All the brothers and friends of the International Steemchurch Ministry are blessed, today we present our project "Give wings to freedom, education without limits" with the purpose of promoting blockchain technology from our countries, from an initial education center to university level.

Our desire is that we can address crowds in the coming months and years, education is the fundamental tool to eradicate many scourges in the world, it is not enough to do a charity, society needs to be endowed with knowledge that will lead to freedom , we as Christians are in the capacity to show through love, solidarity, tolerance, respect that a territory can be improved, a nation, in unity we make blockchain technology, a technology with a purpose, we carry the crusade for freedom, minds and hearts have been captive for years, selfish systems, antichrist and love of money have oppressed our peoples, today we have in our hands the power to raise children, men and women who will change the destiny of their home, from your community and from a nation.

With much love and desire for justice in humanity;


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Much work to do, thanks Darlenys for the support and desire to help people every day, without a doubt Steemchurch is a blessing to the world.

04.11.2019 04:07

Our people need education, values that have been lost over the years, we can do everything in Christ that strengthens us, thanks to the Steemchurch International Ministry for this special work.

Apostle Daniel

04.11.2019 04:10

Beautiful global project, here we have everything that is needed for expansion, God bless Darlenys greatly, and all the leaders of our beloved church.

04.11.2019 04:13

Giving 'Wings to Freedom' though Fundition's decentralised crowd funding - wonderful idea Apostle Darlenys.

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04.11.2019 04:28

Excellent @darlenys01, our children need the help and love of someone willing to improve education and their quality of life. I declare in the name of Jesus Christ this favorable proposal full of grace before God and men who can help. Amen ¡ God with us!

04.11.2019 13:46

Beautiful proposal @darlenys01, we trust in the goodwill of @fundition and the faith in our God that we will soon see this project materialized. In the hands of God everything!

04.11.2019 13:53

Great proposal @darlenys01, children of Venezuela need it. This is really special.

04.11.2019 13:57

Nice gesture! and I as a very happy girl that steemchurch put her best wishes in us. Thanks @darlenys01

04.11.2019 19:10