Starting Expansion The Steemchurch Telos Phase 2


We have started the SteemChurch Telos phase 2 expansion, where we will be involved with communities, organizations and schools, this phase is framed in a comprehensive project based on the general vision of Steemchurch "Give wings to freedom, Education without limits".

We want to promote blockchain technology in the world, starting in those countries that have been submerged in economic, political, moral, and social slavery, which are currently going through the worst crisis in their history, Venezuela, is one of them, too There are many human resources trained to make the most of it and be a reference in the world.

The Bread From Heaven project has been spearheading to start this wonderful work and has opened the doors for the construction of a country, through education without limits and the blockchain revolution we can restore the educational crisis at all levels that has caused the exodus of valuable personnel in Venezuela.

Our International Ministry with Parishes also in Nigeria, Ghana, Philippines will be active in this phase of expansion where we plan to carry out impact social marketing.

Within the action plan to follow will be the alliance with Venezuela chapter, where the first Meetup will be held this October 18 at the Faculty of Science of the Central University of Venezuela located in Caracas, Alexis Landaeta chapter leader Venezuela has officially invited us to be part of the movement that will empower men and women in Latin America.
In the next few days we will be publishing the guidelines to follow for this first decentralized meeting at the UCV.

God has endowed the human being with an incredible wisdom, we have within us part of that divine nature that drives us to seek the greatest possible welfare, the blockchain is here and now just to be used as a technology with purpose to improve the quality of life of many, Steemchurch as a representative of the love of Jesus in the world we have the responsibility of creating a social environment, full of values and justice where each child knows so that it was created, recover their identity and be the men and women who will change their family , community, city, country and the world.


In the opening of the project "Give wings to freedom, education without limits" we will be following a schedule of activities in educational institutes, in order to expand our social marketing, so that people know the value of knowledge.

We have designed promotional notebooks for this campaign which we share for all those who wish to join this work.

Model 1

Inspired by the celestial world with the love token "Heart"(beatitude) that represents the most blessed Christian community on the planet Steemchurch.

Model 2

Inspired by the acorn as a symbol of light, the representation of Telos in the children's educational space.

Model 3

Inspired by time and the tools we have to learn, here we remember the fish that were brought to the blockchain as steemit, the yellow color and the spikes represent abundance and prosperity.

In the internal part of the notebook carries a message related to the blockchain and our community.

"These images were designed exclusively for Steemchurch International Ministry, their reproduction and use must be authorized by the authors. If you wish to participate from your community or conduct educational campaigns to promote Steemit, telos, you can contact our Goldsmith @edxserverus and @darlenys01"

Start learning about Telos at the Telos Foundation site below. For your SQRL link, scroll down the homepage. Scatter is also a secure application for transacting on the Telos blockchain.
If you are a new user of our community or have not entered Telos, you can do so through the following form.

To support the entry, download and interaction in Telos, the telegram channel is enabled:

Remember to follow our accounts and the leaders of the parishes:
@sirknight: Founder of Steemchurch
@darlenys01: Apostle of Steemchurch
@ricci01: leader of @sc-v
@Uyobong: Leader of @sc-n
@biggsam: Leader of @sc-g
@mhm-philippines: Leader of @sc-philippines

What can we do to help?

Changes can be made in everyday life - at home, in work and in the community-, supporting farmers or local markets and making sustainable decisions on the feeding, supporting good nutrition for all and struggling
against the waste of food.


Work together
Ensure effective citizen participation, improve coordination mechanisms, facilitate dialogue.

Reduce the costs of malnutrition

Improve access to nutrition and nutrition education, protect children and ensure that adults have what they need to live healthy and productive lives.

Partner with the academic field
Build strategic alliances with academic institutions and research, generating information to face the challenges of life.

Reference: FAO

We thank all those people who have contributed to our community to grow @pennsif, @luppers, @redes, @hanshotfirst, @theycallmedan, @redpalestino, @wilx,@curatorhulk,@ripperone,@penguinpablo,@newhope,@jackmiller


Each time you support with some delegation you will be collaborating with the feeding, education of thousands of children, the restoration of the family, and the promotion of blockchain technology in the world

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This is beautiful Darlenys, good news and beautiful notebooks.

05.10.2019 21:01

Thanks for the great work well done

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05.10.2019 21:17

Beautiful designs, once again we see that God supports this great project. Blessings

05.10.2019 22:59

The child-like simplicity of the notebook designs, make them highly appealing. Very good Darlenys and Edx.


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05.10.2019 23:27

This is beautiful, great work of our mother church, our beloved Apostle Darlenys, @sirknight and @edxserverus.
May God keep this word in all nations.

05.10.2019 23:33

A lot of talent and children will be happy with their notebooks, it is an excellent initiative to promote the blockchain since childhood. Thanks Darlenys.

05.10.2019 23:41

Congratulations this is a beautiful work Darlenys and Edxserverus, we are reaching territories.

05.10.2019 23:43

Excellent designs @exservesus and @darlenys01.

06.10.2019 03:15

I love these designs, congratulations Mother of crowd! The idea of working in collaboration to help each other has been perfect, Christ always encourages us to support one another so that we can live in harmony. It is always good to feed those who are hungry and rescue those who are in difficult situations. Thanks once again for this message!

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