministry with the support of our leader @sirknight, Created by @edxserverus, directed by @darlenys01.

PWe are preparing fororfor the launch of the integral project "Give wingreedom, educationonionn without limitthe expansion of Steemchurch Telos, basasbassed on thtion of Blockchahachaahnology (EOSIO sosoware), which promotes frerefreeedom through real communitere We will work: EdEdational developmemepmeents, environmental regeneration, sustainable development through sustainable agriculture.

Image courtesy of @edxserverus

The leaders and brothers that make up the church will be working on this project that will lead us to include many people on the platforms where we carry out the activities. Host countries will be where the parishes are established: Venezuela, Nigeria, Ghana and the Philippines.

Important points to be addressed

One of the things we want to address is a massive "no plagiarism" campaign, our fellow @seaners and @jaguar.force are doioi doing a job to heal labels, specifically on issues related to religion, we know that it is a I work together, we have always said that our church has open doors for everyone, but it is not a charity, we are Christian people focused on fulfilling a purpose in our communities, cities untries.

It is ttis tis ti time to clear the road, no more abuse of the labels ch, sc-v, sc-n, sc-gc-g sc-g-g-g, these days have served as a reflection that we should take care of what God has given us, and this is a blessing , many people have been blessed here on this platform, we all deserve a second chance, but t miss it.
The sister isister , sister @ricci01 will be developing some strategies to address this issue, including guides for blogs, remember to put all the information that it is required so that our blogs are worthy and we can be representatives of the kingdom, including the sources of the images, the author of some thought or concept and the referenthe path of righteousness, thhess, thpath, there is nothing like acting rightly, God is a God of order and he has opened the way for the foundations of the blessing that is @steemchurch to follow his path and shine with the divine light. From my heart I thank @guilty-parties and @jaguar.force for giving me the opportunity to promote a healthy church. I also call on the leaders of parishes and allied accounts to take initiatives in this regard and educate their followers in the right way, for this and for them we are here, to restore and to lift the fallen.

As usual, we leave the most relevant updates of our ministry, we hope you can read, reflect and enjoy each of them, they are messages of faith, growth and love for others.

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Remember to follow our accounts and the leaders of the parishes:
@sirknight: Founder of Steemchurch
@darlenys01: Apostle of Steemchurch
@ricci01: leader of @sc-v
@Uyobong: Leader of @sc-n
@biggsam: Leader of @sc-g
@mhm-philippines: Leader of @sc-philippines

We wish that all people who wish to know about our church can enjoy all the valuable content that is daily in the steemchurch or any of its parishes, get updated information and can participate at any time with a broad vision of our objective.

What can we do to help?

Changes can be made in everyday life - at home, in work and in the community-, supporting farmers or local markets and making sustainable decisions on the feeding, supporting good nutrition for all and struggling
against the waste of food.


Work together
Ensure effective citizen participation, improve coordination mechanisms, facilitate dialogue.

Reduce the costs of malnutrition

Improve access to nutrition and nutrition education, protect children and ensure that adults have what they need to live healthy and productive lives.

Partner with the academic field
Build strategic alliances with academic institutions and research, generating information to face the challenges of life.

Reference: FAO



We thank all those people who have contributed to our community to grow @pennsif, @luppers, @redes, @hanshotfirst, @theycallmedan, @redpalestino, @wilx,@curatorhulk,@ripperone,@penguinpablo,@newhope,@jackmiller


Each time you support with some delegation you will be collaborating with the feeding, education of thousands of children, the restoration of the family, and the promotion of blockchain technology in the world

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Thank you Mother of crowds for this strategic update which comes at a time to prepare our hearts for bigger things that are coming to the church.

I will ensure that the information contained in this update will be well broken down to the Understanding of our sc-n parishioners.

We thank all sub communities and individuals who contributed awesome ideas which qualified to be excerpted in this update.

Gos bles everyone.

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22.09.2019 05:33

I pray that all parishioners reads this update as it contains important informations to reshape our understanding and approach, thanks dear apostle for taking good time to address many issues for the growth and the good health of this ministry.

We’re working tirelessly from our end here in Nigeria to position ourselves to the full reflection of our banner which is Christ in all conduct.

I believe that all parish leaders should take it from here in reaching out to their members, making sure that all information communicated through this SteemChurch update will sink well in them.

Thanks for all new developments explained.

22.09.2019 06:06

This post and promotional video are truly excellent Apostle Darlenys. I will forward this to the good folk of Telos soon.


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22.09.2019 09:01

Promotional video heading to twitter... Do well to comment and retweet!!

22.09.2019 10:34

Thank you very much for the support and the necessary update. The expansion towards TELOS technology promises many blessings for the community, with everyone's help it will be a reality. Blessings to all the brothers in Christ.

22.09.2019 12:36

Excellent apostol @darlenys01, this promotional video is incredible and we will take your advice that is certainly very edifying for this whole community. Blessings.

22.09.2019 17:05

Greetings @ darlenys01. Interesting summary of the work of @Steemchurch and its parishes. Blessings

23.09.2019 00:00

DTB Thank you for keeping us informed about the relevant activities of the International Ministry @ Steemchurch.

23.09.2019 00:05

Interesting summary of management September 2019. Blessings.

23.09.2019 00:08