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I appreciate your creativity, dear @steemchiller!
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A huge hug from @amico! 🤗


05.04.2020 18:31

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05.04.2020 18:31

Let’s hope!

06.04.2020 11:50

It's in the nature of things... is it just a matter of waiting? 😜

09.04.2020 16:55

I stopped posting in Steem, I also stopped voting for any witness here.

I respect you a lot for all the work that you did for steem, and I'm also glad to see that you're against the last actions taken by Justin.

I hope to see the long awaited proposal to return HIVE to some users. It would be nice to see people like you eligible for the second round airdrop. I'm sure a lot of people agree with me regarding this.

Hope you're fine, remember that you still have a house at Hive. Take care about that corona thing.

05.04.2020 18:36

... actions need to be taken in order to stop the milking on this blockchain but there are way more effective and at the same time less harmful possibilities available.

I thought self-milking the chain is all what the people left on Steem ever wanted, so what's the problem?

Remove downvotes, Freeze funds because milking?

05.04.2020 18:49

Weren't downvotes the biggest issue for certain individuals that helped Sun? Removing downvotes is the same as milking Steem, so I do not see a problem with milking it ¯_(ツ)_/¯

06.04.2020 20:42

I'm about to stop looking at anything on Steem, So much dumbfuckery, I can feel by brain cells dying.

06.04.2020 21:55

Please come to your senses again and accept that Steem is DONE.
Many people really appreciate the work you have done for steem in the past years and have tried their best to support you even though you refused to be a witness for 3 years.

Please appeal to get your HIVE and move on. Nothing to be changed or recused here. You think you are not welcome on HIVE? Wrong.
Appeal and see that the community will give you your coins. You don't have to let your countless hours of hard work and dedication go to waste... You have a choice.

05.04.2020 18:52

The 0.22.8888 fork was hypocritical and self-destructive, much more harmful than letting a disgruntled ex verbally abuse and milk our money.

The HIVE exclusion list deflated any enthusiasm I may have had for that project, and although it looks attractive as an alternative, the existing problems will still remain - concentration of wealth in a like-minded oligarchy with a small, circular, quid quo pro economy.

It is sad that those who have respected private property throughout have no place to call home. For this to happen, I wonder how much of this drama we don't see as outsiders, considering identities are hidden. For example, I wonder what are the real-life relationships between the blocked accounts and Ned?

05.04.2020 19:04

Well said.

05.04.2020 19:21

What a toxic mess!

06.04.2020 11:50

Getting a dose of reality on STEEM? All of your statements will fall on deaf ears. These people have no sense of reason. Ditch this disasterous place and move on. Trying to rescue a sinking ship is nothing but futile.

05.04.2020 19:22

Hive didn't give him an airdrop like everyone else.

05.04.2020 19:28

He can make a proposal and get it this way. I am sure a lot of people will accept this proposal, @steemchiller is a good dude.

05.04.2020 19:49

Then he should do that :)

05.04.2020 22:51

He was against Hive and was supporting the sock puppets. Why should he get air dropped?

05.04.2020 19:55

There you have it. Same witnesses, same shit as before.

05.04.2020 20:26

I respect a lot @drakos, but I'm sure he agree that IF the consensus is that you (& others) should receive HIVE coins, you'll receive it. Otherwise you have a tyranny here.

You obviously don't have a 100% guarantee (I personally would say a 50-60%; but will be less surely if the time passes).

At mid february I thought that JS was a good thing for steem, I was mistaken obviously. It's bad for steem, but good for hive.


05.04.2020 20:35

This Steem/Hive thing is only bad for both. Hive trading volume is shit, because the only ones buying are Steemians hoping it will work. In reality there are now two communities that are both much smaller than Steem was. You can say the whole community switched to Hive, but it is simply untrue.

A lot of people will never go to Hive, and it will be an uphill battle to gain new users since Steem struggled to do that before. This whole battle is only bad for both communities long term, and is good for clever traders short term.

The smart people know the cost in time and money to rebrand is costly, that's why guys like jrcornel speak politely about Hive but sell Hive for STEEM. You can check, he's powering up SP while powering down HP. Its just logical investing. Steem has years of brand recognition that is not forkable and will cost a shit ton of money and effort to achieve again. In all likelihood, Hive will be in the same boat as whaleshares next year.

05.04.2020 21:48


06.04.2020 08:31

Not everybody is going to agree to give you the coins, sure.
But who cares. The community decides, not drakos or any other guy.

05.04.2020 21:20

I really respect you for the work you have done and for your firm stance in what you believe, but on your posts you have had an enormous Prof of the support you have from 90% of the community... On this post you have plenty of comments of people supporting you and hoping you can como with us to the other platform... But you choose to pay attention to this one single man who speaks against it? It doesn't make much sense to me... Besides, wherever we go there will always be trolls and I'll intended fellows.

Either way, hopefully you can do whatever seems right according to your values and move on. This episode should serve to earn more wisdom to all of us...

05.04.2020 21:36

That exclusion list was never to interpreted as a 'final decision' and those on the list can appeal. Many would have been approved. It just doesn't make sense to fork a chain and include the hostile takeover elements from the previous chain, because that would make the new chain pointless, since the new chain only exists to get away from the hostile takeover. It's common sense. Those excluded just needed to be patient and professional while things get sorted out.

05.04.2020 20:03

It just doesn't make sense to fork a chain and include the hostile takeover elements from the previous chain

But if we use that argument does it not also justify this recent fork and fucking with people accounts?
There has been a great outpouring of hostility on the steem blockchain by the initiators of Hive.

05.04.2020 21:11

Are they not allowed to use Bitcoin because they have accounts on Hive?

05.04.2020 21:24

The point you were making was justifying forking out hostile accounts and depriving them of funds.
I dont think that can be justified ether here or anywhere. My point was that if you justify it in one place for whatever reason you justify it everywhere, even here and I dont want that to be justifiable.
And I am sure you dont want that ether

05.04.2020 21:49

Those accounts were not forked out. Stick to the facts please and apply logic. Anyone who did not receive the airdrop still has full control of their account on Hive and they're free to use it as they see fit. If they were excluded from the airdrop, they can appeal. Only the accounts actively participating in strengthening a Sybil attack on Steem were excluded. You cannot include that attack on a new chain if your intent is to create a new chain to get away from said Sybil attack. Pretty basic common sense here and with the appeal process, it was handled professionally. It wasn't just a handful of accounts selected out of spite.

05.04.2020 22:01

Stop making so much sense.

05.04.2020 22:07

Okay so there's an elephant smoking a cigarette and I feel dancing.

05.04.2020 22:16

INR lol
He's making total sense.... Almost a scary amount of sense =)

05.04.2020 23:06

Thanks for the reply, it is greatly appreciated.
You said that really well btw

06.04.2020 02:15

Good points!

06.04.2020 11:47

no not really because the accounts frozen had already (for weeks) disabled their witnesses. There was no threat to Steem here, this softfork is clearly just petty retribution by idiots who cannot see the consequences that will come for their actions.

05.04.2020 23:03

But if we use that argument does it not also justify this recent fork and fucking with people accounts?

No. The difference is that the people now milking Steem do not threaten the security of the chain. Those people that voted for Sun actively supported centralization and non-functionality of the chain and the other things that Sun promised, like moving Steem dApps to Tron or moving the coin itself to Tron.

06.04.2020 20:46

the people now milking Steem do not threaten the security of the chain.

If that is all they were doing nobody would care.
I have spent a lot of time looking at the actions of the accounts concerned and others not mentioned.
I would guess the main objection would be the voting of witnesses then removing the votes a few days later, taking people in and out of the top twenty at will. It is amusing but it also creates instability. I am not sure if their efforts were coordinated but it is possible I guess.

I notice that not all accounts behaving in that manner were targeted. Lucky them.
And I tink some whoo were NOT doing that were targeted. Not good

07.04.2020 04:31

I'm not sure if we are talking about the same people. With the people milking Steem I mean people who just post to earn as many rewards as possible and then sell them. I am myself doing this in the MILK communtiy.

I would guess the main objection would be the voting of witnesses then removing the votes a few days later

This is what Sun is doing. Only he has the power to remove or add top witnesses at will.

07.04.2020 16:15

Great, I don't see why he hasn't appealed... guess a bad taste in mouth from being on it int he first place.

05.04.2020 22:52

Those feelings are common I see, but unnecessary. Nobody was singled out. The code simply looked at where votes where placed, then excluded those accounts based on the simple fact those accounts at the time were contributing to strengthening a Sybil attack. It had nothing to do with politics or beliefs or any of that nonsense.

I was initially excluded from the Palnet airdrop. My account didn't qualify due to the criteria placed in the code(I was inactive for a time, but had returned), but that code didn't mean someone could look and see that I was in fact active, so I remained calm and waited patiently. Eventually got added. I saw others freaking out, taking it personally, insulting people, writing slanderous posts. Of course some of those folks were not added to the list. That's how the world works I guess.

05.04.2020 23:27

Actually because he got some insider information, most likely, and unvoted just before the Hive announcement (but not before witnesses were running finalized code) his exclusion is being treated as a mistake.

05.04.2020 22:39

@steemchiller, I can only repeat that you have provided a most useful service to Steem with, and the bickering and infighting now happening is — indeed — hurting the people whose main hopes have been to "just get ON with it."

Current events here are really casting some very large shadows over the future of Steem... potentially the biggest issue being first misuse of exchange funds, then blocking an exchange. If I were an exchange manager, that alone would make me wonder whether there's "a loose cannon on deck."

05.04.2020 19:24


06.04.2020 11:51

I would 100% upvote you if I could :P

05.04.2020 19:30

So I could call you all kinds of nasty names right now and you wouldn't be able to downvote me?

05.04.2020 20:04

...Only you!..

05.04.2020 21:41

Ahahhahahhh! 😂

05.04.2020 21:50

yes go ahead :P

05.04.2020 23:23

Hive Turkey!

05.04.2020 23:29

Wallet Maker!

05.04.2020 23:43

Festival Organizer!

05.04.2020 23:44

Unfairly Burned Guy!

05.04.2020 23:45

@roelandp You may want to try again.
I can now see your post and votes coming in on Steemworld. I clicked your post and it loaded on and your rep is not showing 25 anymore. : )

05.04.2020 20:51

oh they changed condenser then. Anyhow... I am blocked on blockchain level... Maybe you missed softfork228888 - Staying on steem means you accept that at any given day your funds might be blocked.

05.04.2020 23:21

Oh no I did not miss it.
I saw some lists of people who had been named you were one so I loaded you all up on Steemworld. Yesterday morning first thing, NZ time there was nothing showing on your account at all. Something has changed but I have no clue about the technical side of things.
Interestingly not everyone's accounts have changed.
@pumpkin completly blank 25 rep 1 action 5 days ago
@cleta Blank 25 rep showing
@ashleigh Blank 25 rep
@anastacia only showing a couple of things at 6 and 2 days ago rep 25

It looks like the rest of you on the lists can receive votes and some can give flags and votes.

05.04.2020 23:53

Welcome to NEW STEEM !!!


05.04.2020 22:06

Apparently Mr.Sun took the term blockCHAIN sligtly wrong

06.04.2020 10:05

So sad!

06.04.2020 11:52

currently, no sense to writing this things at everywhere. The post of @steemchiller is wonderful, Nice. I agree.

06.04.2020 09:53


06.04.2020 12:29

HERE HERE! I AM with @steemchiller on this. There are still some of us hoping to save our steem . @greenhouseradio is looking to host a new witness forum where we can work together moving forward.
We hope to speak with those looking to improve steem and its related projects.


05.04.2020 19:31

They fucked you over with the hive fork but many of the users of hive would like to see you have your stake back so you have options.

One option is just give up on both chains, which I personally am leaning towards.

05.04.2020 19:35

So where's the next stop?

05.04.2020 19:54

Good question, probably just go back to mostly gaming in my spare time and reddit. I will definitely stay for splinterlands and lurk around to find out whats happening but my faith is almost completely lost, although it was lost before justin even brought steemit tbh.

05.04.2020 20:19

This is pretty much the same thing with me. I'd like to see Steem bounce back, but I stopped trying to act professional, stopped having faith this place was a good place for building, curating and growing on. Started saying 'fuck' a lot more, because I finally had enough.

Justin wasn't the beginning for me though. I hated HF 21 and the #NewSteem movement. I found it anti-business and counterproductive with a bunch of reward pool nazis going around bitching at people and flagging them. Honestly, I really dislike a fair amount of people here, they're kind of assholes...

I found Justin's vision of turning STEEM into a TRC-20 very disconcerting, but also knew that if they did SMTs right even that would not be a huge problem and might mean SMT communities bridged to Dlive.

The governance war was the final straw. Steem, Hive, both fucked. This shit is now such a mess the competition out there for decentralized social platforms will definitely win against Steem or anything resembling it. Hive doesn't have years of brand recognition, web ranking and it will take a long time for them to achieve that stuff. By then some platform like Bluesky or Pepo will have taken market share.

I can really only see one way out of this mess for Steem. And that is Asia. Perhaps the east side of the world did not get the attention they deserved and the English speaking world dominated this platform and are now moving to Hive. Other crypto-centric platforms indicate eastern population demand, such as's astounding 40%+ audience coming from India. USA is only like 15% of's traffic, while South Korea makes up another 15%. If China and India can be motivated to use Steem, fuck the English speakers (like myself) because that's how to get billions of people.

06.04.2020 03:56

Honestly, I really dislike a fair amount of people here, they're kind of assholes...

Yeah you can say that again.

You make a good point that this platform could shift towards the Asian market, given how poor the hardfork was hive definitely will not be attracting that market anyway.

06.04.2020 09:50

Steemit seem to have totally lost the plot. I will have some stake in Steem for a few weeks yet and I will keep upvoting decent content, but not the pure milking stuff. That is going to decrease as people power down anyway. The fact is that freezing accounts is wrong whoever does it.

05.04.2020 19:45

What a mess! I like @steemchiller’s product and I wish that things were different. A little more civil discourse without the profanity and mud slinging attacks would better serve everyone. Too bad! I just hope that I can salvage my invested money and the hard work that I invested in Steem.

06.04.2020 11:50

Japp, dass nenne ich mal eine Ansage ;)
Du solltest aber trotzdem mal auf Deinem Hive-Konto die Belohnungen claimen, da ist schon ordentlich was bei rum gekommen.

Es sind (mich eingeschlossen) viele zu Hive abgewandert aber wollen Dich auch dort gerne unterstützen.
Dein Hive-Konto ist, obwohl Du vom Airdrop ausgeschlossen wurdest, doch ganz schön wertvoll. Knapp 1,200.00 Hive nicht eingeforderte Rewards warten dort auf Dich. Auch teilen noch viele Nutzer ihre Belohnungen mit Dir und delegieren Hivepower an Dein Konto.
Eventuell könntest Du ja auch in Erwägung ziehen, eine kostenpflichtige Steemworld-Version für Hive zu bauen. Eine, welche nur von zahlenden Membern genutzt werden kann. - Ein Neustart und ein Experiment, ob so etwas eventuell funktionieren kann. Einfach mal ausprobieren und wenn es sich nicht rechnet, wird das Experiment eben beendet.

Ich hoffe wir sehen uns auch mal auf der anderen Seite.

Herzliche Grüße Condeas

05.04.2020 19:49

+1 für HIVEworld, von mir aus auch gerne als kostenpflichtiges Experiment.

05.04.2020 20:31

It's a shame, neither side seems do be able to de-escalate.

05.04.2020 19:50

I'm trying and the first step is to remove the possibility to freeze anyone's funds.
It all went 'ok' for a while but then came the softfork...

05.04.2020 20:32

You have zero power to do that, Zero influence, It's a bit late to realize Steem was not decentralized with Steemit stake's free to interfere in governance.

It's also late to debate if it was a good idea not to onboard the stake of those supporting Steemit votings on new chain aiming for better decentralization.

06.04.2020 00:37


05.04.2020 20:40

It's a shit show that's for sure...

06.04.2020 08:34

in order to stop the attacks and milking on this blockchain, but there are way more effective and at the same time less harmful possibilities available

Yes. It's called a 'downvote.' A downvote is the tool everyone here can use to help prevent abuse. A tool. Not a belief. Saying you want to combat abuse but don't believe in downvotes is like saying you want to pound nails but don't believe in hammers.

There was no need for a softfork when the tools required for the job have been in existence for four years.

There were people here who were treated poorly for using their downvotes. If I follow this 'nationalistic' narrative I see on Steem so much, you'd call those people 'Hivers.' The ones who were forced to leave Steem. The ones who now, when coming here to visit and socialize often get told to leave.

Block users who are really harming good Steemians and who are only here to troll people

That'll be another disaster. If someone doesn't agree with this comment now, and combine that with the fact I prefer to post my work on Hive, does that make me a troll by default and therefor I should be blocked? Asking a central authority or a panel of censors to define these rules of who gets to go and who gets to stay is a terrible idea.

That list of excluded accounts is an embarrassment to this platform, especially when there are hundreds of other accounts actively milking the reward pool now, and they've been doing it for months if not years. That list PROVES the restrictions put in place had nothing to do with actual reward pool abuse. And it's sad now if someone wants to post on both platforms, they will be labelled a 'milker' and shunned from this community.

Right now, Steem is in a sad state. I have my doubts it can be repaired. Especially now with things like 'nationalism' creeping in. Anyone is welcome on Hive. If they're abusing the reward pool, that work gets downvoted.

05.04.2020 19:58

Saying you want to combat abuse but don't believe in downvotes is like saying you want to pound nails but don't believe in hammers.

He's all for censorship at the blockchain level to prevent abuse if you read his ramblings. What he craves is centralized governance. In his world your comments simply wouldn't exist because they are not 'good for steem'.

06.04.2020 04:04

I'm well aware of what this place and some of the people stand for now. I don't like it.

06.04.2020 04:18

I don’t understand you didn’t see this coming.
I don’t understand you still believe in a blockchain controlled by 1 man... I mean child.

Leave whhile you can.

05.04.2020 20:01

My dear friend supported him in many of the things you say in your publication but something needs to be done I see accounts of the ancient gods now in Hive who are using their accounts with large amounts of SP to do damage and harm those of us who stay Gentlemen, you already have your platform, don't keep fucking around, say goodbye definitively, keep working on your own, don't keep voting in circles and looting in Steemit, I can name 20 of you. Go to grow Hive and forget steemit let those who bet and believe in a future work for this platform leave the frustration please and I do well.

05.04.2020 20:06

I only hope that you come to Hive. Maybe it is not the solution for all the historical problems that we have on Steem but we are trying to amend them and we are much more decentralized than STEEM.
In addition, I am pretty confident that if you run a HIVE witness you will get a massive support from the community because we all know that you are one of the most talented developers of this "blockchain", now known as a "centralized Database".
Please, come to the real blockchain and leave STEEM.

05.04.2020 20:07

I completely agree with you, mate! 👏

05.04.2020 22:02

It Would be so refreshing for the Childish behavior on both sides to stop and actually see this happen! Upped 💯Resteemed

05.04.2020 20:33

Thank you for sharing you wisdom @steemchiller
If there is anything specific that we (the none technical) can do in support of this initiative, let us know.

05.04.2020 20:45

Please be patient. I have always respected your efforts to make Steem great. When things are falling apart in one area of life, it is because they are coming together in another. Those of us who have always believed in Steem's potential, need to hit rock bottom and rebuild from scratch.

05.04.2020 21:59

Glad to hear you aren't running 22.8888.

I also like the fact that you aren't willing to beg at the feet of hive witnesses or even act humble to get an airdrop.

To me, standung by one's convictions is more important than making false apologies to please the masters.

That said, I doubt they will give you airdrop and I doubt you will ask.

05.04.2020 22:29

Don't worry, if you go back in time, Justin Sun says he'll never do this!

If we freeze people’s assets, outsiders will be afraid to get into STEEM blockchain because the possibility of their assets being frozen is possible.

No one will want to be a part of STEEM, this is a loss to all members.

Those two sentences are probably the only time he's said something truthful in the last year!

05.04.2020 22:37

This is a very well written post and right on but I think you just cost yourself a consensus witness spot on Steem as these days, speaking out against the Steem "leadership" means you're good as gone. Although you didn't get airdrop to Hive, if things get bad for you on Steem and you decide to move on, Hive will be there. I don't really know what to say about the current state of Steem or why this 8888 thing was done in such a manner where the end result is users can no longer use Blocktrades. The 'frozen' accounts are also the wrong accounts to blame for the airdrop or whatever. This is a huge mess.

05.04.2020 22:37

dude what else has to happen for you to see that Steem is dead? It was dead the second JSun bought steemit inc and announced his plans to move Steem to Tron. It died another death when he colluded with exchanges to stake customers' steem to vote. It died another death when started censoring posts/users. It died another death when Steemit, Inc started censoring those posts/users from the Steemit API nodes so they don't appear on any front end. And it died yet another death when he froze accounts including an exchange account. Seriously, what would have to happen for you to finally see what has been so obvious, for so long? Does JSun have to come by and personally kick you in the nuts while taking your steem and removing your entire account history from public view? Wow. dude. Steem is dead. RIP Steemy.

05.04.2020 23:07

Up to there is Necessary Steps to Force the 20 Robbers to Come to the Peace Talk So As To Get The Robbed Asset Recovered.

But Ideas Beyond the 0.22.888 Can Not be Justified if The Idea Turns To Plans.
The Ideas I read about is that They wifew large accounts, since the final consensus opinions is from the 20 plus robbers. Maybe they considered that the few large accounts frozen are enough to change the Hive Consensus.
Bp Corresponding Steem Only To the Victims, Which Will Cause a Problem of Equality and Privileged Class in Steem ItSelf.

05.04.2020 23:25

Not just “big stakeholders,” but the community’s delegates representatives.

06.04.2020 00:01

Voted and resteemed, as this opinion deserves attention.

I agree with you in many points. But as far as I know, lots of steem users tried to resolve situation peacefully but all they got in return was ridicules (saying flat "no" was the most conservative one).

Moving forward, I am very interested in the #2 and #3. How would you choose the list and implement them? If these are easy to do, I would support your proposal as an individual and will consult with my team(@dev.supporters) to support it as a witness.

If you prefer to talk over discord, please DM me at glory7#2043.

  • self-voted to get some visibility.
06.04.2020 00:23

Your own witness @dev.supporters is running this censored version of Steem. Have you been eating so much of Justin's shit that you don't notice it's spilling out of your mouth too? Hypocritical liar.

06.04.2020 12:11

Funny. Censored Version of Steem ?

Steem was originally Censored Version since Long Ago.
The evidence is that Many Accounts like @BewareCenterBase have long been already Censored by the Old Ned Steem under the Hidden Centers of the 20 bbers.

Hive is exactly the same as the old Censored Version of Ned Steem.

On the c contrary, Justin Steem is lifting some of the censorships.
The evidence is that now some people can see this comment of mine @BewareCenterBase.

06.04.2020 13:44

Hey buddy. Having a tough day? Let's talk through things without resorting to dirty name calling. The sun will rise again tomorrow.

07.04.2020 00:16

For sure you are "spilling shit out of your mouth". Bye.

08.04.2020 13:54

They are children.

06.04.2020 02:03

We're all children in God's eyes. :)

06.04.2020 03:57

I will love to see a, please seriously consider being active on Hive 😀

06.04.2020 02:06

please no ORG

06.04.2020 07:24

Thanks for the strong answer to this escalation, your voice is much needed as we can see in every comment here. But must important it needs to be listened for a fast resolution in this conclict.
By the way, improvements on SteemWorld are looking great!!
Best wishes for every project, @SteemChiller!!

06.04.2020 02:33

This kind of things have been always in block-chain history. When ETH came out of ETC and hive came out from Steemit. The code is the law. 17/20 agree on a hard fork, thy will be done.

06.04.2020 03:24

Is completely in agreement with @steemchiller, enough is enough.
All witnesses must gather now and talk through what is happening and bring about a change as soon as possible.

06.04.2020 03:42

Put your ego aside and come to HIVE.

06.04.2020 03:55

There is nothing will remain unchanged, its time to change as they are not negotiable to solve the problem.

06.04.2020 05:48

Soo.. why have you accepted softfork that freezes users funds? Oh I know.. for money. You are the same shit as, eat it.

06.04.2020 07:26

Did you even read my post? I did not install the 0.22.8888 and stopped my node, because it began to miss blocks. It is currently impossible to sign blocks with an older version, so there currently is no good solution for alternative witnesses available.

If I can no longer run my node, I can no longer pay for my servers. As the majority (top witnesses) are already running the new version, it is not really relevant, if I would run that one too, but, as I stated in my post, I have a hard time doing so as long as there are accounts being frozen.

06.04.2020 07:55

Yes I've read

I'm having a hard time being a Steem witness, who is forced to run a version that blocks transfer operations for a few selected accounts.

Anyway, you started your witness after steem/hive fork so.. tell me it is not for money. Everyone now is using steem to milk it but most of them doesn't stick ideology to it. Also it is quite stupid of you to believe sun will make something good to steem and staying here.

06.04.2020 08:57

Your post was censored.

06.04.2020 19:39

Chiller, that s the side you ve chosen, enjoy it.

06.04.2020 07:37

dude, why can't you see that steemitinc is a complete buy out? Come to Hive...I'm sure you can get your tokens

06.04.2020 08:14

What do you mean by "get your tokens"?

06.04.2020 09:06

Komm zu Hive @steemchiller. Ich würde mich freuen.
Steem wurde zu einer Diktatur 1. Grades. Hive hat auch noch Probleme, aber die kann man beheben. Hier hat ein Kind das sagen.

06.04.2020 08:32

I don't know much about the technical side so I hope TRON sorts this issue out with you.

As for blocking the trolls, moaning and groaning, this has to be looked into, because they are trying to run people who are loyal off the platform.

They are spamming and downvoting me for my support. I haven't invested like the other quiet ones, so I will have to take the heat from these big rep accounts and spam downvote bots.

I appreciate your honesty about how you feel. I also will not be activating my bribe account on H even if Steemit crumbles.

06.04.2020 09:15

@steemchiller You are so clearly explain your thoughts. This is very nice and same as i thought. But Who will guide him? First you have to get support from Mr. Justin and then communicate more suggestions for betterment of steem. I think he will definitely here your voice and do action accordingly. I am with you. Mr. Justin is also wanted the betterment of steem, but may be he don't knew that the moment. Please, try to contact to him. You should be in top 20 witnesses. I already told this to one witness, hope you will get the support.

06.04.2020 09:57

Congrats! to you. You are on HIVE airdrop list @steemchiller.
So, Please also develop hiveworld there. My best wishes with you.

07.04.2020 06:19

Just give it time.
It would have been better for Hive to start with a completely new chain. Bringing Steemit stuff into it, keeps the battle going and only makes it harder to let go, for both parties. One makes a move, the other one retaliates.

06.04.2020 11:52

Thanks for your thoughts.

It would have been better for Hive to start with a completely new chain.

I fully agree!

06.04.2020 18:23

I know you wanted to be neutral in this war, I know you wanted to believe that everything would turn out okay and that the witnesses and whales who left for Hive were possibly overreacting, but here we are. Everything people said would happen has happened, Justin could have taken the high road and instead he is essentially stealing money to the tune of $3.2 million in frozen funds.

I hope you realise that there was always a side to take in this war, that Justin never had good intentions, that those who left were right. Steem is dead. After this move, exchanges are going to delist it. If tricking exchanges to use customer funds to vote in sock puppet witnesses wasn't enough to get them delisted, this surely is.

Come to Hive. You can appeal and get your funds. Leave this place, it's sinking faster than the Titanic.

06.04.2020 12:12

I wonder who's giving the ideas to this kid... cause it needs to get fired asap!

06.04.2020 13:45


Es wäre wirklich cool wenn du zu Hive wechseln würdest. Ich weiß das es mit dem Airdrop unglücklich gelaufen ist. Aber du kannst ein proposal auf machen und ich denke du würdest schnell Unterstützung bekommen für deinen Airdrop + Support für Steemworld.

Ich denke, das Justin Steem kaputt machen wird. Nach der Aktion wird hier keiner große Geldsummen anlegen, oder der Meinung sein das der Content nicht zensiert wird.

Wenn du zu Hive kommen würdest, würde es mich und ich denke auch viele andere sehr freuen.

Mein Vote hättest du für deinen Airdrop, Witness und auch support für Steemword :)

Überleg es dir einfach mal ( zweigleisig fahren ist ggf auch eine Option )

06.04.2020 13:46

We all should become active on both chains, I think.
Let the leaders break their board, at least the community ist a lot stronger then them. They have doubbled our capital and its up to us to use it. Lets fix to the idea, getting both cahinz back into community hands an tie them together as a stable model for the future.


06.04.2020 14:06

Hey @steemchiller,
es schaut aus als würde dein Post auf Steemit zensiert. Er ist nicht auffindbar. Auf steempeak kann man zwar den Post selber lesen, aber die Kommentare dazu nicht. (steempeak sagt -1 Comments...)
Ich finde es sehr schade steem so scheitern zu sehen. (Ich halte so etwas für scheitern, vielleicht siehst du das anders)
Ganz liebe Grüße

06.04.2020 16:32

Das war zu erwarten. Die Botschaft wurde übermittelt und muss nicht länger auf der Trending-Seite stehen.

Jetzt werden wir sehen, ob Maßnahmen ergriffen werden. Ich schätze, man wird jetzt an einer 'entschärften' Version arbeiten, damit wir so schnell wie möglich Fortschritte bei der Deeskalation der aktuellen Situation machen können.

Einige Entscheidungen wurden vermutlich nicht in Absprache mit allen wichtigen Investoren getroffen. Ein erfolgreicher Geschäftsmann widerspricht sich nicht selbst so enorm innerhalb so kurzer Zeit, daher war mir klar, dass etwas nicht richtig nach oben vermittelt wurde.

06.04.2020 17:24

Steem is not a blockchain anymore. Distributed consensus is now on Hive. I can't even view the comments for this post without going here because of the censorship taking place. Disgraceful. Everyone should move on and if people think they were unfairly excluded from the HIVE airdrop, they can appeal via the proposal system. The timeline of events that got us here is clear.

06.04.2020 17:54

Hi, @steemchiller!

Are you aware that this post has been censored and is now only viewable through a direct link? The comment section has also been censored. I can't see any of the comments anymore.

I also wanted to let you know that you are going to receive your airdrop of Hive at the next hardfork. They have announced it here.

I hope you will consider coming over to Hive and develop for that platform as well. I am a huge fan of Steemworld and I miss being able to use it on Hive.

Wishing you all the best!

06.04.2020 22:08

News flash!! 🙂 My friend ...

"I am not and I do not plan to be active on Hive ..."

... you may wish to reconsider. On an "official" post, published a couple of hours ago, we find this:

"The list of incorrectly excluded accounts are as follows:"

@steemchiller (and @steemflower) are on it! 👍 I will be looking forward to what you think upon learning this.

07.04.2020 00:15


07.04.2020 14:23

Congratulations @steemchiller, your post successfully recieved 0.29175188 TRDO from below listed TRENDO callers:

@amico earned : 0.19450125 TRDO curation

To view or trade TRDO go to
Join TRDO Discord Channel or Join TRDO Web Site

08.04.2020 18:51


Didn't take long to cave.

09.04.2020 10:23

You currently put the money of all Steem investors at risk, because other exchanges might consider to de-list us, if we continue to run this half-baked version.


Wow look even blockbrothers had more integrity.

09.04.2020 10:33

Please give me your feedback on this excellent view point....Thanks in advance!

@steemhunt, @zzan.witnesses, @dlike, @chronocrypto, @kevinwong, @hashkings, @yehey, @steem-supporter, @surpassinggoogle, @canna-witness

The reason i'm asking you is, for now i'm voting you all as witnesses. These valid points need to be worked on more than ASAP. Pretty Please!

Thanks a lot @steemchiller for all your work.

16.04.2020 09:41